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Bloodroot Restaurant – I Could’ve Hung Out Here All Day

Bloodroot Restaurant – 80% vegan

85 Ferris Street
Bridgeport, CT 06605

This restaurant came highly recommended by many of you. Excellent! From the moment I walked in I felt welcome as I was greeted kindly by three kitties and one of the co-owners of the restaurant, Noel Furie.

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

Since I arrived after dark I didn’t get any great outside pics but did notice that Bloodroot has a beautiful patio area overlooking water. I can imagine it’s just lovely to sit outside and enjoy this delicious food when it’s warm. In the meantime, the decor inside is just splendid. A unique antique feel, including old fashioned photos covering every inch of the far side wall. There’s also a cozy corner, opposite the dining area, filled with all kinds of books many of which focus on feminism and veganism.

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

Kitty mania! This first one actually looks a lot like the cat that I shared my living space with for the last few years. He’s looking after my parents right now, while I’m on the road. :)

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

I started with the Cauliflower Soup – cauliflower, carrots, and onions. It was a little spicy, light, and very, very good. It was almost soothing. I noted that THIS is the soup I’d want if I were feeling under the weather. Buried in the bottom of the bowl were two cool little Jamaican flour rolls. Just made of flour, salt, and spices. Kind of a potato-ey texture. It was a nice little surprise to find those little guys hangin’ out there.

I was also fortunate to try a couple samples of Bloodroot’s soup specials that night. The next one pictured (below the Cauliflower Soup) is the Peanut Soup – peanuts, tomatoes, greens, and carrots. I REALLY liked this one! It had a little kick and just the right amount of pizazz. The last soup pictured is the Mustard Greens sample – white beans, mustard greens, and chicken-like broth. A little salty and very good!

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

This is the Chicken with Jasmin Rice – per my notes, “Oh [expletive] yeah!” This soy-based chicken is some of the best I’ve ever had! And the rice was cooked to perfection – light, fluffy, mild, and oh so good. The rice somehow had a creamy element making it a meal in itself.  The dish also featured peanuts, onions, red peppers, parsley, shallots, and avocados as well as a super delicious and light sweet sauce. I wouldn’t have thought to pair the avocado with these other yums but it worked super well. Adding a bite of avocado to a scoop of rice with a piece of chicken mixed in made it ten times creamier and almost rich, in a way.

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

The owners of Bloodroot, Selma Mariam and Noel Furie wrote a cookbook a few years back which has recently been updated from vegetarian recipes to over 350 vegan recipes. I took a quick look through while waiting for my food. Looks great!

Bloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CTBloodroot Restaurant Bridgeport, CT

I also found it so exciting to learn that Selma and Noel had just returned from a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. In honor of their visit they were planning an all-vegan Istanbul night that weekend. How awesome is that?!


  1. Nazanin

    What ADORABLE fluffy kitties, and yummy looking food!

  2. Love this place.

  3. I work at Bloodroot and manage the Facebook site. Love your review but wanted to point out a few errors. The last soup you pictured is the Escarole with Cannelini beans. Not chicken-like broth at all! Lots of garlic, olive oil and tamari! Also, if you could change the links for the cookbooks to this one: that would be great! We don’t sell them on Amazon ourselves, not sure who is, and also we have new editions!

    • Hi Tara – so glad you found the website and read the post on Bloodroot! :) I went ahead and changed the link to the books, and as far as the description of the soup goes, I was describing how I remembered it from that night. Regardless of the words I used to do so, it **was** delicious!! Thanks so much for all you do to help spread the good-food word. :) xo

  4. I LOVE Bloodroot! I and a good friend (who was going through a tough time from storm damage) enjoyed a restful but upbeat lunch… delicious chilled carrot and chilled zucchini soup; fresh-baked bread; refreshing iced tea with mint sprigs; a creamed spinach omelet for me, and avocado sandwich for my friend. We browsed the bookstore and bought some nice items and we loved the old photo wall, the bumper stickers, the weavings hanging from the ceiling, the books and posters, and original paintings. The spirit of Bloodroot is felt in every corner, a celebration of being yourself as a woman. (Men are welcome, and my husband has enjoyed dinner there with me).

    • What a beautiful comment, thank you so much Audrey! :)

  5. Denise

    Bloodroot is my all time favorite restaurant. My husband and I found out about Bloodroot over twenty years ago. Haven’t eaten better food since. I have their first three cookbooks and look forward to travelling from Michigan next year just to eat at their wonderful restarurant again. If you want great food in a really cool atmosphere, this is the place to go. Just make sure to go with an empty stomach and be prepared to try a little bit of everything on their menu. If you’re lucky, your schedule will let you come back again and try lunch or brunch. It is all great!

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