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The 24 Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the US

The 24 Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the US

| On 09, Feb 2014

Maybe it’s the time of year or all of the “in a relationship” and “so-and-so is now engaged to so-and-so” status updates flooding my Facebook feed lately. It could be the Vegan Power Couples story over on Vegan Weddings HQ, or maybe it’s simply because I’m in a new-ish relationship myself! *squeak* Regardless, while walking to the bus stop in Chicago’s frigid evening air the other day I felt inspired to create a roundup of the Country’s most romantic vegan restaurants.

You all know I spent two years traveling the country specifically to eat at every single vegan restaurant in the US, right? Therefore, I’ve had the pleasure of dining at all of the following restaurants, with the exception of one (it opened after I left that part of the country). I’ll let you know which one it is when we get to it on the list. But, I can vouch for twenty-three of these delectable eateries.

Browse, enjoy, and select among the most lovey-dovey, whimsical, and enchanting of them all! Combining my personal favorites with your recommendations from THIS Facebook question, I give you the twenty-four most romantic vegan restaurants in the United States ::

(in alphabetical order).


Located in “The Camp” center, which even has a cool parking lot (neat affirmations written in each spot), 118 Degrees is a true gem among the casual atmosphere of its surroundings.

I’ve dined at this raw restaurant twice, both around brunch time. Their brunch is fantastic and the service, wonderful. Enjoy a calming, neutral color scheme offset by burnt orange chairs and colorful artwork. Ease into the soft yet upbeat background music, and let the modern exposed-cement floor plant you firmly in love with the atmosphere and your sweetie!

Must-try meals: yogi juice (sans bee pollen), caramel crepes, “fried” avocado tacos

118 Degrees has two other locations, one in Anaheim and another in Laguna Niguel.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

118cafe freshjuice rawcrepes


One of my personal NYC favorites! Whether you’re there for brunch, lunch, or dinner Blossom on Carmine never fails to exude professional, detailed care and attention to both their customers and their food. Dinners are particularly romance-inducing, with their mood light mastery and cozy, warm color scheme.

Must-try meals: black-eyed pea potato cakes, seitan picatta, passion fruit margarita cheesecake

Blossom also has three other fine dining restaurants in the NYC area (another of which has made the list, below), and three “du jour” locations, which are focused on raw to-go food, snacks, smoothies, and fresh juices.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 



Stare lovingly across the table under a starry sky on the Café’s outdoor patio while enjoying a healthy raw meal at the restaurant that I’ve declared as having THE best ice cream in the country. Yes, I’m serious. It may be raw but it is also like nothing you’ll ever have elsewhere.

New to vegan and/or raw food? Ask Café 118‘s knowledgable and kind staff about how they prepare and create their beautiful meals! Revel in their fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, amazing entrees AND desserts.

Must-try meals: crispy vegetable rolls, raw s’mores, and cacao mint chip ice cream

Click HERE to make a reservation.

rawwrap veganrawsmorerawmintcacaoicecream


Likely the first restaurant idling on the tip of the tongue of someone answering the question, “I’m headed to NYC, where should I eat first?” Candle 79 has long been considered one of the best all-around vegan restaurants in the country. Opt for seating on the über cozy second floor, for a coo-worthy evening you’ll be talking about for ages.

Must-try meals: grilled seitan chimichurri, warm brussels sprouts salad, porcini crusted tofu

There are two other restaurants associated with Candle 79 including Candle Cafe West and The Candle Cafe.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 


Above photos by Candle 79, Choosing Raw, Vegan and So Forth, and A Soy Bean Blog.


“The Mediterranean-themed vegan restaurant opened in March [2013] and serves up a fine-dining yet playful experience, courtesy of Oprah’s former chef Tal Ronnen. Popular plates include the Artichoke Oysters, Kale Spanakopita, Wood-Fired Meaty Lasagna and Scallopini with Marsala-Glazed Morel Mushrooms.” – laist

Had to pull up a quote on this one because this is the one restaurant of the bunch I have yet to visit. From all the buzz though I can tell you I am eagerly looking forward to my first trip to Crossroads. It’s high expectation-ville over here!

Click HERE to make a reservation. 



Recede into the unexpectedly serene waterside deck under the stars. Or bask in the fresh evening air on the open villa-style, covered seating area. Between the tropical setting and the tantalizing foodie options, Darbster will make you want to flirt the night away with your love… or maybe even with your meal. Add in stellar service and moon-lighting for a perfectly romantic escape.

