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Listen to Chapter 1: ALL FOR SOMETHING

Listen to Chapter 1: ALL FOR SOMETHING

| On 03, Feb 2015

Happy February! :)

Soooooo today, I’m equal parts excited *and* nervous (as all get out) to share a full-length chapter of my upcoming memoir…

Will Travel For Vegan Food: A Young Woman’s Solo Van-Dwelling Mission to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love

I thought it would be neat to release it as an audio version (read by moi!).

For those of you who’d prefer to read (skim?!), there’s also a draft PDF version of the chapter available by CLICKING HERE. But shhhh!! This is for your eyes only!

In an effort to build up to the official book release (date TBD) you can expect THREE more chapters, shared one-at-a-time, every Tuesday throughout the month of February.


Okay, I’m gonna go crawl under the blankets for a bit while you listen to/read Chapter 1: ALL FOR SOMETHING. ::Gulp::

Enjoy! Or.. don’t. Eep! But no need to tell me if you hate it. Haha! :)


Listen to Chapter 6: CONTRAST, click HERE.
Listen to Chapter 9: IMPROVISATION, click HERE.
Listen to Chapter 11: TO HEAR THE MOVEMENTS, click HERE.

Your support is immeasurable. Thank you for being here. <3


P.S. – Here’s what will go on the back book cover:

Despite a shiny new graduate degree, a dream job, and a great relationship, something felt terribly off in Kristin’s life. With the weight of uncertainty riding high, she stumbled upon some reading materials that would inspire a complete upheavel of her current life path.

To the shock of family and friends, Kristin quit her job, ditched almost all of her belongings, and crowdsource funds, moved into an old van named Gerty, and set out on the road in an effort to eat at and write about every single vegan restaurant in the United States. Join Kristin for the ultimate foodie-inspired road trip that spanned 2years, 48 states, 547 restaurants, and more than 39,000 miles; and find out how it led her to unparalleled freedom, love, and amazing self-discovery.

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  1. Sarah S

    This is SO GREAT! Can’t wait for the next chapters!

    • Kristin

      Thanks, Sarah. :) :)

  2. Wow! I’m digging it so far! I listen and read it, as I’m sick and don’t have much energy for anything else right now. I can’t wait for the next chapter! So proud of you, Kristin!

    • Kristin

      Thank you so much, Kathleen!! Sending you ‘feel better’ vibes. :) xo

  3. bve

    Can’t wait for more!!!

    • Kristin

      Yay! Thanks, Brian! :)

  4. kelly bennett

    LOVE it!!! and so excited to read the book. you’re a shinning light! xoxo

    • Kristin

      Thanks, Kelly! :)

  5. Cat Lien

    Great start – I’m hooked.

    • Kristin

      Thanks, Cat!!!! :) :) :)

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