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New Hampshire – We Don’t Take Veganism For Granite

New Hampshire – We Don’t Take Veganism For Granite

Café Indigo – 100% Vegan

128H Hall Street
Concord, NH

Behold! The Awesome Power of Women. Vegan Women! Congrats on your recognition as the US Small Business Administration Woman Owned Business of 2011 for New Hampshire.

Café Indigo is known beyond the borders of NH for its bakery which produces the VegNews Award Winning Carrot Cake and the WTFVeganFood approved Whoopie Pies amongst other pastry delights. But wait! There’s more! Out front, Café Indigo boasts a more than competent cafe featuring sandwiches and snacks. When we arrived Café Indigo was featuring a proprietary holiday-style loaf that could compete with Tofurkey or Field Roast’s holiday centerpieces. Kristin had the special “Gobbler” sandwich and I went with the Tofishy sandwich, which is for people like me who grew up in a seafood dense coastal state where the conversion to veganism is usually stifled by seafood attachments, not cheese addictions like most people (see Casomorphins; the agent in dairy believed to be very addictive).

Though we didn’t try the Cheesecake there are rumors of its glory. And they even have recipes available in a cookbook. Check em out!

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

The Tofishy!

vegan restaurant new hampshire

The Gobbler!

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Whoopie Pie!

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Spoon Revolution Vegan Bistro – 100% Vegan

55 South Main Street
Concord, NH

Spoon Revolution Vegan Bistro offers a set menu that varies by day. We were greeted with a smile and each course was wonderfully described and the food delivered the rest.

They are usually only open during lunch hours but Saturdays are a full day of service. Also, they have weekly Meat Eaters Anonymous meetings for people transitioning to a plant-based diet. Good job Spoon Rev! Thanks for the excellent food!

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Cream of Yucca and Yam

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Fall Vegetable Medley

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Potato, Apple, Coconut Salad with Avocado Dressing

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Bengali Vegetable Curry with Brown Basmati Rice

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

Susty’s – 100% Vegan

159 First NH Turnpike
Northwood, NH

This was our last stop in New Hampshire before heading to Vermont for the night. Here we met WTFVeganFood supporter and fellow hockey fan, Jeff Schwotzer (thanks for the tips on the New Hampshire AM radio. I was able to listen to the Bruins game on our way to VT!).

It is always a good time meeting FB friends over veg meals. This was no exception. Might I add, the enthusiasm of our hosts at Susty’s was a plus as well. We want you all to come with us. Let’s get a caravan going!

Oh, Hello! Soy Fritters…

vegan restaurant new hampshire


vegan restaurant new hampshire

Kristin and I each had the Roasted Seitan Plate

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

…and Jeff had the Taco Special.

vegan restaurant new hampshire

The Juicery – 99.9% Vegan

51 Hanover Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Kristin: After watching the documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead back in September, I went on a six-day juice fast and have been addicted to juice ever since. We were desperately seeking some vegan noms when we arrived in Portsmouth and stumbled upon this quaint juice bar. YAY!

Aside from juice The Juicery also makes fresh smoothies as well as vegan sandwiches and wraps.

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire

vegan restaurant new hampshire


  1. Jeff Schwotzer

    Thanks for spotlighting the small (but hopefully growing) vegan foodie scene up here, Kristin and Ethan.

    The B’s have been going great since then, we gave them good karma ;)
    We didn’t have the chance to talk music; maybe you’ll also meet other people who own cd’s Ethan had a hand in making (I’ve randomly hit 3 in my collection already since our dinner ;)

    And heck yes, your followers in every state should represent for their local businesses, c’mon y’all out there!

    Continued educational and tasty travels,

    • Thanks Jeff!! <3

    • Which CDs, Jeff? I have been all over the genre map.

      Hopefully some of the larger cities in NH can take note of the growing vegan population. C’mon Nashua! Get on it.

      Go Bs!
      It is nice having two starting elite goaltenders and a team full of two-way players. Can someone confirm if Ference is vegan? Montreal has Georges Laraque promoting veg life in his retirement. I’d love to have a rep in Boston.


