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My First Apartment After 8 Years of Full-Time Travel + Where I’ve Been

| On 03, Jan 2020

Hi Everyone! So, I’ve finally decided to setup a bit of a home base and the city of choice may just surprise you! In this video we’re also going to talk about my anxiety, getting out of depression, my dad’s cancer diagnosis, why I chose this city, tiny home living; request for vegan meal prep and interior design help; and my maybe-manifestation experience, AND the 10–day vegan food tour of Thailand that I’m co-hosting with Giselle from Mindful Wanderlust, of course (June 3-13)!

Ugh, also, I’m SO sorry about this being out of focus for so long. I swear this Canon G7x has a mind of its own. I can’t tell you how many times I refocused it on my face and it simply preferred the door handle instead! Blergh!

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