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The 26 Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the US (Updated & Expanded)

The 26 Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the US (Updated & Expanded)

| On 10, Feb 2016

In February 2014 I brought you my personal (and polled) list of the 24 most romantic vegan restaurants in the United States.

Well, it’s been a couple of years (and some of the places I recommended before have since closed while other new places have opened) therefore, with the encouragement of a few friends, I’ve decided to update the list for 2016. Awww yeah!

Quick side note for those just tuning into the project; some background:

From October 2011 to August 2013 my goal in life was to eat at every single vegan restaurant in the country. Mission accomplished! So, I’m only including places on the list that I’ve been to personally to ensure that at least from my perspective they are in fact romantic. :)

Without further adieu I give you the 26 most romantic vegan restaurants in the United States:

(in alphabetical order)

Candle 79 (NYC)


^Photo by ‘A Soy Bean Blog.’

Likely the first restaurant idling on the tip of the tongue of someone answering the question, “I’m headed to NYC, where should I eat first?” Candle 79 has long been considered one of the best all-around vegan restaurants in the country. Opt for seating on the über cozy second floor, for a coo-worthy evening you’ll be talking about for ages.

Must-try meals: grilled seitan chimichurri, warm brussels sprouts salad, porcini crusted tofu

There are two other restaurants associated with Candle 79 including Candle Cafe West and The Candle Cafe.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 


Charlie Was a Sinner (Philly)

charlie was a sinner philly voice

^Photo from

Swanky, charming, and dimly lit, with picture shows playing discretely on the velvet drapery lining the narrow NYC-esque space, Charlie Was a Sinner will take your breath away. Topnotch service, exquisite food, and memorable cocktails, this is one to add to your must-visit list.

Must-try meals: zucchini “crab cake” sliders, potato gnocchi, and the meyer lemon cake. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 


Crossroads (Los Angeles)


^Photo from Huffington Post

“The Mediterranean-themed vegan restaurant opened in March [2013] and serves up a fine-dining yet playful experience, courtesy of Oprah’s former chef Tal Ronnen. Popular plates include the Artichoke Oysters, Kale Spanakopita, Wood-Fired Meaty Lasagna and Scallopini with Marsala-Glazed Morel Mushrooms.” – laist

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Blossom on Carmine (NYC)


I could almost cry I love this place so much. Whether you’re there for brunch, lunch, or dinner Blossom on Carmine never fails to exude professional, detailed care and attention to both their customers and their food. Dinners are particularly romance-inducing, with their mood light mastery and cozy, warm color scheme.

Must-try meals: black-eyed pea potato cakes, seitan picatta, passion fruit margarita cheesecake

Blossom also has three other fine dining restaurants in the NYC area (another of which has made the list, below), and five “du jour” locations, which are focused on raw to-go food, snacks, smoothies, and fresh juices.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Blossoming Lotus (Portland, OR)

blossoming lotus tacos

^Photo from It’s The Weekday Vegan

Health-conscious, cozy, and perfect for a date night Blossoming Lotus is one of Portland’s most love vegan establishments. I suggest this one if you are particularly in the mood for a breakfast or brunch date!

Must-try meals: chai spiced cinnamon roll, cheese plate, shaved brussels sprouts salad

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Darbster (West Palm Beach, FL)


Recede into the unexpectedly serene waterside deck under the stars. Or bask in the fresh evening air on the villa-style, covered seating area. Between the tropical setting and the tantalizing foodie options, Darbster will make you want to flirt the night away with your love or maybe even with your meal. Add in stellar service and moon-lighting for a perfectly romantic escape.

Must-try meals: cream of asparagus soup, palm cakes, chocolate ganache cake

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Encuentro (Oakland, CA)

vegan cheese plate encuentro

^Photo by Liz Hafalia

NOTEWORTHY: This restaurant is vegan-friendly (it’s something like 95% vegan).

Hands down the most decadent and lux-feeling vegan eatery in Oakland, Encuentro will blow your mind. Known for their varied and unique wine collection, staff who are deeply passionate about the food they prepare and serve, and meals that have meat eaters scratching their heads, “How is this so good?” – this is one place you gotta visit. Probably more than once.

Must-try meals: seared turnip cakes, apple salad, three cheese plate, cake

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

G-Zen (Brandford, CT)


Tuck yourselves into one of G-Zen‘s cozy corners, sip a ZenGria, and fade into the enchanting energy within. Exposed white brick pillars, accented by wooden floor to ceiling textured art and patterns set the ambiance to “just right” as you scan the restaurant’s abundant menu.

Must-try meals: raw tacos, portobello Neapolitan tofu, ray of the sun dae (pictured at the very top of this blog post)

Check out GMonkey Mobile, G-Zen’s sister food truck that runs seasonly, powered by solar panels and bio diesel veggie grease.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Gracias Madre (San Francisco & Los Angeles)

gracias madre

^Photo by Love Luxe Life

You’d be hard pressed to find vegan Mexican cuisine in a setting quite like what Gracias Madre offers. Featuring organic and locally sources ingredients, plus fun traditional cocktails and meals, this place is fantastic. Scooch into the cozy atmosphere while being helped by the super friendly staff.