  2. Jeff Schwotzer

    1) Tree, on my way up to their Portland gig. Did I see your name on a Superpower disc too? I bought all Dave’s Superpower stuff at the gig too.
    2) Toadies live: “Plane Crash” is one of my fave openings on a live album.
    3) Garrison, natch.

    I own copies of at least 200 boston-area label releases, will probably stumble across more. ;)

    And more important, yes Nashua has to jump from one mostly-vegan restaurant. And my home, Manchester. horrible that we don’t even have one all-vegetarian restaurant yet. Maybe once the co-op market opens it will spur some energy.

  3. Hooray! I’ve been waiting for your NH reviews! I love Cafe Indigo, and I wish I had one of their Whoopie Pies right now, they’re so good!

    • Hi Barb! Yay!! I know, right?! They’re whoopie pies are A-mazing!! :)

  4. I had no idea my hometown and the town Wah-Tut-Ca is located are vegan-friendly. All right!

    • Tell the Wah-Tut-Ca crew to head to Susty’s! That place is ace.


  5. my husband and i finally went to café indigo today and it was delicious! i saw your sticker on the door and told my hubby “i read her blog!” i had the rachel (vegan reuben sammich) and husband had the sesame cutlet wrap. i’ve had their amazing carrot cake before (sometimes the hampton natural food store has it in stock) but i got a huge piece to take home, and ate a carrot cake cupcake there for dessert, as did my husband. we also bought the new daiya wedges in monterey jack flavor, which i cannot wait to try out as jack cheese was my favorite before going vegan.

    thanks for profiling lovely NH vegan restaurants! if you’re ever back this way, the portsmouth health food store has a café in the back where you can order sammiches and cookies, etc. they have a spicy tempeh BLT with avocado that’s delish!

    ~jennifer, seacoast NH vegan :)

  6. mike hodder

    Try Cafe Ole in Wolfeboro, on North Main downtown. Just opened 11/9/12. Vegetarian and vegan. Home made, fully organic. Small and comfortable. I’m a customer.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately I’ve already covered New Hampshire but it’s great to know that more veg eateries are popping up since I’ve left! :)


  7. Thomas Morrison

    Rock Salt Creamery in sanbornton NH makes 100% Vegan Ice Cream. Check us out!!!

  8. .Toula Milios Guilfoyle

    We are relocating to New Hampshire Lancaster area and are VEGAN. My husband will do vegetarian organic free range occasionally. Any restaurants and stores to purchase items is crucial. He will stay at a hotel up to year till we sell our home and get rid of decades of accumulation in MI. Can you let us know vegan vegetarian and organic health stores restaurant etc for that area and New Hampshire. Thanks. Dr.Toula Milios Guilfoyle

    • Kristin

      Hi Dr. Toula! The places I visited in NH are all listed here: … Since I traveled to locations where the food was, I don’t have a list of *all* vegan-friendly options. However, when I was traveling I used Yelp!, and to find what was nearby. Particularly in the Yelp! app, if you search “vegan” it’ll bring up what’s closest to you and you can read reviews to see what others have to say about the options – plus their menu is also accessible from Yelp. Good luck and have a great move! xo

  9. Toula Milios GUILFOYLE

    Love NH,moved here rural Jefferson but the amount of organic local products is orgasmic. I had2 go vegan 2007 after numerous specialists in many states said nothing I could do,my cancerous esophageal and stomach cells getting worse.i was huge mea t,bbq,Italian luncheon meat eater.Even in medical school little we learned dietary was paid4 by DAIRY, meat,grain industry.Im board certified family physician. I read alot,joined PETA 1998 after living RURAL farm MI and no pounds or rescues and we PERSONALLY thrust into funding 20yrs helping thousands of ANIMALS, especially neuter,spay.VEGAN REVERSED MY CELLS &DARTMOUTH biopsies normal still,thanks PETA, WATCH FORKS OVER KNIVES DOCUMENTARY, JOIN http://WWW.PCRM.ORG&FINALLY MY DR. HUSBAND 2012(kidney failure due disbetes,bp,heart,etc 3arteries CLOGGED finally watched DOCUMENTARY FORKS OVER KNIVES AND off his cholesterol and triglycerides meds,off injections&90%meds*reversed his arteries

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