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Chicago Bound + Loving Cafe – Fort Wayne, IN

We decided to swing through Boston one last time (we really do love it there) before leaving the comfort zone of Northeastern US. It was a quick affair and then we hit the road Monday afternoon, Chicago-bound to spend the upcoming holiday with Ethan’s mom, Deeya and her wife, Dayle.

We left Boston around 2pm on Monday, December 19th and drove until neither one of us could keep going… which turned out to be around 4am the next morning. So we found a very nice overnight truck stop in Ohio. I must say that the stations off of the thruway in Ohio are really clean, big, and comfortable. This one had a Starbucks, a Panara, a Burger King (of course), and I think one or two other food station-ey areas. Along with a big gas station fill up, and overnight parking for vans, cars, and trucks. We paid $20 for 24 hours worth of parking and dozed off. It was actually pretty comfortable, especially now that Gerty has a memory foam mattress and we both have our own snuggly sleeping bags.

Despite little sleep (it’s amazing how great you feel after only 5 hours of sleep) we were back on the road by 10AM that day. We didn’t have any food with us so the best we could do with this particular truck stop was a bagel with peanut butter (that we split) and some BK fries.

SIDE NOTE: Ethan introduced me to a super helpful iphone app called Vegan Express. It’s a great quick little guide to let you know if the place you want to dine at has any accidentally vegan items. That’s how I found out the BK fries are vegan. Check out this review of the app on Miss Vegan Life.

Once we filled up on our fries and bagel we continued west. I thought it’d be a good idea to see if there were any vegan restaurants that would be on the way. Luckily we found one. The only vegan restaurant in all of Indiana, as a matter of fact. It was about an hour off our route but it turned out to be a worth while stop. Check it out!

Loving Cafe – 100% vegan

7605 Coldwater Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

vegan restaurant Indianavegan restaurant Indianavegan restaurant Indiana

Loving Cafe is part of the Loving Hut chain but as we’ve learned, each restaurant – within the chain – is independently run and the food is always different. This place is great!

As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a warm welcome and immediate questions about our vegan-ness. I’m sure it helped that I was wearing a “vegan” hoodie. :) It turns out the woman behind the counter had been vegetarian for nineteen years and has been vegan for the last five or six years. She and the rest of the staff were extremely friendly. The restaurant was clean and comfortable as well.

vegan restaurant indiana
Every item on the menu was listed with a description and a photo. :) They not only provide Asian-inspired dishes but they’ve got a little bit of everything on the menu, including hot dogs, hamburgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, and other traditional American-style dishes.
vegan restaurant Indianavegan restaurant Indiana

I started with the Raw Blueberry Bliss Smoothie. Yum!

vegan restaurant Indiana

We split an order of Vegan Wings. They come with sides of organic carrots, celery, and a side of soup and creamy tarter-like dipping sauce. I LOVE THESE!! One of the best soy-based meats I’ve ever had. So, so good.

vegan restaurant indianavegan restaurant Indiana

They had Spring Rolls on the menu so of course, I had to order them. :) The Spring Rolls are stuffed with organic carrot, coleslaw, organic onion, vegan ham, veg crumb, and vermicelli noodles with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

vegan restaurant Indianavegan restaurant indiana

For my main course (dang, we can eat a lot!) I had the Udon Noodle – it came with vegan ham, ya praw’, soy protein, broccoli, organic carrot, bell peppers, nappa, organic onion, and sweet peas. It was delightful.

vegan restaurant indiana

Ethan had the Yellow Noodle, which came with yam praw’, soy protein, nappa, broccoli, organic carrot, vegan ham, bell peppers, organic onions, and  sweet peas. I guess we basically had the same thing but with different noodles and sauces.

vegan restaurant indiana

If you ever find yourself in Fort Wayne Indiana be sure to swing by Loving Cafe. It’ll be well worth the friendly stop! :)

vegan restaurant indiana

We headed back to the thruway and arrived in Chicago around 6pm that night. I LOVE Chicago and I can’t wait to update you on the restaurants in this beautiful city. In the meantime we’ve got some holiday recipe posts coming up (stuff that we made ourselves.. ooh!!), more Boston posts and of course NH, VT, and Montreal coverage (still catching up!).



  1. I would not have figured Ft. Wayne to be the kind of community that could support a 100% vegan restaurant.

  2. It’s too bad you didn’t make it to Concord NH while you were in the Northeast… And you were so close! :) They have two amazing all-vegan restaurants (Cafe Indigo and Rasa’s Vegan Kitchen) in an area that’s not the most vegan friendly. It would’ve been nice for them to be featured.

    • Hi Barb,

      We did go to those restaurants! :) Those posts are coming up soon!! :)


      • Oh good! I guess I was confused, I thought since you’re were reviewing Ft. Wayne that you were done with New England. I can’t wait to read the reviews! I love visiting Indigo when I go back home to NH :)

  3. Yeah Loving Hut!!! I wish I would have known sooner; two of my close friends live and tattoo there (! That place is rad and so unexpected in a town like FW.

