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Europe, Virginia, Hawaii + WTFVF’s Business Manager

Chris has been an outstanding supporter of the Will Travel For Vegan Food project since its inception. We have a mutual friend who introduced him to the project and he’s been a backer ever since. Because of Chris’ tremendous support Ethan and I had met up with Chris for dinner one night, while we were still in the Boston area, and we’ve continued to build our friendship since that day. Chris is hands down one of the most caring, compassionate, and kind people I’ve ever known. He gives often to charities and advocates for veganism like no other. It’s awesome!

Chris LOVES cats! Here are his two little cuties, Jack and Ashes.

Back in April (2012) I heard about a five-day vegan festival in Italy, thanks to VegNews. I remember mentioning it to Chris and at some point he decided that he wanted to go. And then something incredible happened: he invited me to come along too! Naturally, I said yes. We flew to Europe, taking a three day “layover” in Paris and then spent several days driving around Italy, including the three days in Seravezza, where the VeganFest was held. What an amazing trip!! We’re both relatively green when it comes to international travel. So it was cool to share the experience, not only with a fellow wanna-be traveler, but a fellow vegan as well. We met so many awesome people, overcame language barriers, found food at airports and truck stops, and took in some of the most beautiful sights either of us have seen.

Here we are, soaked to the bone, while taking a walking tour of Milan.

Early in October (2012) Chris noted that he’d like to join me for another portion of the trip. I had yet to visit Hawaii and thought it might be another fun adventure to go on. Chris agreed and within a week’s time we booked our separate flights out to Honolulu.

This was absolutely one of the most spectacular parts of my trip. We spent a few days on O’ahu and then on Maui. Thanks to our shared adventure-seeking ways we did a TON of stuff while on these two islands, including: submarine diving, impromptu surfing lessons, lots of beach time, attending the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii’s monthly speaker talk and dinner, shark cage diving, touring Leilani Farm Sanctuary, staying at an über veg-friendly B&B, driving the Road to Hana, swimming in the Seven Sacred Pools, zip lining, lots of snorkeling, helicopter touring of Maui, building sand castles, and SWIMMING among wild dolphins! Not to mention all the incredible vegan food we found. Wow. Just wow.

Snorkeling off the west coast of O’ahu

Chris’ most recent contributions to WTFVF include solid business advice, event planning, and future goal setting. Because of the countless ways Chris has contributed to this project, he’s essentially become a business partner. Therefore, it only makes sense that he’s recognized as such and an official member of the WTFVF team.

Thank you so much, Chris for giving me the opportunity to have so many incredible experiences; and for your continued support and devotion to the Will Travel For Vegan Food project. You know this project wouldn’t exist without your passion and generosity.