Must-try meals: cream of asparagus soup, palm cakes, chocolate ganache cake

Darbster (named after the family dog, Darby) has another location in Boca Raton.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

darbstercrabcakes_beinggreensavinggreenchicknfrancese_myveryveganlifeAbove photos by Darbster, Being Green Saving Green, and My Very Vegan Life.


Tuck yourselves into one of G-Zen‘s cozy corners, sip a ZenGria, and fade into the enchanting energy within. Exposed white brick pillars, accented by wooden floor to ceiling textured art and patterns set the ambiance to “just right” as you scan the restaurant’s abundant menu.

Must-try meals: raw tacos, portobello Neapolitan tofu, ray of the sun dae (pictured at the very top of this blog post)

Check out GMonkey Mobile, G-Zen’s sister food truck that runs seasonly, powered by solar panels and bio diesel veggie grease.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

gzen veganfries vegannachos


Walk in, slip off your shoes, and get comfortable on the authentic floor seating of New York Cities Korean vegan restaurant. Let the warm toned earthy decor transport you from the busy city streets to the tranquility of Hangawi. This paired with superior service and food presented in unique, fun ways – sit back, relax, and nosh away.

Must-try meals: avocado clay pot rice bowl, prix fix tasting menu, chocolate pudding. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

hangawi_zegat vegankorean_divineglowinghealth avocadoricebowl_teenytinyturkey cake_divineglowinghealthAbove photos by Zegat, Divine Glowing Health, and Teeny Tiny Turkey(Flickr).


With a great mix of raw and cooked dishes, incredible desserts, beautiful lighting, and impeccable service, Karyn’s On Green has become one of Chicago’s premiere fine dining restaurants. Get dolled up, walk arm-in-arm, and enjoy canoodling over your table for two.

Must-try meals: “chorizo” sliders, “crab” cakes, warm chocolate cake, fried ice cream.

For those of you interested in a brunch date: rumor has it Karyn’s on Green hosts a mean weekend brunch buffet at a great price.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

karynsongreen cocktail_injohnaskitchen cheeseplate_injohnaskitchen kalesalad_injohnaskitchenPhotos above from Karyn’s on Green and In Johnas Kitchen.


Step into what feels like a completely different world when you enter Mi Lah from within Rittenhouse Square. Known for their Saturday brunch, Mi Lah offers vegan omelets, Belgian waffles, breakfast quesadillas, pancakes, and more in addition to their lunch and dinner items. Sounds like a great way to start the Saturday after Valentine’s Day this year. <3

Must-try meals: omelet, cheesesteak sandwich, Vietnamese hoagie.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

veganomelet milah_hellopa friedrice_hellopaSecond two photos above from Hello PA blog.


A restaurant that need no introduction, Millennium has been on the vegan fine dining scene perhaps longer than any of its fellow restaurants on this list. Well-known for being one of the most loved and sought after dining experiences of any vegan I’ve ever known, this restaurant’s menu shines with extreme warmth and vigor.

Visiting San Francisco? Snag a room in the hotel that Millennium resides within and you’ll never have to go more than a few steps to earth shaking meal after meal. Food coma? No problem, your room is just steps away! Turnin’ up the heat on your dinner for two? Not to worry, your room is just steps away! ;)

Must-try meals: chef’s tasting menu, roasted beets, lemongrass risotto cake, chocolate almond midnight mousse cake.

They’ve got it all: style, class, charisma, attentive and knowledgable staff, and food that’ll rock your world.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

millennium lobby_eatspeaksf wiltedbloomsdalespinachandfriseesalad_eatspeaksf allspicethymeglazedsmokedtempeh_eatspeaksf strawberrylayercake_eatspeaksfPhotos above from Eat Speak SF blog.


The only restaurant not-to-miss when you’re in Asheville – Plant is downright riveting! It’s all about the food here so strap on your foodie goggles and indulge; this restaurant makes a perfect date night for you and your tastebuds. Plus the head chef and owners are incredibly passionate and truly appear to love what they do and why they do it, which seems to translate into some incredibly full-flavored dishes!

Must-try meals: cheese plate, peppercorn crusted seitan, blackout mousse pie, peanut butter crunch ice cream.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

plantasheville veganasheville blackberry sorbet


Seeking a quaint, serene locale to get lost in each others eyes and in the food of the hour? Plum Bistro will take you there with a great upbeat atmosphere, gorgeous plating, and some of the best meals in the country. Cozy up and dive in, you’re going to be here for a while.

