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Montréal Day 4: Commensal, Le Bouddha D’Cuisine, & Au Revoir


This is it, our last day in Montréal (sniffles, wipes tear away). It’s been a good run but it’s not quite over yet. Two more restaurants to stop in and then it’s to NY for Thanksgiving and Chicago for the Solstice.

Our friend Alex, founder of the Montréal Vegetarian Association designed the below booklet as a guide to all of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout Montréal. The logo was inspired my tattoo. Juuuust kidding! ;) But that would have been a pretty sweet story, yeah?! If you’d like a copy for your inevitable trip up north, check out Speaking of Alex, he also named both Ethan and I two of the most interesting vegetarians of 2011. Thanks, Alex!! Check it out the vegan men and the vegan women who were selected!

vegan restaurants in montreal

Commensal – 85% vegan

Centre-ville (métro McGill)
1204, ave. McGill College
Montréal, Québec, Canada

vegan restaurant montreal

Commensal is a buffet style eatery which clearly labels which products are vegan, vegetarian, soy- and gluten-free. Perfect! They have these little signs all over their buffet. You go in, help yourself, pay at one of the registers and then sit wherever you’d like. Commensal has a couple of locations and we ate at one on the third floor of a building overlooking downtown Montréal. It was really nice!

vegan restaurant montrealvegan restaurant montreal

I’m sorry that I didn’t take notes on what all of these yummy items are but it was all very tasty! I might have gone a little overboard but so goes the danger of a buffet. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach.


Le Bouddha D’Cuisine – 100% vegan

1253 McGill College Ave (lower level)
Montréal, Québec, Canada

We almost missed one of the best stops on our way out. Alex, took us to this vegan, mostly raw take-out restaurant called Le Bouddha D’Cuisine. We met the owner and head cook as well as one of the employees who asked if he could get a picture with the vegan travelers. Another ‘feeling like a celeb’ moment that totally made me blush (second pic below).

vegan restaurant montrealvegan restaurant montrealEthan, Kristin, Le Bouddha D’Cuisine employees, head cook & owner

We picked up the raw lasagna and a piece of chocolate cake to share for our ride south. Unfortunately because it was really dark out and we were driving while eating, we didn’t get any pictures of the food (I’m sorry!!!). But we really, REALLY liked what we had and would absolutely recommend checking this place out for some delicious, raw, home cooked-style treats.

hockey in montrealEthan with a statue of Ken Dryden, goaltending legend. Respectify. Do not Disrespectify.

We couldn’t leave without visiting the city overlook. Thanks for the recommendation and tour, Alex!! :)

Montreal City OverlookMontreal city outlook

Au revoir Montréal!



  1. Jeff Schwotzer

    Great conclusion to a tasty run in Montreal, so nice to have read about all the places up there in that nice city.

    Oh except for the Dryden mask, that was the cause of more nightmares in the 70s than Jason from friday the 13th ever caused ;)

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