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NYC Day 9 – Kristin’s Bday + Candle Cafe

NYC Day 9 – Kristin’s Bday + Candle Cafe

On Friday, October 28th I turned 29 (!!). And I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by having a delicious meal at one of the premier vegan restaurants in NYC, Candle Cafe. I’ve always wanted to celebrate a birthday in NYC and even though we didn’t go out dancing (which is probably my number one favorite activity of all time. mostly) I was still a happy lady.

We stayed in NJ on Thursday night to babysit – returning a favor (thanks for letting us use your driveway, Janine and Bryan! :) so we drove into NYC Friday morning to wrap up our interview with The Ethical Man and then to grab one last meal in the city.

nyc bridge

Candle Cafe – 100% vegan

1307 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10021
new york city vegan restaurant

We started with Candle’s famous Seitan Chimichurris – citrus herb marinated seitan skewers. We had also gotten these when we had dinner at Candle 79, our first night in the city. We didn’t only want to neatly bookend our meals (ha!) but we also just really love this dish. Tender, chewy, flavored with perfection. *drools* I think I’d special order these at least once a day week if I lived in NYC. I miss you, Chimichurris!

Something I’ve learned about myself: if I see spring rolls listed on a menu – any menu – I must order them. So, that’s what we did. Once again Candle hit it outta the ball park with their spring rolls – pickled cabbage, avocado, carrots, cucumber, apple, cilantro and tempeh bacon wrapped in rice paper and served with spicy peanut dipping sauce.

nyc vegan restaurantCandle Cafe vegan restaurant nycnyc vegan restaurant candle cafe vegan restaurant nyc

For the main course I had the Porcini Crusted Seitan – garlic-shallot-potato mash, sauteed spinach and string beans with grilled oyster mushrooms. Topped with home-style gravy. So. Good. Ethan had the Paradise Casserole – layers of sweet potato, black beans and millet over steamed greens with country gravy. Also, so. Good.

new york city vegan restaurantvegan restaurant nyccandle cafe nyc vegan restaurant

Aaaaand for my birthday dessert we enjoyed a slice of the ‘daily special cake’ which was a strawberry cheesecake (if I recall correctly). We also had a ginormous piece of chocolate chip bundt cake (I don’t think this was the official name), dripping in chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Nummy nummy in my tummy. What?!? :)

NYC vegan restaurantvegan restaurant nyc

After we were filled to the brim, we hopped back on the road and headed for Boston!!!!!!! Coming up we’ve got posts on Grasshopper, Masao’s Kitchen, My Thai, Peace O’ Pie, Red Lentil, True Bistro, Veggie Galaxy, Veggie Planet, Organic Garden, and Sudo Shoes. w00t! w00t!


  1. Minsoo

    Hi! I’m planning to visit America for the first time with my family this summer- so excited! I’ve always loved your blog & been interested in vegan diets. Could you possibly recommend me some of your favourite restaurants/cafes in San Fransisco and New York? Somewhere I could go with carnivores and prove them that vegan food can be amazing (; thank you!

    • Kristin

      Hi Minsoo, Thanks so much for your comment. Oooh, that’s so exciting about your visit. You’re going to have a blast! :) Sure thing, here are a few great places in each city: San Francisco – Gracias Madre, Millennium, Cinnaholic, and Herbivore. What part of New York will you be in? If you’re visiting New York City there are nearly 200 vegan restaurants. I’ve only been to about 30 so far but they’re all pretty great. I’d recommend visiting Blossom, Gobo, Sacred Chow, and Candle 79. Both cities are packed with vegan options and they’re all quite good, so I don’t think you can go wrong. Let me know when you’re going to be in New York City (if that’s your destination) because I’m going to be living there, starting in April. I’d be happy to show you around for a day. :) Thanks so much for following along on my journey. xo

      • Minsoo

        Wow. Thank you so much! That’s awesome- looking forward to your blog updates in New York(: Aw, thank you so much for offering, but it’s a family trip & my parents don’t speak English that well, I’m afraid :( Next time I’m lucky enough to visit New York, I’d love to meet you. Keep up the amazing work! x

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