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Our First Giveaway –> The Global Kitchen Cookbook!

One of the first vegan explorers to set sail through the veg-foodie seas is the one and only, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton (AKA The Healthy Voyager). I remember first learning of Carolyn’s adventures, reporting on her blog and to VegNews about her veg discoveries across the world. She’s interviewed vegan celebs, found vegan fare in the most exotic locales, and regularly reviews awesome vegan products via her YouTube channel.

Carolyn is the Executive Producer, Creator, Host and Writer of The Healthy Voyager web series and radio show, site, blog, and overall brand. She’s a nutritionist, chef, cookbook author, film maker, screen writer, traveler, singer, and dancer. Phew! A lady after my own heart!! <3

I’ve been honored to work with Carolyn on a few projects in the past, via my freelance work with Vegan Mainstream.  She’s one of those rare individuals that returns emails within 24 hours!! ;) She’s just lovely to work with and I’m excited to share in her latest project, which is her outstanding vegan cookbook, The Global Kitchen. Inspired by her travels, this cookbook is packed with more than 150 vegan recipes from around the world!

If you like flavor, diversity in your meals, and cooking amazing vegan food then you’ve GOT to get a copy of this book. Oh hey, how convenient that we’re giving away a free copy right here, on this little ol’ website. ;)

Details below!

Global Kitchen vegan cookbook, Carolyn Scott
I’ll be honest, since being on the road I haven’t had the privilege of cooking in a real kitchen for some time. But I’ve done my fair share of flipping through and drooling over these recipes. Seriously. I need to stop teasing myself and just get rid of this cookbook already. ;) Are you ready to help me?!

Global Kitchen vegan cookbook, Carolyn ScottGlobal Kitchen vegan cookbook, Carolyn Scott

You have two super simple steps in order to throw your name into the drawing:

  1. ‘Like’ and/or ‘follow’ The Healthy Voyager on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment below this post with the name of your favorite vegan destination (so, something like “NYC” or “San Fran” or “my kitchen,” will do).

Comments close at midnight on Friday, March 16th.

The winner will be selected at random. Good luck! xo


  1. Nazanin

    My favorite vegan destination is WorldFest! I look forward to it every year

    p.s. I didn’t see “the vegan voyager” (as per your step 1. above) on facebook, I did see “the healthy voyager” hope that’s correct.

    • Oopsies, thanks or the correction, Nazanin! :) xo

    • Susan

      My kitchen.

  2. Pedro

    Lotus Vegan in NoHo

  3. Laura Beth Gibson

    My favorite vegan destination so far has been Chicago. :)

  4. I am lucky to live in my favorite vegan city, Portland, Oregon. My fav destination in the city? Portabello’s vegan trattoria!

  5. Melissa Dabrowski

    Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare in Millville, NJ

  6. Jennifer La Pietra

    My favorite vegan destination is Providence, RI – where Garden Grille and Wildflour Vegan Bakery inhabit the same little strip mall.

  7. Ashley

    I like you on FB :) Also, I love Boulder, CO for good veg eats!

  8. Elana

    Peacefood Cafe in NYC – more specifically, I am destined to consume the chickpea fries! :)

  9. Paul Larson

    I’m a huge fan of the vegan sushi!! I love to cook as well so it’s a toss up!! I guess my kitchen wins thou cause I can control what gets put in my belly!!

  10. Jen Baker

    Berkeley for Chick o’ Peas, Nature’s Express, Cha-Ya, Cafe Gratitude & Cinnaholic!

  11. Lisa

    South city, St. Louis! I love the Ethiopian place on Grand Ave.

  12. Keegan Harvey

    My favorite Vegan destination is my own hometown, Houston! We have such a wide range of Vegan restaurants here as well as access to a variety of cruelty-free ingredients for home cooked meals! Yum!!! :D

  13. Keegan Harvey

    My favorite Vegan destination is my own hometown of Houston, TX. We have such a wide range of Vegan restaurants, as well as access to a variety of cruelty-free ingredients for home cooked meals. Yum! :D

  14. Jaime Rodominick

    Bar Harbor ME is my favorite vegan dining destination. Great Thai and Mexican, excellent tofu scramble bagels, and superb vegan ice cream!

