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I only plan a few weeks out at a time so this section will be updated often. But the best way to stay up to date on my travels is by following along on FacebookTwitter, YouTube, & Instagram.

Where I am now:

January 2015: Chicago!
December 2014: Upstate NY visiting the fam
Summer/Fall 2014: Pahoa and then Haiku, Hawaii
Spring 2014: Fargo, ND; Seattle, WA; and Anchorage, AK
Winter 2013/2014: Chicago
Fall 2013: Upstate NY with the Fam and then Chicago
Summer 2013: NYC wrap up + End Of Trip Party
Spring 2013: Headed back across the country first back down through the PNW, then toured the Grand Canyon, then beelined it to my family in upstate NY.
Winter 2012/2013: Pacific Northwest
Fall 2012: Parts of the midwest and Northwest
Summer 2012: Parts of the midwest
Spring 2012: Southwest and parts of the Midwest
Winter 2011/2012: Parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast
Fall 2011: Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic

Where I’ve been: click here

The road trip officially concluded in August 2013 making the total vegan restaurant count 547. Click here to see and read about them all.

What’s next:

I’m currently writing my first-ever book, with Vegan Publishers – which will showcase the personal side of the road trip and journey; while continuing to write about the road trip via this very website. I also work remotely and freelance for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), and continue to revamp and grow my custom marketing consulting business as well.

There is a tentative book tour is in the works for the summer of 2015, with possible (Secret! Shhhhh!!) plans for a Will Travel For Vegan Food 2.0! EeeeEEee!!! Oh yeah, and “Will Travel For Vegan Food” has officially been Trademarked as well. Sweet!