Must-try meals: mac and yease (best in the country), beet & yam fries, pear seitan steak.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

plumbistro sweettaterchips macncheese veganicecreamcookie


Italian fine dining has never looked or tasted better. Consider dining solo at Portobello Vegan Trattoria as you’re going to want every single last itty bitty speck of food all to yourself. Unquestionably one of the top vegan restaurants in the country, Portobello has mastered the art of unique pairings, the dichotomy of punchy yet subtle flavors, presentation, style, service, and decor all under one roof. This one’s for the books, folks. For. The. Books.

Must-try meals: beet tartare (possibly the best appetizer in the country), sweety peps, gnocchi, ice cream sundae (the best in the country).

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

cashewcreamstuffedtomatoes patata pizza vegansundaeThe first two photos above are from In the Mood for Noodles blog.


With a brightly colored interior, blissful energy, and a wonderfully friendly staff, Present Moment Cafe is sure to make you and your sweetie feel lighter and healthier than when you first sat down. This organic raw restaurant, set in charming St. Augustine, FL, is ideal for those who’d rather avoid post-meal food comas, and opt for an after-dinner stroll along the waterfront in the nation’s oldest city.

Must-try meals: nachos, pad thai, brownie sundae. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. photosfromjulie vivanachodinner rawpadthaiPhotos above from and Photos From Julie.


Arguably one of the most popular raw food restaurants in the country, Pure Food & Wine stands apart in beauty, style, and character. Seeking the ever coveted outdoor seating experience in one of the busiest cities in the world? You will find it here – a luxurious and considerably vast outdoor arrangment. Indulge in a healthful meal over a candlelit, starry evening, followed by a stroll through Union Square. It’ll surely be a night to remember.

Must-try meals: cheese plate, tamales, tasting menu, mint sundae. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

purfoodandwinenycpurefoodwine_livingonthevedge livingonthevedgePhotos above from Pure Food & Wine and Living on the Vedge.


Ready to impress your partner with THE ultimate vegan getaway? How about a stay at the Sanford Inn by the Sea – an all-vegan Inn!! – accompanied by daily meals at the in-house eatery, Ravens’ Restaurant. Wood burning fireplaces in every room, a holistic wellness center, and ocean views set within what feels like it’s own oasis, away from the rest of the world, this Inn/restaurant combo will have you begging to stay longer.

Must-try meals: savory crepe, Indian spice polenta Napoleon, Ravens’ chocolate tart.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

ravensrestaurant rawnapoleon vegancheesecake


Sushi lovers, this one’s for you. Allow yourself to be captivated by the level of attentive service that the staff at Shojin offers up. It’s practically unmatched! Pair this detail with comfortable seating, an intimate atmosphere, and the most uniquely plated and highest quality vegan sushi in the country (yes, it’s hands down THE best), and you’ve got the ultimate setting for a night of fine dining + romance.

Must-try meals: dynamite roll, pirates of the crunchy, ramen revolution, chocolate cake.

Insider’s tip: Don’t let the somewhat sketchy, empty, mall-like building that Shojin is housed in, deter you. Once you’re in (the restaurant) it’s quite beautiful. :)

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

vegansushi veganshojinla shojinsushi


A town (and restaurant) that all too often get overlooked, New Hope has got to be one of the most charming little towns in the whole country. Add in a world class vegan restaurant and really, there’s not a reason to leave!

Sprig & Vine is absolutely dynamite and one of the best run, most cared for restaurants I’ve ever been to. In addition to an über driven, kind, and talented owner/head chef, super friendly staff, and a beautifully crafted fine dining experience, the food here is wow-mazing. It’s worth a mini road trip, or an extended getaway!

Must-try meals: fried green tomatoes, cornmeal crusted tempeh, chocolate mousse pie (OMG).

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

sprigandvine_derinakyar appetizer_derinakyar soup_derinakyarPhotos above are by Derin Akyar.


Plan for an extravagant evening at one of Florida’s most sought after vegan establishments. Frequented by well-known veg celebrities and featured in numerous local and nation-wide publications and blogs, Sublime has built a positively [plant]strong reputation.

Complete with a full waterfall wall, beautiful green accents throughout, a relaxing vibe, and really cool seating that includes semi-circular squishy couch-like booths, these guys know what’s up in terms of turning on the romance factor. Plus, the servers (all dressed to match) are wonderful, and the food is equally marvelous.

