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While figuring out how to combine my love for food and travel, how to work for myself exclusively online, and how to own my world, I found the ‘resources’ page on many websites to be extremely helpful and a big time saver. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources. Check back regularly because as I learn about new, useful resources, I’ll add them to my lists below.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links to products that will earn me a small commission to help keep Will Travel For Vegan Food going. All of the resources below I have read/tried/used, have found extremely useful, and wholly support.


The Books that Changed My Life

The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss
Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, by Gary Vaynerchuk
The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want …, by Chris Guillebeau
The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love..., by Chris Guillebeau

Guides to Help You Do What You Love

How to Live Anywhere, by fellow vegan traveler, Karol Gajda
Cloud Living, by Glen Allsop
The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself, by Chris Guillebeau
The Unconventional Guide to the Social Web, by Chris Guillebeau

Vegan Travel Blogs

Earth and Eats
Circle Our Earth
Hungry Vegan Traveler
Marty’s Flying Vegan Review
Observations From The Road
The Healthy Voyager
The Traveling Vegetarian
Vegan Around The World
Vegan Backpacker
Vegan Miam
Vegan Road Trip USA
Vegan World Trekker

Building an Online Business


WordPress I’ve found this system to be the easiest to use for setting up and managing blogs, galleries, portfolios, business sites & more.
BlueHost Reliable, inexpensive, easy web hosting. Easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and great customer service.
CLICK HERE to watch a super helpful video from Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income on how to set up your first website/blog in less than 4 minutes, using WordPress and BlueHost.
ThemeForest Inexpensive, professional HTML templates—themes for WordPress and other content management system programs.


MacBook Pro I wouldn’t be able to work (or play) from the road if it wasn’t for this powerhouse tool. I use it to blog, edit and post videos, manage my websites and business, and chat with ya’ll on social media!
External hard drives Since I’m storing so much video footage, from interviews, I need extra space because my computer can’t handle it all. So, I’ve brought two hard drives with me. Super helpful!
iPhone Any smartphone will do but I’ve fallen for the iPhone. What can I say!? Being able to blog and update social media pages while on the road is invaluable for the work I’m doing. I also use it to take most of the pics for the trip!
MiFi HotSpot Get an Internet connection nearly everywhere you go! I find this particularly helpful while working out of the van. I turn the MiFi on and can connect my computer to the Internet, so long as there is a Verizon signal.
BESTEK Power Inverter This little gadget is amazing! It plugs into the van’s lighter and I can can charge my phone and computer at the same time, while driving.
Car Audio Cassette Adapter Gerty is a classic style van so she has a cassette deck, which is not the most friendly way to play music these days. So investing in a cheap cassette adapter is the way to go!

Online Communication

Google Docs Great for sharing spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and forms via gmail.
37signals If you’re running a biz (on the road or not), this companies makes awesome apps for web-based collaboration.
Dropbox An easy and free (for so much space) way to share files with anywhere via the “cloud.”
Skype Perfect for chatting “in person” with friends, fam, or business partners.
Gmail I not only use Gmail for my personal email but I also have business accounts set up, which means that I can create an email account such as but the email account operates/looks like Gmail. And it’s free. So it’s a great way to have a professional email account with the familiarity and ease of Gmail. Perfect!
Facebook Social networking rules and Facebook happens to be the number one buzz generator for wtfveganfood activities.
Twitter Social networking rules and Twitter happens to be the number two buzz generator for wtfveganfood activities.
PayPal Linked directly to your bank account, PayPal makes it super easy to transfer funds, get paid, pay others, and to set up other business transactions like automatic monthly payments/withdrawals, etc.
Aweber This is what I use to manage email opt-ins on the travel website. It not only allows you to “capture” email addresses, but also provides you with an easy to use email management program if you want to send out emails on a regular basis to your subscriber.
MailChimp This email management system works similarly to Aweber but it’s free and set up a little differently. I use this one for my wedding website email opt-in as I like to try multiple tools to see what works best.

Travel/Nomad Living

KOA Campgrounds With more than 400 locations nation-wide KOA campgrounds are just great to know about when you’re in a pinch and need a place to…well, camp out for a night or two. They have membership programs that allow you save some money too.
Priceline We’ve gotten some amazingly cheap rooms as really nice hotels by using Priceline. The trick is to wait until the last minute or late at night to book a room.
Couchsurfing It’s not as sketchy as it may seem. Couchsurfing is an awesome way to connect with nice folks who travel a lot and are willing to open up their couch/spare bedroom for those passing through. Everyone I’ve talked to has had nothing but great experiences using this site to find a free place to stay when they’re traveling to a new place.
World Nomads Traveler’s insurance.
Go-Girl This might seem kind of random but it’s one of the most valuable things I purchased for this trip. This little gadget allows a lady to pee while standing up. So when I’m in the middle of nowhere and there is no restroom or bush in sight… or I wake up in the middle of the night and have to go, I don’t have to leave the van. I can just pee into the designated “pee bottle” and that’s that!