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I Don’t Even Like Coffee But I’d Do Anything For YOU, Grindcore House – Philadelphia, PA

Okay, okay, okay. Now that I’ve returned from the crazy, quickie trip to Europe it’s time to get caught up on posts from restaurants that I visited several weeks back. I’m picking up where I left off, with Philadelphia, and hold onto your hats people because this city is jam-packed with vegan goodness and I’m ready to lay it on ya! ;)

I was already looking forward to Philly, before I even got there, and the two weeks I spent of quality alone dining time, walking around, and scoping the vegan scene only reinforced my interest in and new found love of this cutie pie city. Coming from NJ where I had discovered that I liked almond milk mochas I felt a craving coming on so I Yelp!’ed “almond milk mocha” and the first thing that popped up was this place called Grindcore House. So I start reading the reviews, keep reading, numerous recommendations, wait.. and they have vegan food… wait, sweets from Vegan Treats bakery.. wait, THEY’RE AN ALL-VEGAN COFFEE HOUSE?!?!??!?!? So I go back and look at my notes and yup, they were on my list of places to visit and I didn’t even know it. How convenient and oh so very exciting.

Grindcore House – 100% vegan (coffee, sweets, & snacks)

1515 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

This was the very first place I went to in Philly and ended up going to every single morning, some all-days, and many evenings during my entire stay in Philly. I found super sweet (free) parking only a few blocks from Grindcore so I made this my go-to morning pee, freshin’ up, and breakfast stop as well as my ‘office’ on some days. Sigh. I miss it so much. If I lived in Philly I’d try to find an apartment nearby so I could walk here everyday to work. And eat. Aaaand now you know why I have a ridiculous number of pictures for one place. Haha! ;)

Let the picture parade begin!

Grindcore House vegan coffee shop Philadelphia, PAGrindcore House vegan coffee shop Philadelphia, PA

One of the things that I immediately loved is the variety of non-dairy milks and creamers they offer. Being an all-vegan coffee house this totally makes sense, I’d just never seen anything like it before. You’ve got your standard soy milk and creamer, coconut milk and creamer, and then almond- and rice milk. Beautiful.

They feature local artist’s work on their walls each month too, which is cool. I picked up one of the cards that noted the artist of the work that was up when I was there but can I find it now that I want to write about it?! Nope. Oy! Either way, it was cool and added a nice kick to the warm, light green color toned walls.

Grindcore House vegan coffee shop Philadelphia, PAGrindcore House, vegan coffee shop, PhillyGrindcore House, vegan coffee shop, Philly

Time for food pics! Woo! Because I stopped in about once a day for nearly two weeks I tried a little bit of everything. The sweets were mostly from Vegan Treats so naturally, those were all outstanding. And there were a few other brands of sweets as well but I honestly don’t think I tried any others. Look, when you’ve got Vegan Treats dangling in front of your nose it’s awfully hard to say no.

Grindcore House, vegan coffee shop, PhillyGrindcore House, vegan coffee shop, Philly

So as I mentioned, I have a new found love of mocha lattes. Not because of the caffeine (I honestly can go without it just fine) but because they’re more chocolatey than other coffee beverages, but not too chocolatey like hot chocolate. And I’ll tell you now, Grindcore has THE best almond milk mocha lattes I’ve ever had. Granted, I haven’t had a ton of mochas in my life but I’ve had enough to know that these are flippin’ fantastic. You can get ’em with soy whipped cream, cinnoman powder, and chocolate fudge swirly doo’s on top. Yup.

Let the mocha picCHOO train begin!

vegan almond mochaGrindcore House, vegan coffee shop, Phillygrindcore house philadelphia paGrindcore House, vegan coffee shop, Philly

Some Vegan Treats and other snacks! Vegan Treats cannolis are by far the best vegan cannolis I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. NOM.

Grindcore House Philadelphia, PAvegan treats at grindcore house phillyvegan chocoloate chip muffin at grindcore housegrindcore house

Oh, oh, oh! One of the other super duper awesome things about Grindcore is their homemade cream cheese. They’ve got all kinds of flavors like olive, jalepeño, and chive, to name a few. I used to be a bagel fanatic when I was younger so I might have indulged a bit and tried… one of each flavor on any give day. ;)

I also tried a couple of their sandwiches which were really good. Just a heads up on their grilled cheese sammy (I think it’s called Prairie Fire), it comes out super hot. So let it cool before you take a bite or else you’ll burn your tongue off, like I nearly did.

grindcore house phillygrindcore house philadelphia pavegan sandwich grindcore house philly

Seriously though, Gridcore House is amazing. My only recommendation is to bring earplugs if you plan to stay for a while as the music is played loudly and it’s… well… grindcore.


  1. I agree! I love Grindcore and they do most certainly have the best almond milk mochas!

  2. Yes!
    You’ve really captured the awesomeness of this place. Whenever I’m in Philly I post up in there and get work done…happily consuming meals, treats and caffeinated drinks the entire time. And the staff is great!

    • Thanks, Matt! Yes, it’s probably the best place ever. :)

  3. You gotta get into some grindcore!! Shit is awesome:

    But, if not, this place sounds rad and I’m glad you went there.

    • Haha.. thanks, Sam. Yeah.. I think it still needs to grow on me. Eep! ;)

  4. ariela

    damn i need to go here!

  5. I just found your blog! You posted about some of my favorite places in Philly to eat, and showed me some I didn’t know about!

    • Kristin

      Yay!! Thanks for checking out the site, Karen. What’s your favorite place in Philly? :)

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