Must-try meals: sliders, mushroom ravioli, key lime cheesecake.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

sublimevegan_miamigreenguide Crispy Polenta with Sauteed Eggplant Arugula and Peach Tomato with a balsamic reduction chocolatecakeThe first photo above is from Miami Green Guide.


Warm, inviting colors, cozy corners to get lost in, and mood lighting that’s so perfect you won’t be able to get one good photo of your meal ..haha.. SunCafe is another of the organic, raw food variety to add to your list! Who knew raw could be so romanic?! ;)

Romance doesn’t alway equal getting dressed up and walking funny in heels, so take this one formal or not. Either way SunCafe will satisfy your cravings for rich, high energy foods to keep you goin’ all night long. Ha.

Must-try meals: kale smoothie, lettuce leaf tacos, nachos, sun burger, cookie dough cheesecake.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

suncafecadryskitchen cadryskitchen fabliss.wordpressPhotos above by Cadry’s Kitchen and Fabliss.


One of my personal all-time favorites in terms of quality, authenticity, service, atmosphere, and downright amazing food-ness, True Bistro remains a steady leader (in my book) for the best-of-the-best all-around vegan establishments.

For both THE romantic dinner and the morning after/weekend brunch, True Bistro has got it. Modern, pristine black and white decor, gently accented by bright flowers and greens; a dedicated staff, great energy, and food that’ll knock your socks off (which might help save some time later *wink*wink*), I truly love this place. There’s nothing else like it in the New England area. Go. Now.

Must-try meals: biscuits & sausage, rolled crepes, cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms, blackened seitan, death by chocolate cake.

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

truebistrovegan cornmealencrustedmushrooms chocolatecrepesvegan


Put on your favorite sassy outfit and get excited for a luxurious brunch, lunch, or dinner at V-Note. Touted as a wine bar and bistro, V-Note specializes in tapas and biodynamic, organic, and sustainable wines, as well as a mix of some of the more popular items that you might recognize from V-Note’s sister restaurant, Blossom.

Complete with multi-level seating, throw pillows, and the kind of romance-inducing vibe you’d expect from an NYC hotspot, V-Note is one to move to the top of your list for a classy night out on the town.

Must-try meals: soy bacon burger, sweet potato gnocchi, seitan schnitzel, tiramisu. 

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

vnotenyc vegan scallops poblano en nogada


Philly’s finest fare! If there was ever a restaurant to lose yourself in, this is the one. Never have I seen someone do with vegetables what Chef Richard Landau can do. Innovation at it’s finest, Vedge is quickly becoming known as one of the top restaurants (vegan or otherwise) in the country.

Blazing with class, confidence, and romance, Vedge is worth taking a special trip for: servers in matching uniforms, management in suits and ties, incredible attention to detail surrounding the decor and atmosphere, they really have thought of everything.

Must-try meals: salt-roasted golden beets, sweet potato paté, cheesecake.. also, everything.  

Bonus: With an all-vegan coffeehouse and all-vegan pizzeria nearby, paired with great touristy things to do and see, it’s worth your time to go for the food and stay for the… food. :)

Click HERE to make a reservation. 

phillyveganvedge vedgephilly veganfinedining veganphilly

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Which one is your favorite? And which would you vote as the most romantic of them all?! :)


  1. Wow! what a great round-up. What a great trip!!! How fortunate you got to experience them all. Great photo’s too!

    • Kristin

      Thank you, India Leigh! The trip truly changed my life. :) And most of the photos in the post are borrowed (credited under each set) because a handful of mine just weren’t pretty enough for a post about romance. :) xoxo

  2. jill zemchernek

    Great list! Missed a delicious spot in Chester, CT though. Six Main Restaurant is not to be missed!

    • Kristin

      Hi Jill! Six Main looks awesome!! I looked it up real quick and it appears that they opened long after I had passed through CT .. so they were totally off my radar.. and I hadn’t heard about them at all. Great to know they’re around!! I look forward to checking them out sometime soon!! xo

  3. Of course none of these are in Colorado…oh well, I’m single anyway ;)

    • Aww, hi neighbor! Sounds like we need to take you up to Leaf.

