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Catching Up & Donating to Mint Veg, Waitsfield VT

Catching Up & Donating to Mint Veg, Waitsfield VT

Hold the phone! We’re temporarily skipping over the remaining NYC and Boston posts because we’re having some technical challenges with our video editing software. But we plan to have everything caught up just after Thanksgiving. In the meantime we’re excited to keep you posted on our latest adventures. Side note: we update the Facebook page several times a day so to stay in the super-duper loop, please “like” our Facebook page! :)

We can officially mark New Hampshire off our list as we spent the last several days dining at the vegan hot spots throughout that State (those posts are coming soon too). I’d really like to keep the blog as up to date as possible so that we don’t continue to get backlogged. Today’s post is from today’s adventure, so far!


We arrived in Vermont late last night and the amazing folks behind Liz Lovely (their Lovely Oh’s make me weak in the knees) let us crash in their parking lot (in Gerty of course). We got up early and had a super fun video interview with Dan Holtz, Liz Lovely CEO and Co-Founder. He walked us through the cookie making process in their bakery, a new secret cookie (coming soon!), and more. I hope to post that interview on our YouTube channel soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo.

vegan cookies

The main focus of this post however is a delightful restaurant in Waitsfield, VT called Mint. Dan told us about this awesome restaurant and how their location was completely flooded out during hurricane Irene, which swept through the Caribbean and the East Coast in late August. Liz Lovely actually opened their very first storefront just before Irene. Their storefront was flooded out as well but fortunately their bakery remained intact. I’ll talk more about this during the Liz Lovely post. So, back to Mint.

MINT – 90% vegan

4403 Main St.
Waitsfield, VT

vegan restaurant vermont

We decided that having a light bite to eat before our interview and meal with Linda at Fiddle Heads sounded like a good idea, and we also wanted to support Mint in their effort to rebuild their restaurant. So, on Dan’s recommendation we set out to find Mint. It’s currently located in the basement of a local Waitsfield church. They have 2-3 main meal options and a dessert option (which was the only non-vegan item on the menu today), and ask that you donate whatever amount you’d like in exchange for the meal. There are no prices on the menu, it’s all donation based at this point.

I went with the stir-fry rice bowl. I’ve had my fare share of veggie stir-fry dishes since being vegan and I can honestly say that this one blew my mind. The impressive depth of flavor in every bite, while remaining light and perfectly filling, was just delightful.

vegan restaurant

Ethan got the Lentil Soup. Since he’s driving Gerty right now, while I type, I asked him to give some feedback.  He said it’s traditional, hearty, euro, lentil, potato, and delightful. I had a taste. Very good!

Mint vegan restaurant

We’d love to see Mint get back on its feet, if you’d like that too please click here to donate (any amount you choose)! We talked to the owners of Mint, Savitri and Liyan for a few minutes after we ate. They were so kind and it’s clear how passionate they are about delicious, healthy food. Please consider donating, if you can.

We’re currently headed up to the Plattsburgh, NY area to visit an old (horsey) friend of mine. And then it looks like we’re headed to Montreal for a few days. Woohoo!! I’ve never been. Can’t wait! :)

Okay, I’m going to close the computer for a little while since it’s getting dark out – makes it a little harder to work with the blasting light of the computer. Anywho… I hope to be updating more regularly as we get caught up and such. Yay!!



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