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How It Works

I sold all my crap and hit the road!

Starting at the end of August, 2011 I headed out on a year-long, vegan food focused road trip across the country. The goal of the trip is to stop in all of the major U.S. cities to dine at the vegan restaurants. Along the way, I’ll be writing restaurant updates, interviewing vegan business owners and entrepreneurs, meeting and dining with new friends, and sharing all of the random adventures as I go.

As you can imagine this is no small undertaking. But I am so up for the challenge! :) In fact, I’ve rearranged my lifestyle and how I earn money in order to make this trip a reality.

How & Where I’m Eating

My goal is to eat at every 100% vegan restaurant in the country. And while in bigger cities I’ll also dine at and share information about restaurants that offer at least 75% vegan meals on their menu. If I’m going to make it through the entire trip, getting to all of the 100% vegan restaurants in one year, I need to limit the types of restaurants that I visit. Therefore, any restaurants that serve meat or are more vegetarian than vegan are off the list.

If there’s a restaurant that you’d like me to consider, or if you’d like me to stop at your restaurant, please contact me.

How I’m Getting Around

In September I received a generous donation that enabled the purchase of a green ’95 Chevy sports van that we’ve lovingly named Gerty. With my Dad’s help, my travel partner, Ethan and I took out the seats, built in a lofted bed, added storage and a chest for our clothes. This is what we’re using to travel and sleep (sometimes) in for now. She needed a lot of work to make her travel-ready but we’re hoping she’ll hold up for the majority of the trip.

Where I’m Going to Sleep

Couch city, baby! I’ve signed up for a Couch Surfing account and will likely start reaching out to folks soon to make sure I have a place to stay on the nights I’m not traveling and such. But we’re primarily staying in the van so that we don’t inconvenience anyone. :)

If you happen to be vegan, have a couch or spare bedroom, wouldn’t mind a guest for 3-5 nights, and aren’t a crazy person, please contact me. We can make arrangements for when I’m in your area, please contact me.

How I’m Payin’ The Bills

My plan is to continue freelancing and creating passive income streams while on the road. This means that I’ll always need to have access to the Internet and a working computer (hang in there 4 yr old, MacBook Pro!). Also, I’m hoping to save some money by couch surfing and putting a limit on meal spending as I do want to do some touristy stuff while on the road. Grand Canyon, I’m comin’ for ya, baby! ;)

Sponsorship Opportunities

I more than welcome sponsorship opportunities from companies whose products or services are related to veganism, food, travel, and the like. If you’d like to help feed me while simultaneously showcasing your products or services on my site and via my video updates, click here to learn more.