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The #1 Rated Loving Hut Location in the Country – Hamilton St. Worcester, MA

Hooray! I’m in Worcester!! Or was, by the time you read this. :)

I actually came to Worcester to eat at the one vegan restaurant I knew about, Belmont Vegetarian. Because of my astute research I attempted to visit Belmont Veg on one the first of the two days in a row they are closed. Hm. No biggy though. I took this as an opportunity to get some work done and to dig a little deeper for other vegan delights in the area. I ended up having a delicious mocha latte with almond milk, and a great BBQ tempeh bacon cheeseburger from Acoustic Java. They’ve got a nice mix of vegan options thrown on their menu. This place has a nice atmosphere, top it off with free wifi and you’ve got yourself a lovely little afternoon lunch/work station.

Another all vegan restaurant came up in the search but after much digging I discovered that they too were closed. But for good. Dear restaurant owners, please keep your information up to date. Especially if your hours change. Or if you permanently close your doors. When local vegans don’t even know a restaurant has closed, something’s gone awry. It took three phone calls, five foodie websites, and camping out in front of where the restaurant used to be, to verify that it is in fact closed.

That’s okay because all of the days events allowed me to get caught up on some writing and forced me to go to one of the two Loving Hut locations in Worcester. No, I wasn’t originally planning to go to either one. Yes, yes Loving Huts do count as vegan restaurants and will be included in this tour. But it wasn’t my focus in Worcester. However, I’m glad I got stuck here because little did I know that Worcester is home to the #1, top ranked Loving Hut location in all of United States. Pretty cool!

Loving Hut – 100% vegan

56 Hamilton Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Loving Hut Hamilston St, Worcester, MA

I started with the chicken nuggets. Pretty tasty. A little oily but relatively light and yummy nonetheless.

Loving Hut Hamilston St, Worcester, MA

I haven’t had wonton soup in ages! This was very well done. Light, with just the right amount of salty goodness to bring the veggies (carrots, peas, and corn) and broth to life. Mm!

Loving Hut Hamilston St, Worcester, MA

I don’t think I’ve had any form of fried rice since becoming vegan. That might actually be a lie. I’m not sure. At the very least I can honestly tell you that I don’t remember having any because it probably wasn’t very good. Anywho, this is a pic of Loving Hut’s healthy fried rice – brown rice, corn, peas, carrots, onion, and tofu. The first thing I wrote in ‘notes’ on my phone was “wow.” This fried rice was not as heavy as I remember fried rice being. But it was so delicious and reminded me of what I had at those greasy fast food joints back in the day. Om nom nom.

Loving Hut Hamilston St, Worcester, MA

Even though I haven’t been to too many Loving Huts in the US… yet… I think I know why this place is rated #1. Aside from making delicious food they are so friggin’ friendly here. Holy wow! Granted, the friendly factor at all the Loving Huts I’ve been to so far exceeds most of the other vegan restaurants. That’s no lie. But this place takes the vegan cake. The woman who took care of me was a lovely, warm soul. She greeted me with a huge smile and asked how long I’ve been vegan, where I’m from, and more questions about the trip once I mentioned that. So sweet and very attentive. Impeccable customer relationship management + good food = a winning combo.


  1. Hey, Glad you came through Worcester. How long are you staying in this area? Feel free to hit me up at if you want any Worcester Veg hints ;)

    • Thanks Manda! I’ve already gone through and am continuing on down the East coast. But I found VegWorcester super helpful while I was in Worcester! Thanks for providing an awesome resource!! :)

  2. Kristen, Cool, well have fun in your travels and if you make it back out to Worcester we’re having a big VegFest on April 15th. Hit me up next time you’re around here again. Have fun!

  3. It is really nice to know about a nice mix of vegan options and this place has also got such a nice atmosphere with free wifi.Thank you………..

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  4. Too bad you missed Belmont Veg. Their mac & cheese is so good.

    That Loving Hut rules. There’s also another Loving Hut in town that does a monthly buffet on the second Saturday of every month.

    I know you’re already out of town, but Worcester VegFest is totally kick-ass:

    • Hi Drew! I didn’t miss Belmont Veg. That post has yet to come. :) I might send a friend out to cover the Worcester Veg Fest, sounds awesome!! :)

  5. I’m glad you made it to Worcester! I spent the last few (maybe closer to eleven) years in Worcester and somehow never ate at either the Loving Hut or Belmont Veg. But there were a bunch of other great restaurants with vegan options.

    Then at the end of the year we moved down to Chattanooga, TN. And there are two all vegan restaurants here in town. Sluggo’s in a CAN’T MISS. I’m going to scan your blog to see if you’ve been there but if not you should definitely make the trip. Enjoy the rest of your journeys!

    • Hi Eric!! Thanks for the note. I haven’t been to TN yet so I’ll definitely add those places to my list. Hehe! Thanks bunches!! xo

  6. Worcester has really become a vegan go-to town over the last 4-5 years. It’s a little crazy. All those spots are great. I’m curious to know what spot you tried to hit up but was closed. Can’t wait for the Belmont Veg review. That dude is seriously the nicest guy on earth.

  7. Lauren

    Hamilton is good, but IMO, Chandler St. Loving Hut is much better.

  8. Sway

    last time i was at the hamilton street loving hut location it was still quan yin. i have been to the chandler street loving hut many times and joanne from quan yin works there now. talk about amazing customer relationships, joanne ALWAYS has remembered me. i first met her when i started going to quan yin shortly after it opened a lifetime ago. when i moved out of massachusetts my visits to quan yin were few and far between. joanne always greeted me with a smile and asked how i’d been. i haven’t been to chandler street loving hut in probably about 2-3 years but i guarantee if i walked in there today or even 2 years from now, joanne would know me. it’s a really good feeling. customer relationships are sooooo important. yay loving hut, joanne and wtfvegan food!!!!!

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