Must-try meals: enchiladas con mole, chimichanga, and chilaquiles.

Click HERE to make a reservation.

Harvest at The Bindery (Portland, OR)

harvest at the bindery

^Photo by Emily Joan Greene

Opened just a few months ago and one of my new all-time favorites, Harvest at the Bindery gives the already robust and diverse vegan scene in Portland a run for its money. It’s got a great open space with a lot of light and warm energy. Plus, the food is out of the world.

Must-try meals: pulled trumpet mushroom BBQ, braised greens, hazelnut French toast, biscuits & gravy

Click HERE to make a reservation.

Hangawi (NYC)


^Photo by Teeny Tiny Turkey(Flickr)

Walk in, slip off your shoes, and get comfortable on the authentic floor seating of New York Cities only completely vegan Korean restaurant. Let the warm toned earthy decor transport you from the busy city streets to the tranquility of Hangawi. This paired with superior service and food presented in unique, fun ways – sit back, relax, and nosh away.

Must-try meals: avocado clay pot rice bowl, prix fix tasting menu, chocolate pudding. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Kitchen Mouse (Los Angeles)

kitchen mouse los angeles

NOTEWORTHY: They do serve eggs here but everything else is already vegan or can be made vegan (I believe).

Somehow, as the name evokes, Kitchen Mouse is a tiny, cozy, kitschy little joint with bright semi-retro interior, friendly counter service, and a comfortable vibe. Positively zapping with flavor, colorful plating, and hearty meals- this place is a keeper.

Must-try meals: pancakes with fruit and cashew cream, avocado TLT, mocha latte 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Miss Rachel’s Pantry (Philly)

miss rachel's pantry philly

I’m not sure a kinder, more generous, humble, and genuine business owner exists in the world. THE Rachel of Miss Rachel’s Pantry continues to impress not only with her exquisite culinary skills but also her ability to make her patrons feel welcomed and cared for.

Vintage retro country set inside a renovated 2-car garage, with a side of pin up flare; select-evening prixe fixe dinners around one communal farmhouse table; reservations-only.

Must-try meals: BBQ seitan, crab cakes, sticky buns, quiches.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Muir’s Tea Room (Sebastopol, CA)

muir's tea room

^ Photo by ‘Pegasus in Paradise’

I wish more people knew about this place. It’s one of the BEST hidden [vegan] gems in the whole country. No joke. Inspired by conservationist John Muir, Muir’s Team Room is like nothing you’ll find anywhere else.

Muir’s offers 3-tier racks toppling over with beautiful petit fours, fairy cakes, scones, and mini sandwiches; and traditional Scottish/English “high tea” services, in a Victorian-esque setting. An abundant front lawn (that you can stroll through) with giant aromatic flowers, and cutlery that alone will keep you basking in the glory of this one of a kind establishment. Bucket list this one!

Must-try meals: any of the tea racks (try a little bit of everything)

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Plant (Asheville, NC)

blackberry sorbet

The only restaurant that would be a true shame to miss when in Asheville – Plant is downright riveting! It’s all about the food here so strap on your foodie goggles and indulge; this restaurant makes a perfect date night for you and your tastebuds. Plus the head chef and owners are incredibly passionate and truly appear to love what they do and why they do it, which seems to translate into some incredibly full-flavored dishes!

Must-try meals: cheese plate, peppercorn crusted seitan, blackout mousse pie, peanut butter crunch ice cream.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Plum Bistro (Seattle)


Seeking a quaint, serene locale to get lost in each others eyes and in the food of the hour? Plum Bistro will take you there with a great upbeat atmosphere, gorgeous plating, and some of the best meals in the country. Cozy up and dive in, you’re going to want to be there for a while.

Must-try meals: mac and yease (best in the country), beet & yam fries, pear seitan steak.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Portobello (Portland, OR)


^Photo from ‘In the Mood for Noodles’

Italian fine dining has never looked or tasted better. Consider dining solo at Portobello Vegan Trattoria as you’re going to want every single last itty bitty speck of food all to yourself. Unquestionably one of the top vegan restaurants in the country, Portobello has mastered the art of unique pairings, the dichotomy of punchy yet subtle flavors, presentation, style, service, and decor all under one roof. This one’s for the books, folks. For. The. Books.

Must-try meals: beet tartare (OMG), sweety peps, gnocchi, ice cream sundae (GaawhOMG).

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Present Moment Cafe (St. Augustine, FL)

With a brightly colored interior, blissful energy, and a wonderfully friendly staff, Present Moment Cafe is sure to make you and your sweetie feel lighter and healthier than when you first sat down. This organic raw restaurant, set in charming St. Augustine, FL, is ideal for those who’d rather avoid post-meal food comas, and opt for an after-dinner stroll along the waterfront in the nation’s oldest city.