    Glad the trip is in full swing and let me know if you plan on heading through Louisville!

  4. Just found your review this morning. Went to Loving Cafe last night for the first time ever on our first day of ever attempting Veganism. My husband asked when we officially qualify for Vegan status. :) There are a few other places in Ft Wayne where you can get vegan meals, but none that are 100% Vegan. LOVED the spring rolls and I am so very jealous of their ability to produce brown rice that was actually edible and that tasted GOOD. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! Excellent blog!

    • Hi Deborah,

      Oooh, how exciting!!!!!! :) Congrats on going veg and great to hear that you enjoyed the food. Please keep me posted and let me know if you ever need any suggestions/advice/guidance along your new journey. I’m so happy for you and your fam!! :) xo


  5. disappointed

    I stopped reading this blog and decided to leave this comment once I read that you ate BK fries and a bagel (which you don’t define how you found it to be vegan) from a truck stop. Veganism has many facets, but supporting Burger King I can assure you is not one of them.

    Do you think the owners of all these restaurants you review eat this way as well? Ask what they think at the next one you check out.

    I mean, come on. Go vegan already, please! You are asking people to support your quest financially and this is how you are going to honor that donation? Hope this helps, not hurts btw.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed. There is a section in one of the opening paragraphs, of this post, that states: “SIDE NOTE: Ethan introduced me to a super helpful iphone app called Vegan Express. It’s a great quick little guide to let you know if the place you want to dine at has any accidentally vegan items. That’s how I found out the BK fries are vegan. Check out this review of the app on Miss Vegan Life.” This is how we learned of the vegan-ness of both the fries and the bagel we had that morning.

      Certainly, supporting BK is not something I’d recommend anyone do. However, as stated in the blog post, we didn’t have any food with us and were in a bit of a hunger pinch. So, we did our best with what we had to work with. There have defiantly been numerous times I’ve gone hungry over stopping at a non-veg fast food joint, but in this particular instance we were crazy hungry and wanted to make sure we could reach our next vegan destination, which was still a ways away.

      Additionally, it was early in the trip when we were still working out the details and how to best navigate long distances between eateries. Thankfully, with the support of the project’s followers, I learned my lesson and have since purchased a cooler to store vegan snacks should I ever find myself in a similar bind.

      You’re right, I owe it all to my financial supporters, so your feedback is very important to me. Thanks again for your time and understanding.


      • disappointed

        I am impressed by your quick response first off. Glad to hear you have since changed your habits. However, when you are “in a bit of a hunger pinch” as a vegan you sometimes just don’t eat. The definition of hungry is a ‘crazy’ personalized thing, that for most of us comes no where near what others in the world deem hungry, otherwise wild asparagus is rampant near the ditches in that region, and wildflowers, berries, greens and mushrooms (requires serious research I’m sure your iphone could help you with ;) etc, could have more than satiated your hunger – without any property trespass either in most cases). A cooler is a wonderful thing, even if it is a horrible plastic concoction, and again I’m glad to hear you are doing something new that the article doesn’t suggest.

        One last thing: screw the app that tells you what fast food is vegan – go to the grocery store that is most certainly within 5 miles of the fast food place instead and purchase things as close to real live food as you can. That is doing the best you can under said circumstances, aside from the nature hike on the road shoulders as I suggested. ;)

        I hereby wish you well on your journey, and hope your travels are safe and full of wonderful vegan discoveries!


        • Hey Mike – yeah, I know… after submitting my reply I thought over that ‘crazy hungry’ statement. You’re right, we could have found something elsewhere if we looked hard enough. I suppose part of it was a realization that it is possible to find vegan stuffs, even in the most improbable places – like gross fast food beasts. Looking back, it was a poor decision and I’m glad you called me out on it. I kinda feel like poo right now, and it’s important to feel that way too sometimes, ya know?

          I hope that you’ll consider continuing to follow my journey. There’s been a lot of trial and error and even more self-growth. You’ve offficlally been a part of that now, too. Thank you so much!

          All My Best,

          • no longer disappointed

            I’m glad you feel that way, especially when I probably should never have posted initially (and I usually don’t, I just never visit the page/people again and drop it) since I have no right to judge you or your actions. It’s just that sometimes I see someone doing things that are so impressive to me and then I find something that bugs me, I feel let down and I go off a bit. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to get out of, I swear ;) I felt like poo as well btw, as my hypocrisies are no better than anyone else, but I’m also very glad I did post based on your above reply as me saying hope it helps not hurts, actually seems to have happened and that makes me feel wonderful.

            Of course your site is bookmarked now and I can’t wait to see your posted reviews of the Chicago places I have yet to eat at (I had hoped my last statement conveyed that – my apologies and respect of change). Very nice to have this little chat with you… It was a pleasure.

            Take care, Be safe, and keep on truckin’ (or vannin’ as it were) :)


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