  4. I so pleased that two of my favorites made your list. I live in New Hope and Sprig and Vine is a regular stop for us when eating out. I realize how blessed we are to have this gem here for us to visit all the time. If you visit New Hope to eat at Sprig, also plan to check out Hearth if you have time for a second meal out. They have many delicious vegan options as well. We’ve also enjoyed making the hour trip down to Philadelphia to experience Vedge. It’s simply an outstanding place to eat. Almost impossible to get reservations at now that it’s received so much praise, plan to go when it opens and grab a Happy Hour cocktail at the bar and claim a space for dinner. In Philly there is also Hip City Veg (near Rittenhouse) if you want a quick vegan fast food fix.

    • Kristin

      Hi Melissa! Thanks so much!! OOoh yes, Hip City Veg opened after I was in Philly during my travels. I look forward to checking them out sometime soon. :) Thank you for the kind words, and for reading along!! xo

  5. This page took FOREVER to load. I finally gave up. Also, put the restaurant name in city in the description so that if the pictures take 5+ minutes to load, I don’t have to wait on them to read the list.

    • Kristin

      Hi Angela! Oh my gosh, I know! The web hosting company I used has been experiencing delays and such since last night. It’s so frustrating! Great idea adding the addresses to the descriptions though!! Thank you much! xo

  6. Monica

    You must must MUST try the “crusted king trumpet mushrooms” at Millenium; one of a few absolutely earth shattering items on the menu!

    • Kristin

      Monica, those crusted king trumpet mushrooms ARE fantastic!! I had them about a year ago. Can I share a secret with you? One of my friends made a very similar exclamation about how awesome they are – and I agree – they are great. However, there’s a similar dish over at True Bistro (in Boston/Somerville) called cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms.. and it totally blows Millennium’s out of the water. I know! I know! It’s hard to believe. But next time you’re in Boston.. give it a whirl and let me know what you think. ;)

  7. Jeff

    Next time you head up to the Pacific NW, you really need to check out Sutra in Seattle. Menu changes every two weeks and it’s prix fixe, so you can’t select the meal, but I’ve never been disappointed.

    • Kristin

      Hi Jeff! Ah yes, Sutra was great when I stopped in during my time in Seattle. I had actually considered adding them to the list but when I was looking around on their website it looked like their atmosphere had changed a little. So I wasn’t sure what was up. But they are definitely a romantic spot, for sure. :)

  8. Renata Schepis

    Boba House in Greensboro NC is a great place to eat.

  9. Louis

    Great list and I live in Florida close to winter park and I have been to 118° its a fantastic restaurant and there is another close by that us locals frequent a lot called Ethos vegan kitchen that should of been on this list but got to get to the others on this list here in class..thanks!

    • Kristin

      Hi Louis! Thank you for the kind words. :) I keep hearing about the new Ethos!! During my travels I stopped at their original/old location and it was more dive-bar-y. I hear the new location is quite lovely – can’t wait to check it out sometime soon!! My new hunky man lives in St. Pete so next time I visit him hopefully we can take a trip to the new Ethos. Thanks again for reading along! xo

  10. Joelle

    I live in Portland (I’m so happy to see Portobello is on your list!) and I just got home from a fabulous trip to New York where I ate my way through the city. I had an incredible meal at Kajitsu and think it bears mentioning. A very special dining experience!

    • Kristin

      Hi, Joelle! Yesss.. Portobello is so amazing!! I’m glad to hear you had a nice time in NYC. :) Kajitsu is nice as well and I’ve heard a lot of raving reviews. I had lunch there over the summer and to be honest I wasn’t feelin’ it in the way I was expecting to. What did you order? And were you there for dinner? I have heard that it’s better for dinner than any other time of day. :)

  11. Katlyn

    You must try Cafe Manna in Brookfield, WI (right outside of Milwaukee) Hands down the best food i’ve ever eaten.

    • Kristin

      There’s a vegan restaurant in WI now? Awesome!! I’ll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the tip! :)

      • Katlyn

        Yes! It’s actually been there for 5 or 6 years already. There are a few vegetarian options on the menu but tons of vegan and raw options as well- the menu changes seasonally and has weekly specials too. Plus, everything that they can get organic they do, and they locally source ingredients when available :) You MUST try the raw thai rolls, I dream about them sometimes, lol.

        • Kristin

          Oooh very cool, Katlyn! Thanks for the info!! The raw thai rolls sound fantastic. :) xoxo

  12. kristen

    I’m forever keeping this list! Always looking for places when we vacation! Love that Raven’s made the list. Ate there several times while attending Raw Food school in Mendocino. Thanks for making this fantastic list! peace & green juice!

