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Peace O’ Pie, Gourmet Vegan Pizza – Allston, MA

Peace O’ Pie, Gourmet Vegan Pizza – Allston, MA

vegan pizzeria bostonPhoto by Peace O’ Pie

vegan pizza boston

Peace O’ Pie – 100% vegan

487 Cambridge St.
Allston, MA 02134


Ethan’s Fave: Buffalo Chik’n Pizza!
Kristin’s Fave: Cheesy Breadsticks, White Pizza, and Maple Peanut Butter Sweet Rolls. Are you kidding? I couldn’t choose to just one thing! ;)

I still remember exactly where I was the first time I had pizza made by Peace O’ Pie’s head cook. I took a bite, sat back, closed my eyes, and practically melted in my chair. I’ve since been to Peace O’ Pie more times than I can remember. Not only is the food amazing but this place is vegan-owned and -operated, and has some pretty rad policies. From the website:


  • make all our menu items in-house with the finest ingredients
  • source strictly vegan ingredients, avoiding honey and refined sugars
  • feature organic ingredients when possible
  • offer a whole wheat crust option for medium pies

In addition, Peace o’ Pie:

  • used eco-friendly building materials during its remodel, including sustainably produced bamboo counterfront, a PaperStone countertop (100% recycled office paper), ceiling tiles with 65% recycled content.
  • recycles
  • composts
  • uses compostable, biodegradable packaging and supplies
  • uses CF bulbs wherever possible

When you dine at Peace o’ Pie, don’t throw anything away. Give whatever is left back to us, and we will make sure that as much as possible is either recycled or composted before we resort to the trash bin for biodegradables and other non-recyclables.

If that doesn’t do it for you check out this interview I snagged several months back, with Eric Prescott, one of the co-owners and founders of Peace O’ Pie:

I might have gone a little crazy with the number of pics below but when I was looking over Peace O’ Pie’s Facebook page I just got all drooly and googlieyed eyed over their pics and couldn’t help myself. If these food pics don’t get you going then you’re probably not human. ;)


vegan pizzeria bostonvegan pizza boston

The following photos are from Peace O’ Pie’s Facebook page.

Peace O' Pie vegan pizza boston, maPeace O' Pie vegan pizza boston, maSammies

vegan pizzeria bostonThe Brak Attack: Fried Tofu & Zucchini w/ Pickled Red Onions & a Ghost Chile Aioli on a Toasted Ciabatta Roll.

Peace O' PieLansdowne St: Apple sage sausage, sauteed peppers and onion, mushroom, garlic butter and mozzarella, with a side of tofu salad

Peace O' Pie vegan pizzeria bostonBBQ Tofu: House-made BBQ sauce, garlic butter, spinach, jalapenos and onion.


vegan pizzeria bostonPeace O' Pie Sunday Brunch


Peace O' PieChocolate Strawberry Cupcakes w/ Fresh Strawberries dipped in Chocolate.

Peace O' Pie vegan dessertsPeace O’ Pie’s signature cinnamon rolls. The maple ones are crazy delicious too!

Peace O' Pie vegan cakeChocolate cake with maple frosting

Peace O' Pie vegan treatsDionysus cupcakes: vanilla cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache and rolled in toasted coconut OR dusted with powdered sugar.

Peace O' Pie vegan cookiesChocolate Chip Cookie with Blackberry filling


  1. Nazanin

    That all looks crazy yummy! I love what he was saying about being a local, non-corporate part of the community. I really never used to realize there was something for locally owned places. I feel like a sense of comfort in travelling to other cities or states and seeing familiar places (Barnes & Nobles, Target for examples). But I’m now starting to appreciate and think about locally owned though it seems that not too many exist :( Veggie Grill & Native Foods expansions are so amazing to me! Their food is really good too. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’m sure you’ll love it once you make it out to the west coast.

  2. Alexis

    I agree, Peace o Pie does have the best pizza. The crust is amazing. The calzones are a favorite of mine!

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