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How to Launch & Promote Your First Book on a $0 Budget

How to Launch & Promote Your First Book on a $0 Budget

| On 04, Feb 2016

Since landing in New Mexico in early December I’ve had one primary goal in mind: to complete my next big thing.

It took longer than I expected to pull the pieces together, and I definitely tormented myself more than I should have throughout the process, but it’s finally here!!


… I wrote something on my personal Facebook page yesterday and it pretty well sums up how the whole journey went, so I thought I’d share it with you here. And yes, I’ll reveal what the big thing was/is in just a hot minute. ;)

Okay so.. here’s what I shared with my personal Facebook page about this whole thing:

“I surprised myself with how much I actually *missed* the anxiety and adrenaline associated with creating (and launching) something new.

Last night around 1AM I finished putting together the pieces of my latest project (the e-book on “How to Launch & Promote Your First Book on a $0 Budget”). Though there were software issues to work out before I could officially share it publicly – I had done it. I’d accomplished my goal by my self-imposed deadline.

At that moment of joy last night I JUMPED up from my chair and shouted toward the ceiling, raising my arms, and causing the cat to freak and run away.

I sat back down and reflected on the the ride:

1) It took about six weeks carrying around a feeling of dread – at the task ahead. Almost daily I’d berate myself for how much time I’d wasted and how I should be working on this or that or the other thing as they related to getting this book done.

2) When I finally reached about a halfway point of working through the book I was starting to notice a shift in my temper. Sometimes I’d even congratulate myself on the progress I’d made. But it was never enough.

3) About two weeks ago I was rounding the final bend of the book content. I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and things were feeling more exciting – I was nearing the part of this whole process that I enjoy the most: the promotional tools and marketing!

4) Last night when I completed all the pieces to the project I almost started crying (after the whole shouting episode). The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

In that moment I realized that I’d definitely been too hard on myself in the early stages -BUT- insisting to myself that I push through those negative thoughts; and then the feeling of elation related to the end-product – it’s just incredible.

I found this all to be a good reminder of how ALIVE I feel when I’m doing something creative or making something new. The whole process can really feel sucky at times. But the emotional reward of accomplishment and creating something that helps others, truly outweighs the gunky parts.

book launch book cover

All this is to say, it’s here! My “book launch ebook” is ready.

I’m proud of the content and believe with all my heart that it will 100% be of value to those who wish to own a copy.

If you know any authors or writers who might benefit from some book-related marketing and promo tips, may you kindly pass this link along:

So there you have it! I wrote another book. Kind of. I mean, I don’t really see it as a “real” book per say – there’s no ISBN number, it’s not on Amazon, and it only took me 60 days to write instead of 12+ months.

But I’m really proud of it and I hope it helps take some of the guess work and overwhelm off the table for newbie authors.

I wrote a few blog posts over on my business website throughout January highlighting some of the stuff that’s covered in the e-book. If you want to check ’em out:

10 Things You Need To Know BEFORE Your Book Launch
Creating a Book Launch Team: Everything You Need to Know
7 Steps to Planning a $0 Budget Book Tour
Author Interview Series: Sneak Peek

I know this isn’t directly related to veganism or travel but since I’ve been more in the habit of sharing my day-to-days with you, I figured this was par for the course.

Plus, I often get questions about how I make money so that I can remain mobile and travel full-time and all that. Well, this is one of those ways. I enjoy creating opportunities for passive income and while this was a lot of work in a short amount of time I now have something I can continue to share and create other products and services around.

Thanks for reading along. <3

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