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My Thai Vegan Cafe & Bubble Tea Bistro – Boston, MA

My Thai Vegan Cafe & Bubble Tea Bistro – Boston, MA

My Thai Vegan Cafe & Bubble Tea Bistro – 100% vegan

3 Beach Street
Boston, MA 02111

My Thai is probably the better of the two Asian Vegan restaurants in Boston. (Did I just put that online? Please don’t hate me Grasshopper.) Located in Chinatown, My Thai is a nice 9 mile ride to and from my place down by the river. I do not know how many times I have made that trip. Boston Common and the movies are right next door. Location, Location, Location.

vegan restaurant china town boston

Though the service may be a little trying at times, Grasshopper has ’em beat here, the food is worth it. Can you say Cashew ‘Chicken’? Temple Soup (Coconut Broth with Sweet Potato and Peanut). Fresh Rolls! Hmm what else… So Much… Kristin? Yes – below! ;)

Fresh Summer Rolls

vegan restaurant china town boston

At My Thai you will find many traditional Thai dishes like, Rad Nar, Pad See Ew, Drunken Noodle, Pad Thai, as well as some Vietnamese Vermicelli style dishes and some unique recipes to My Thai alone.

Rad Nar Plus Classic Thai Food…

vegan restaurant china town boston

Cashew ‘Chicken’ An absolute favorite!

vegan restaurant china town boston

Yellow Curry Noodle Soup

vegan restaurant china town boston

Chocolate Cake! You wouldn’t think it would be a standout but it is!!!

vegan restaurant china town boston

Kristin here! Hi, hi, hi! Ookay… My Thai holds a very special place in my heart and I must share it with you. When I was first checking out grad schools (Emerson to be exact) about 5-6 years ago (wow, has it been that long?!) my parents and I decided to seek out a vegan restaurant in Boston. It was a crazy notion – a restaurant with vegan food .. being the newbie vegans that we were – but we gave it a shot.

Back then it was known as Buddha’s Delight, just below their current location. It was our first experience with soy- and gluten-based meats. We actually asked the server about three times if they were sure that this wasn’t animal-based meat. But once we got our meals we dove right in and were pleasantly surprised with how tasty everything was. I think I even made a joke about choosing Emerson because this restaurant was so close to campus. Hehe ;)

Wouldn’t you know it, I did end up going to grad school at Emerson College and the weekly trips to what is now called My Thai (on the second floor of the same building) began. Because there are so many items on the menu it’s truly one of those places where there are a few OUTSTANDING dishes (I mean, really, super delicious), and a lot of just so-so dishes. But my favorites include: Curry rice noodles with chicken, yellow curry noodle soup, cashew chicken, and of course, the spring rolls. :)

In my opinion, this is one of the top picks in Boston in terms of vegan dining. Like Ethan said, the service is always hit and miss (sometimes everyone at your table gets their meals at the same time, sometimes not. Sometimes your appetizer comes out early, sometimes it comes out after you’ve had your main course) but all in all, their good dishes are really good. I highly recommend it! PS – don’t let the sketchy stairwell that leads up the restaurant freak you out. It’s okay. I promise. :)


  1. Jennifer La Pietra

    Yeah, I do like me some Grasshopper, but My Thai does edge it out. My favorite Bakery though has to be in Pawtucket, RI. Wildflour is just awesome – they even made me a vegan wedding cake which everyone loved – and I was the only vegan there! :D

  2. Wendy

    My Thai Vegan was a great find! Wonderful food, fresh veggies and quick service. The carrot cake was to die for! My 3 teenagers loved the food and the portion sizes were huge. We couldn’t eat all our food. Try the fresh spring rolls, dumplings and the best dish was the curry and mango “chicken” with basil and tomatoes. Yummy !!!!

    • Kristin

      Yes! I miss My Thai.. so glad you enjoyed it! :)

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