Must-try meals: nachos, pad thai, brownie sundae. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Ravens’ Restaurant (Mendocino, CA)


Ready to impress your partner with THE ultimate vegan getaway? How about a stay at the Stanford Inn by the Sea – an all-vegan Inn!! – accompanied by daily meals at the in-house eatery, Ravens’ Restaurant. Wood burning fireplaces in every room, a holistic wellness center, and ocean views set within what feels like its own oasis, away from the rest of the world, this Inn/restaurant combo will have you aching to stay longer.

Must-try meals: savory crepe, Indian spice polenta Napoleon, Ravens’ chocolate tart.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Shizen (San Francisco)

shizen san francisco

They came bounding onto the Bay Area vegan scene this past year and for good reason. This all-vegan sushi restaurant is high class, high energy, and serves rolls that (in some cases) are literally on fire. Always packed but always well worth the wait, Shizen serves up some of the best vegan sushi the world has ever seen. Yep.

Enjoy the vaulted cathedral ceiling with exposed hardwood beams complimented by matching, modern table and chair settings.

Must-try meals: Everything. Everything is great here.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Shojin (Los Angeles)


Allow yourself to be captivated by the level of attentive service that the staff at Shojin offers up. Pair this detail with comfortable seating, an intimate atmosphere, and some of the most uniquely plated and highest quality vegan sushi the country has to offer, and you’ve got the ultimate setting for a night of fine dining + romance.

Must-try meals: dynamite roll, pirates of the crunchy, ramen revolution, chocolate cake.

NOTEWORTHY: Don’t let the somewhat sketchy, empty, mall-like building that Shojin is housed in, deter you. Once you’re in (the restaurant) it’s quite beautiful. :)

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Sprig & Vine (New Hope, PA)


^Photo by Derin Akyar

A town (and restaurant) that all too often get overlooked, New Hope has got to be one of the most charming places in the whole country. Add in a world class vegan restaurant and really, there’s not a reason to leave!

Sprig & Vine is absolutely dynamite and one of the best run, most cared for restaurants I’ve ever been to. In addition to an über driven, kind, and talented owner/head chef, super friendly staff, and a beautifully crafted fine dining experience, the food here is wow-mazing. It’s worth a mini road trip, or an extended getaway!

Must-try meals: fried green tomatoes, cornmeal crusted tempeh, chocolate mousse pie (OMG).

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Sublime (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Crispy Polenta with Sauteed Eggplant Arugula and Peach Tomato with a balsamic reduction

Plan for an extravagant evening at one of Florida’s most highly decorated vegan establishments. Frequented by celebrities and featured in numerous local and nation-wide publications and blogs, Sublime has built a positively [plant]strong reputation.

Complete with a waterfall wall, beautiful green accents throughout, a relaxing vibe, and really cool seating that includes semi-circular squishy couch-like booths, these guys know what’s up in terms of turning on the romance factor. Plus, the servers (all dressed to match) are wonderful, and the food is equally marvelous.

Must-try meals: sliders, mushroom ravioli, key lime cheesecake.

Click HERE to make a reservation.

True Bistro (Somerville, MA)


One of my personal all-time favorites in terms of quality, authenticity, service, atmosphere, and downright amazing food-ness, True Bistro remains a steady leader (in my book) for the best-of-the-best all-around vegan establishments.

For both THE romantic dinner and the morning after/weekend brunch, True Bistro has got it. Modern, pristine black and white decor, gently accented by bright flowers and greens; a dedicated staff, great energy, and food that’ll knock your socks off (which might help save some time later *wink*wink*), I truly love this place. There’s nothing else like it in the New England area. Go. Now.

Must-try meals: biscuits & sausage, rolled crepes, cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms, blackened seitan, death by chocolate cake.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Vedge (Philly)


If there was ever a restaurant to lose yourself in, this is the one. Never have I seen someone do with vegetables what Chef Richard Landau can do. Vedge = plant food innovation at it’s finest.

Blazing with class, confidence, and romance, Vedge is worth taking a special trip for: servers in matching uniforms, management in suits and ties, incredible attention to detail surrounding the decor and atmosphere, they really have thought of everything.

Must-try meals: salt-roasted golden beets, sweet potato paté, cheesecake.. also, everything.  

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

WaterCourse Foods (Denver)

watercourse denver

^Photo from ‘Where Erin Goes’

Vegan comfort food at its finest, WaterCourse (once mostly vegan now fully-vegan) is one of the most sought after vegan restaurants in Denver. With an ‘everyone is welcome’ energy, friendly staff, and food that you’ll remember for ages, this is one to add to your bucket list (if not your fancy v-day brunch, lunch, or dinner list).

Must-try meals: “chicken” and biscuits,tacos, seitan fried steak with tofu eggs and soyrizo.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


  1. Thanks for this great collection of restaurants! I’m visiting Florida next week so this is very helpful.

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