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Fiddle Heads, Raw Vegan Cafe & Shop – Worcester, VT

Fiddle Heads, Raw Vegan Cafe & Shop – Worcester, VT

After breakfast at Mint and the interview with Dan of Liz Lovely we headed 30 minutes north to what has become one of my favorite stops on the trip, Fiddle Heads in Worcester, VT.

Fiddle Heads – 100% vegan & raw

18 Worcester Village Rd
Worcester, VT

Fiddle Heads vegan cafe

Founded and run by the amazingly talented and compassionate Linda Wooliever, Fiddle Heads is a must-stop in northern Vermont. Not only does Linda create nut- and hemp-milk bags, reusable tea and coffee bags, and other products that are great for aiding a healthy lifestyle, she also sells packaged raw food, healthy eating ebooks, bulk foods and herbs, supplements, and provides catering services in addition to the cafe within the shop itself. An interesting side note: it turns out that carpenters like to use the filtering bags for sawdust. They’ve also heard from folks who like to use them for apple pressing, and beer and kombucha filtering. There are certainly a lot of big things coming out of this little storefront!

Fiddle Heads is adorable! The vibrant colors dotted with handwritten quotes on the walls, along with an array of products makes for a unique and enriching experience all around.

The food is also phenomenal. Unlike some raw food restaurants, everything at Fiddle Heads is made fresh. The only items that are prepared in advance are the crackers, onion bread, and eggplant bacon. OMG, the eggplant bacon is SO GOOD!!

vegan restaurant vermontvegan vermont

I had the “RAWLL American Burger” which is by far THE best vegan burger (raw or cooked) that I’ve ever had. Here’s what you get: the raw burger comes with with eggplant “bacon,” raw mayo, cheddary cheeze, green sprouts (or green leafies) and a slice of a local tomato on top of delicious onion bread. Quite filling and hella delicious. Served with a local greens or sprouts and some of our homemade kim chi or sauerkraut and some yummy raw black olives.

The combination of things on and in this burger is so winning that I hardly have words for it. It’s got crunchy, flaky, and soft textures wrapped up in divine flavors that will forever tickle your taste buds. My favorite part is the eggplant bacon. This was my first experience with eggplant bacon and Lord Have Mercy, am I hooked! Salty, sweet, and crunchy. More please!

raw vegan burger vermont

Ethan had the “RAWsome Wrap:” pick your potion: Sunflower Seed Cheeze, Sunshine Salad, Cheddary Cheeze, or NOT Tuna. The wrap is kale or collard leaves. The filling: dollop of your choice of salad or cheeze, house kim chi, carrots, sprouts and/or green leafies.

Ethan: Fiddle Heads happened for us at the right time. We just munched on Liz Lovely cookies and the memory of our first go in NYC was still fresh in my waste line; I mean mind. I opted for robust collard wrap instead of the frilly kale. They are both really healthy but wrapping food in collard greens just oozes health bomb! I recall having the Sunshine Salad on one leaf and the NOT Tuna on the other. Thank you for this crisp and clean nutrient dense meal!

vegan raw food vermont

You know my affinity for freshly pressed juice now, right?! :) Linda offers a wide variety of juices and they all sound delicious. I carefully chose the “Witches Brew” (bottom left pic) which is a blend of various veggies made by Linda herself. The description reads: superfood smoothie full of delicious things – do you trust me? :-) – tell me if you want a berry brew or green brew. I opted for green!

For his drink Ethan got the homemade Kombucha. ETHAN: I know everyone loves GT Dave’s Synergy or Wonder Drink kombucha, as do I, but this was like a fine wine. It was served at the perfect temperature, the bite was just right, the mouth feel left a sense of refreshment, and the balance of carbonation and liquid weighed in a refined sip. Well done!

raw vegan vermont

For dessert we had the Mint Chip Breeze (oh my delicious GOODness!!) and the Berries N Cream Cake (second pic below). Yummers City!!vegan raw cake

vegan raw dessert vermont

And here are some of their filtering bags. Neat-o!nut bags vegan vermont

We sat down with Linda to chat about Fiddle heads and her move to veganism. Fiddle Heads opened two Octobers ago. Linda was quite literally standing in the shower when she thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have an internet cafe here in this small town. She went on to explain how the entire journey has been a full expanding experience in mind, body, and soul. It has “turned into a life’s journey.”

Linda has been a high-raw vegan for ten years and so Fiddle Heads has been 100% vegan since the doors opened. She said, “I didn’t want to sell anything that would feed into people’s addictions.”

The “impetus to become vegan was in 1995” when Linda’s mom died of lung cancer and her neighbor died of the end stages of diabetes. She said that she then became turned on to foods for healing the body, and learning how to get out of the way to let your body do the healing.  The final push was conversing with a woman in Oregon, on a forum for expectant mothers. Linda had been experiencing uncomfortable weight gain and other issues during her pregnancy and ended up connecting with the moderator of the forum who put together a two-week dietary program for Linda. She said that she didn’t start this with the idea of being vegan but after slowly getting rid of animal products in her diet, and feeling and seeing the healthy changes in her body, she couldn’t go back.



  1. what a great article and love all the photos! I’m so happy you enjoyed your food so much! Hope to see you on your way back here sometime!

    xoxo and keep doing your great work, lovies!

  2. Nazanin

    I’m noticing your “will travel for vegan food was here” stickers on a couple of these businesses in the photos (what a cool idea!)but it doesn’t seem to list your website? I understand you have a marketing background, I’m surprised you wouldn’t put web address on there? lol… scratching my head. Also, your theme song is too catchy, sometimes it gets lodged in my brain and doesn’t want to come out ;)

    • The song def has a hook! Jon knows what he’s doing for sure. :)

      As far as the decal goes, we had a discussion about the “.com” and it was a conscious decision to leave it off. Given that we can be found on twitter, Facebook and the web, we agreed that if we left the “.com” out we may provoke a more inquisitive response to the project. Aesthetically the decal looks nicer as it looks less like an ad, though it clearly is. We are living in a world where everything has a “.com” attached to it and we felt as though often our decal will be seen alongside others, like Yelp! and DiningIn etc. so a parallel could easily be drawn, “Ah yes! I can probably find ‘Will Travel for Vegan Food’ online by just adding a ‘.com’ or searching on Google, Bing or Facebook.”

      It is certainly a gamble and we understand the marketing implications attached to this decision, however this experience is very much about experimenting and progressive ideas. We kind of feel like WTFVeganFood is a bit post-trend. Ads used to never have .”com” on them, most companies with window decals do have websites. We decided if someone was curious enough to look up something seen on a window decal, they wouldn’t need any more guidance than their own motivation. If our website was not available as ‘’ we most certainly would have included the web address.

      Thank you so much for bringing this up. I like knowing we have observant and engaging supporters!


  3. Nazanin

    That was the only explanation I could come up with. I could definitely see it stirring up conversations and curiosity. I look forward to seeing your sticker on local vegan places in socal once you guys make it out here :)

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