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Unity Café – The place to get vegan comfort food in the South Suburbs of Chicago!

Unity Café – 99% vegan (some smoothies can be made with honey or fructose)

15417 S. Vincennes Rd
Phoenix, IL 60426

Amidst Kristin’s Dance-A-Day escapades, we are reminded to partake in the local Chicago vegan cuisine that Illinois has to offer, by our rising appetite. Dancing is hard work and it is feeding time. After checking our list, it was time to head south to Unity Café.

Unity Vegan Café Outside

This place has a few tables but from what we gathered, most of the business here is take-away orders. We were met by a man who appeared to be a regular waiting for his take-out order and a man behind the counter. Amram (I hope I am spelling your name correctly!) took our order and was pleased to discuss with us his role at Unity Café. He is one of three co-owners, two of whom were out back in the kitchen. Let me tell you something, these guys look good. Amram and one of his business partners, who graciously brought out some samples of the BBQ tips and the seasoned seitan used in some of their wraps, are 35 and 42 yrs vegan respectively and you would have no idea they are in their sixties. Fooled us! These guys have some good food too. I unfortunately had a camera software mishap and lost pictures of the interior of the restaurant and the food samples. Behold though, the delicious take-away order:

Battered Mushrooms Cauliflower Seitan Fries

A Combo of Battered Cauliflower (TOPS!!!), Battered Mushrooms, Battered ‘Steak’ Seitan, French Fries

Vegan BLT Avocado Sandwich

BLT with Avocado. The seitan in this wrap is excellent!

Vegan Jerk Chicken Sandwhich

Jerk ‘Chicken’ Wrap. This sauce was special!

Although the restaurant isn’t raw, there is much literature to be found about their fondness of raw food and also their roots as black hebrew israelites. Very interesting stuff. Very good food. The memory of the battered cauliflower lingers.


  1. I recently became a regular to this restaurant! It’s amazing! I usually get the protein, avocado wrap with BBQ Tips on the side. My favorite smoothie is the peanut butter one lol. Delicious! Definitely should give it a try!

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