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Spring 2014 Courses

a la carte marketing series_

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Who It’s For:

You’ve taken all the “right” steps, listened to your well-intentioned friends, watched hours of YouTube videos from experts, and have had some really uplifting days but things just aren’t quite falling into place. There are more difficult and scary days than good. You’re constantly worried about your money flow, why your social media pages are mostly stagnant, and if this is entrepreneurial thing is really going to work out.

In this online video training series you will learn how to regain control of and erase damaging internal dialogue that’s holding you back from realizing your true potential; and organically and genuinely pull clients, business, and other meaningful opportunities to you, instead of tirelessly chasing them down, or waiting and wondering when things are ever going to “change,” “work out,” or “pick up” for you.

Ideal for business owners, bloggers, restaurateurs, musicians, wanna be nomads, managers, lifestyle designers, coaches, designers, passive income earners, entrepreneurs, leaders, go-getters, and creative types, this self-paced, online video tutorial series is designed with you holding the chopsticks. Choose among three different categories, based on what you’d like the most guidance with.

Whether you’re just getting started or interested in kicking your existing endeavors up a notch, I am here to help.

The Basics:

YOU CHOOSE: 4, 8, or 12 week online course—you choose the focus and length!

SELF-GUIDED, EASY TO DIGEST VIDEOS: Three 20-minute long training videos delivered every Monday morning, along with worksheets = work at your own pace and whatever time of day is best for you.

THE ROLL OUT: Training videos will be sent weeks 1 – 3, week 4 will be your “reboot” week = we’ll jump on a live group Q&A call + I’ll walk you through some journaling steps to help you re-set before the next course begins the following week.

PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP: Exclusive and lifetime access to all course materials, videos, and an invite-only Facebook group where members may connect, share thoughts, and ask questions.

Course Details:

freedom mastery 2014

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robinridlyKristin worked with me to refine Parfait Studio’s marketing strategies and find smarter ways to reach vegan and animal-friendly prospects. Her insights helped me view my business from a more objective angle and challenged me to try new things. She is an active and thoughtful listener, and was completely prepared for the various curve balls I threw her way. A bit like Mary Poppins—minus the ego and umbrella—she knows just how to balance the bitter pills with the sweet stuff. Kristin is a true professional and passionate about her work!




michaelharrenMy work with Kristin Lajeunesse was both informative and deeply inspiring. She helped me get a solid grasp on who I was targeting with my work and I came away from our coaching session with a number of great audience building tasks that have now become habits that I still rely on to build my fan base. She was quick and unbelievably thorough with each of our follow up interactions, each with her trademark cheerful and encouraging demeanor. I can’t recommend her highly enough. (photo by Joshua Scott)




coreygrantKristin dreamt the life, lives the life, and is now using her experience to teach the life. She’s an inspiration and offers a unique perspective on the how of leaving your 9 to 5, defining the meaning of success for you, and making money. It’s the perspective no on else has. Hers.




ericasettinoWorking with Kristin has been a complete pleasure and a gift. Her professionalism and expertise are invaluable for me both personally and professionally. Not only has she helped us to accomplish our goals…but she has also armed me with an arsenal of information that I will be able to use again and again as the organization continues to expand our efforts and our reach. She is a magnificent teacher.




amyshaferWhen I came to Kristin’s YouTube series, my biggest intent was to be a vegan supporting another vegan. My other intent was put off the other millions of things that I should be doing. What I didn’t know was Kristin made this series for me. I’m a twenty-something, with a college degree and stuck in a dead-end job. Kristin’s videos have guided and inspired me to be unstuck. It took less than five videos for the constant feeling of despair to melt away and now I feel like “I got this.”

I now have my very own social accountability group, I’m practicing my music everyday, and I *finally* started working on my zombie script. For the rest of my life, whenever I feel overwhelmed, Kristin’s voice will play in my head and say, “Well Honey, you have to start somewhere!” Thanks Kristin!




shoshanaBefore [my business] had an internet presence—let alone a physical one—it existed solely as a bundle of concepts and general ideas in my head. I had no clear direction of what kind of company I wanted to create, let alone a concrete decision on whether I wanted to focus on vegan pastries, photography, music or editorial work—all ideas that I had toyed with in the 3.5 years following college.

I began working with Kristin in September 2013. During our first conversation, Kristin attentively listened to the scrambled ideas I had thrown around in my head for years, and I could tell that she was really listening because she had very pointed follow-up questions and suggestions to the things I was talking about. By the end of that conversation, I had selected the medium I was going to focus on, we had developed a potential name for my business, and she had given me a very specific toolkit to help organize my ideas (and my life) so that my dreams could become a reality.

Kristin’s expertise in the marketing realm, as well as being a fellow creative vegan and female entrepreneur proved invaluable to my experience of working with her. She contributed her time in many forms; through phone calls, Skype sessions and countless emails. She helped me make connections during our first week working together that have grown into lovely friendships. More than anything—she helped to inspire and instill in me the confidence that I needed to continue taking that next right action.

[My business’s] social media presence continues to grow daily, as do our opportunities to sell our pastries and connect with other like-minded (and not-so-like-minded) people. I am incredibly grateful for the work that we did together.


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Select the course(s) you’re most interested in, or bundle all three together.

payment plans

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  • Purchasing all three courses at the “bundle” rate not only saves you $75, but also grants you lifetime access to all three courses, including future updates.
  • The “bundle” rate includes a copy of Kristin’s eBook: The Single Best Kept Secret for Gaining a Massive Community of Followers While Simultaneously Increasing Site Rankings and Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Field.
  • Course #1 starts on April14th.

I confess, this course is not for everyone. It’s designed specifically for go-getter types who are extremely passionate about what they do and why they do it. It’s for those willing to put in the work and ready to make serious changes in their lives and their careers. It’s go time, and if you’re ready to hustle, without hesitation… well then, I’ll see you on the inside!

About Kristin:


From nine-to-fiver to lifestyle-designer, Kristin Lajeunesse takes her background in marketing and communications and applies it directly to her personal passions: food, travel, and helping others do what they love.

In addition to a Masters of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College, Kristin has worked as a social media consultant for Vegan Mainstream, and in the communications department for the world-renowned nonprofits NEAVS, WSPA, and FARM.

In January 2011, Kristin founded KALE MEDIA LLC, and went on to create and launch successful businesses like Unabridged Addiction and Vegan Weddings HQ (which she recently sold).

As Kristin’s innovative and traveling spirit grew stronger, she founded Will Travel for Vegan Food and left traditional comforts and office life behind to hit the road on an epic, life-changing trip through 48 states to more than 500 restaurants, driving over 38,000 miles. Along the way, she coached others to achieve their business, marketing, branding, and social media goals.

With her primary food travel project now complete, Kristin is focusing her life on one of her deepest, most delicious passions: using her self-made entrepreneurial and integrative life-style design background to help others fall in love with their personal and professional selves through one-on-one coaching, online courses, and destination retreats around the globe.