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Grasshopper – Allston, MA

Grasshopper – Allston, MA

Grasshopper is the longest running Boston vegan restaurant going right now. My early memories of this place go back to 2001, when I was playing bass in Garrison. Situated in Allston, MA, home to many in the Boston music scene as well as the transient student population, Grasshopper fed us before and after band practice more times than I can count.

Grasshopper – 100% vegan

1 North Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

Specializing in Asian cuisine, here you can find pretty decent “Chicken Fingers” which are essentially a fried tofu finger vessel for the sweet dipping sauce. The House Special Assorted Appetizer combo is a winner as is the popular No Name dish if you are looking to binge. The Delight Soup and Hot and Sour Soup are consistent and worthwhile however I can’t say the Miso is too exciting.

I don’t like turning these posts into reviews but I know Grasshopper so well, I can’t help but to give some advice. The fried items like the dumplings, wontons, ‘chicken’ fingers, crispy spring rolls etc are pretty good. The No Name is a battered gluten covered in sweet sauce and served with steamed veggies and brown rice. Also a winner. Any of the curry dishes with sweet potato are very good. I’d stay away from the greens except for the asparagus as usually they are too saucy and overcooked.

Eating here can be quite enjoyable if you know what to order but there is so much on the menu it is easy to get something less than stellar. This place can hold a crew so if you are in a decent sized dinner party you’re set. The service is good and The Model and Deep Ellum are bars right next door if you wanna go out for a drink after.

This is a vegan staple in Boston and though it isn’t necessarily health food, Grasshopper provides a nice treat!


The lunch specials come with a choice of Soup and RIce.

Delight Soup: Tofu and a Blend of Mushrooms in a Thick Broth


Curry Seitan and Root veggies. Sweet potato!!!

Spicy Hot and Sour Soup


Stir Fried Seitan with Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Peppers and Scallions

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  1. sarah f.

    i recently went to grasshopper again after not having been for a long time and got a greens dish- the kale & gluten supreme, and i feared that it might be either overcooked or oily/limp, but it was actually very fresh and the greens were cooked perfectly. it was fantastic. probably my favorite thing i’ve ever had there, actually. maybe they got some feedback and they’ve changed their preparations?

  2. Jennifer La Pietra

    I loooovvveee Grasshopper and just about everything they serve. I also frequented Peace o’Pie almost next door for the most incredible vegan pizzas anywhere. Alas, now that I live 800 miles away, I think I may be out of delivery range. :D

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