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4 Course Vegan

4 Course Vegan

Oct 15, 2011

Another long day of prepping the van is over. Gerty has been needing a lot of love but it has been worth every bit. We did, however, get to go to see The Thing on opening night! We love the horror/sci-fi. Got to admit.

We’re headed back into Brooklyn, NY. This time for a very special occasion. No, no one is getting married or celebrating a birthday. This special occasion happens every Saturday night actually. But the seating is limited to roughly forty people and only one meal is served up and it is always the Chef’s choice. I must say there were no complaints at our table and despite the 100% vegan underground operation (the location is actually at or below ground level slightly so underground is nearly figurative), Kristin and I were the only two vegans at our table of eight.


Word has it to get your reservations at before it is too late though as Chef Matteo and co. are headed West after ten years in NYC! Not sure exactly when or if we should be spilling those beans yet, but its what we heard. We are very glad to have experienced a local legend and to have spent the evening conversing with new and fun people.

We sat with three couples. One couple owns a wine shop Skyview Wine and Spirits. A tip the owner shared with us to present our vegan crew with was that Kosher wine is vegan. Stay on top of that! Some wines contain gelatin. Remember to check out Barnivore. Another kind couple, both hearing impaired, are active through work and volunteering at improving business relations with the people with disabilities (PWD) market. Another couple, unmarried, both from Colorado yet they met in NYC, was an owner of two Subway locations (THE BREAD ISN’T VEGAN. HE SAID SO! He was vegan for 8 yrs. I think he’d know) and a financial consultant who also does work in the live music industry. Had a nice little chat with them about snowboarding and skiing. Can’t wait for the winter!

Check back soon for an interview with the Chef and more. Until then please enjoy the view below!







  1. Just a quick note: the food was absolutely delicious. Truly wonderful. I felt completely satisfied. And the company was wonderful as well. It was such a unique dining experience, one I’ve never had before. This is a MUST-CHECK-OUT kinda deal. Don’t wait!

  2. Carolyn

    It’s me… the woman you were sitting next to the night at 4course vegan. It is great to see the write up of the fun and delicious evening. Just for the record, I have made the amazing lentil soup recipe which you wrote down for me on the back of a scrap piece of paper, I made the blueberry and grain salad from this blog which everyone loved, and my family all watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Half Dead on your recommendation… which was quite powerful. Now I am reading The China Study. I am obsessed with changing my diet and making slow changes for my family.

    Thank you so much for inspiring me! Oh yea, thanks for plugging our wine store, Skyview Wine. I need more recipes please! All the best :), Carolyn

  3. Hi Carolyn! Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you like the recipes. In terms of other good recipes, might I recommend any cookbooks by Isa Chandra Moskovitz, 1,000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson or Vegan Yum Yum by Lauren Ulm .

    As far as the China Study goes, a more accessible point of similar information can be found on YouTube. The lectures by Dr. McDougall I find incredibly informative are “The Starch Solution” and “The Perils of Dairy.”

    Peace begins in the kitchen! So glad you’re looking into this information!

    • Carolyn

      Thanks Ethan!

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