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New Zealand’s Vegan-Friendly Hotel (Auckland)

New Zealand’s Vegan-Friendly Hotel (Auckland)

| On 09, Nov 2016

I don’t often stay in hotels when galavanting around as my preferred method of travel is to be in one place for a few months at a time. However, while in Auckland I was in a unique position to stay for a couple of nights at one of Auckland, New Zealand’s most revered establishments: Heritage Hotel.

The best part? They’ve got a vegan-friendly restaurant within the hotel!

I know, right?! Amazing.

After chatting with one of the hotel managers and the head chef of the restaurant (Hector’s Restaurant) I learned that they’ve been incorporating vegan-friendly-ness into their lobby and restaurant for several years (long before veganism started trending in New Zealand).

Thanks to one of their staff managers, the Heritage Hotel has a fully-vegan lobby (meaning they only carry non-dairy milk at their coffee bar). They also have a handful of vegan options on their lunch and dinner menus, always offer a raw vegan breakfast for hotel guests, host weekly Meat Free Monday menus, and participate in regular vegan-themed and vegan-centric meal specials. For example, they put together a special fine dining seven course vegan dinner menu to celebrate World Vegan Day this year! How awesome is that?!

The following video gives you a glimpse into the restaurant (along with additional photos below). :)

Heritage Hotel – Featuring Hector’s Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand

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The hotel itself was lovely as well! I stayed in a beautiful (and super clean) room with a king sized bed and a balcony that overlooked the waterfront.

The room was equipped with a small kitchen and a shower with great water pressure!

heritagehotel_auckland1 heritagehotel_auckland2 heritagehotel_auckland4 heritagehotel_auckland3

If that’s not enough I actually put some of the staff to the test when I had a mishap with the in-room washing machine (oh yeah, the room had a washing machine!). I think I selected the wrong settings and after the 40 minute cycle (which was supposed to also dry the clothes) they were sopping wet. I would have just strung them about the room to dry but I was in need of a few of the items – in about 15 minutes from the time I discovered something went awry!

Thankfully I called the hospitality line and there was an immediate knock at my door. They grabbed the items I need right away and had them dry and pressed within minutes! Then while I was out that evening the took care of the rest of my washing and drying without any additional charge or hassle. Awesome!

I can’t recommend Heritage Hotel enough. Not only is it a cozy place to crash but having readily available vegan options sets it apart from almost anywhere else you could dream of staying in New Zealand. Check ’em out:

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