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Chasing Feelings: How to Not Let Fear Get The Best of You

Chasing Feelings: How to Not Let Fear Get The Best of You

| On 07, Nov 2014

I awoke a bit earlier than usual today.

With two days remaining on the Big Island and I wanted to catch a sunrise at least once before leaving.

My body wasn’t thrilled when the alarm sounded at 5:55AM. But by the time I packed up my camera, the tripod, and Rooster (the puppy I’ve been dog-sitting the past few weeks) it felt great to be up and moving while it was still barely light out.

As I sat atop a ledge overlooking the Pacific Ocean—the soft ground riddled with fallen pine needles—I began thinking back over my time here. All that I’d worked on, worked for, intended, manifested; and the things I hadn’t.

Then something came to me as I sat there in the “Irons Woods” of lower Puna, watching the sun slowly glow into view from behind the wispy, low-set clouds. It was about the idea of addressing fear and anxiety in a completely different way than I ever had before; in a way that enables you to have the upper hand on emotions that are so easy to fall into.

This concept isn’t a new one though. I’ve heard it over and over again in the past year—from friends and acquaintances who already put this into practice, successfully managing their fears, anxieties, and desires in such a way that creates immediate positive feedback for the soul.

I talk about what that is, and exactly how it’s affected me, in today’s video journal update:

What works best for you?

How do you work through the “fear factor” when it creeps in? Let us know by leaving a comment below. :)


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