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  • Good Life Café, Columbia

    Lamb’s Bread Vegan Café, Columbia

    The Sprout, Mt. Pleasant

  • Garden Secrets, Hot Springs

    Something Better, Fayetteville

    Wellness Secrets, Decatur

  • High Noon Cafe, Jackson

  • 13 Monaghan, New Orleans

    Carmo, New Orleans

    Feelings Cafe, New Orleans

    Gallery Burguieres, New Orleans

    Hey! Cafe, New Orleans

    Magasin Vietnamese Cafe, New Orleans

    St. Coffee, New Orleans

    Superfood, New Orleans

    The Wandering Buddha, New Orleans

  • Arlington

    Loving Hut, Arlington



    Arlo’s, Austin
    Beets Cafe, Austin
    Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse & Cafe, Austin
    Capital City Bakery, Austin
    Casa De Luz, Austin
    Conscious Cravings, Austin
    Counter Culture, Austin
    Daily Juice, Austin
    Green Island Catering, Austin
    Moses Falafel (didn’t make it during their open hours)
    Mother’s, Austin
    Rabbit Food Grocery, Austin
    Red Rabbit Bakery, Austin
    Sweet Ritual, Austin
    The Vegan Yacht, Austin
    Toy Joy, Austin
    Vegan Nom, Austin
    Veggie Heaven, Austin
    Veggytopia, Austin
    Wheatsville Food Co-op, Austin



    Be Raw, Dallas
    D’Vegan, Dallas
    Good Karma Kitchen, Dallas
    Spiral Diner, Dallas


    Ft. Worth

    Spiral Diner, Ft. Worth



    Jicko Foods, Houston (delivery, snack food only)
    Monster PBJ, Houston
    Mr. Natural, Austin
    Pat Greer’s Kitchen, Houston
    Quan Yin, Houston
    Radical Eats, Houston
    The Green Seed, Houston
    The Pepper Tree, Houston



    Suma, Richardson
    Veggie Garden, Richardson


    San Antonio

    Green, San Antonio
    Vegeria, San Antonio

    Denton Vegan Coop (delivery only?)
    Zombie’s Food Truck (closed for the week)