  13. Joanne Bevans

    Vedge in PHILLY Is amazing! Went to Mi Lah also in Philly for Valentine’s day with my non vegan husband. Surprisingly he enjoyed Mi Lah. Both are excellent but I preferred Vedge. Everything was so delicious and unique. I am looking forward to trying Sprig and Vine and carry their business card in my wallet to remind me to make that reservation! Not mentioned here is the Blue Sage. Not totally vegan but they have many vegan options. Small neighborhood gem in the burbs. I’m a lucky girl to have so many great vegan options surrounding me!

    • Kristin

      Joanne, I agree. Vedge is probably my favorite restaurant in the whole country, at the moment. Thought it’s hard to compare Vedge and Mi Lah because they’re so very different in style and cuisine. You are going to LOVE Sprig and Vine. After you go come back here and leave a comment to let me know what you think of it. I’m so excited for you!! Hehe! :) I’ve heard good things about Blue Sage but haven’t been. And yes, very lucky. Eat well and travel often, my friend. :) xo

  14. Adrienne

    Thanks so much for the fantastic reviews. I live in Wisconsin where we have a distinct lack of Vegan-friendly far, but I get to travel from time to time so I’ve added all of these to my Yelp bookmarks. I’m happy that I’ve been to two of these, but will be getting to more. Also thanks to other commenters, I’ve added your suggestions to my list as well :)

    • Kristin

      Hi Adreinne! Yes, keep the list handy for upcoming travels and definitely keep me posted on what you think of them as you check ’em off your list. Yay! Hehe :)

  15. Thanks for including my vote for V-Note. I must agree with the must try Tiramisu statement. That is what I had for dessert when I went. Hands down best Tiramisu I’ve ever had, both vegan and not.

  16. Ive been to 5 out of this list. Vedge is the Best for cooked, Pure Food and Wine is the best for raw food- both are a complete culinary adventure in every sense,

    • Kristin

      I completely agree, Dorony! Ahhhhh food. :)

  17. DCS

    For clarification’s sake: I’ve been going to Shojin for years and I would say that this article is HIGHLY inaccurate in calling its location inside a “sketchy empty mall.” Though quieter at night, the mall, in the heart of Little Tokyo – a lovely, somewhat upscale neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles- serves a diverse upper middle class clientele. The mall bustles with various restaurants and karaoke lounges on weekends. It has a well lit, busy parking structure that serves as one of the few parking structures in LA where I’d actually feel safe walking alone to my car at night. While Shojin does stand out as a warm, inviting oasis in the midst of a brightly lit mall, I would hardly call a mall that contains upscale French Macaron cafes “sketchy.” In doing so, this article does a disservice to one of the very best restaurants on this list (and I’ve been to many).

    • Kristin

      Hi DCS! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. :) Please know that the way I described the mall is in no way a reflection of the restaurant. I absolutely love Shojin and tell everyone that they must visit when they’re in LA. I ate at Shojin twice during my travels (once for lunch and once for dinner) and unless someone has been before it can be a little difficult to find. Plus, depending on what entrance you enter the mall at, there are definitely parts of the mall that appear to be shut down (closed/not-in-use stores). Therefore, I’m aiming to give those who *might* be put off or confused, a heads up on the matter. Thanks again for your thoughts and for all you do to help forward the vegan movement!! :) xo

  18. Sid

    Great list! I’ve only eaten at 4 of them, so clearly I have my work cut out for me. I’m thinking Isa’s restaurant Modern Love should be added to it, ’cause it has love in the name and, well, yum!

    • Kristin

      Haha.. excellent point, Sid. I’m SO looking forward to dining at Isa’s restaurant someday. Eeee!!

  19. Thrilled to see True Bistro on here. It’s one of my all time favorites as well.

  20. Clarke'

    Merge in Buffalo, NY is absolutely amazing too! For anyone ever visiting the American side of Niagara Falls, if you pass through Buffalo (and are hungry at the time, as we were), and happen to be in the mood for some vegan fare, I’d highly recommend it. Awesome service, lovely music some nights apparently, and suberb food.

  21. Felicity Ratway

    I went to Plant last weekend, and the cheese platter they had was amazing!!! Hands-down best vegan restaurant I’ve been to. I would highly recommend it.

  22. Felicity Ratway

    If you go to plant you also have to try the desserts–I got the cannolo and my SO got cashew ice cream, both were incredible. He said it was the best ice cream he’d ever had.

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