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Let’s Kick It: The Kickstarter Project is Live!!

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a post about ditching Kickstarter. I was honestly up in the air about it considering the nature of the trip and all. But in response to that post I received a lot of support from many of you, encouraging me to give it a shot. So, I figured there’s nothing to lose, might as well give it a go.

I actually had the video nearly complete before I wrote that first post, but your encouragement pushed me to complete the application process and I’m happy to report that the project went live yesterday morning. And there have already been several hundred dollars worth of donations already!! Which I’m still blown away with!!

Anywho – I hope that you enjoy the following video and that it inspires you to follow your dreams. And if you love it, please consider donating. :)


Thank you so much for your support.





  1. Awesome stuff Kristen! It’s great to see that you’re finally on your way. Hope everything is going well with the trip so far!

  2. Kristin even…my bad :-/

    • Haha.. no problem, Tom! And thanks so much for your support. You’ve been cheering me on since day one. I couldn’t be more grateful!! :)

      • My pleasure :-) it’s great to see you following through on this!

  3. Just saw your video through a link from Eco-Vegan Gal! Awesome mission! Wish you the best and looking forward to reading all about your vegan food adventures. I’m on my own vegan adventure as well, but without the travel. :)

    • Hi There – Thanks so much for your support!! And good luck on your vegan adventure. Let me know if have any questions/would like to chat about veganism. Best – Kristin

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