  15. oh this is a non-contest. portland!!! of course.

  16. For me it’s a close tie between the Bay Area (millennium & cinnaholic) & NYC (Candle Cafe, Lula’s, pure food & wine) so many great places popping up everywhere!

  17. Cari

    I like your page on facebook :)

  18. Cari

    One of my favorite places to get vegan food is Local 44, an awesome bar/restaurant in Philadelphia :)

  19. Katie B.

    My favorite Vegan destination (so far) is Austin, TX! My goal is to travel to all the best vegan cities in America :)

  20. kirsten halpin

    My favorite vegan destination is Cruda Cafe which is located in the St. Lawerence Market in Toronto, ontario Canada. Ps. It would be a real treat to win this book!

  21. Seattle!

  22. D Patrick Voboril

    Sipz in North Park in San Diego! Great variety and amazing vegan desserts!

  23. Jennifer

    Found a great little place hidden in the alley ways of Marrakesh when I was there, went many times in my short visit!

  24. Rick

    Like and “Liked” The Healthy Voyager… Check!!! Favorite current vegan destination right now is definitely my kitchen, as there’s not a veg or vegan restaurant anywhere within a couple hundred miles or so from me… My favorite other vegan destination though is always Portland, Oregon… My hometown has really come into it’s own over the years…

  25. Another vote for Austin, TX! It seems like a new vegan eatery pops up every week!

  26. Portland for sure, with Seattle as a close second!

  27. Cindy

    Loving Hut. Columbus, Ohio :)

  28. Caroline

    Karmavore Vegan Shop, New West, B.C.

  29. Gil

    My kitchen :-)

  30. The Green Owl, Madison, WI!

  31. Amber

    My favorite vegan destination is Portland but so far I have only visited in my dreams and through my computer screen :-)

  32. Boston, MA! True Bistro, Veggie Galaxy, Veggie Planet, My Thai… Keeps a veggie girl happy :)

  33. Asheville, North Carolina! Swooooon

  34. i just returned from Spain and although it was a challenge finding vegan eats, i had some great finds, *especially* in Granada – so right now that’s at the top of my list!

  35. Michelle

    Yep, definitely my kitchen. Because I can’t always find vegan versions of things I’m hungry for, but I can always make them.

  36. Heather

    My kitchen, only because there aren’t a lot of options in my area and I haven’t traveled to any places that are really vegan friendly yet.

  37. MollyG

    “followed” the healthy voyager on twitter! As a New Yorker, I feel obligated to say NYC. We have so many vegan restaurants, you could spend a whole year here trying all of them! But I’ve never had a problem anywhere in the world. There are always delicious vegan finds to be had.

    • Molly! Congratulations, you’ve randomly been selected as the winner of our first ever giveaway!! Please email me at your earliest so we can get the shipping details worked out. :) –> Kristin @

  38. Mrs. Grumpy

    My Kitchen!

  39. Beans

    I live near Worcester, MA; between that and Boston I’m rather spoiled (True Bistro, Veggie Galaxy, Belmont Vegetarian, Loving Hut… *drools*.) Though I am near such amazing vegan eats, I always look forward to my trips to Portland, ME and Bar Harbor, ME most (Silly’s, Green Elephant, Eden Vegetarian… *preparing to run off to the kitchen to satisfy the intense cravings this post has brought on*)
    :o) Yummm!

  40. Barbara

    I ‘Like’ The Healthy Voyager on Facebook and…. my favorite vegan destination? My kitchen!

  41. Lenteja Lenta

    Our community garden kitchen!

  42. Audrey

    I like the Healthy Voyager on Facebook.

  43. Catherine

    I like Eaux Vivres in Montréal. Like you, I guess !

  44. jara Christensen

    Liked on facebook as Jara Gabrielle

    and on twitter as accessintel!

  45. I ‘Like’ The Healthy Voyager on Facebook and Twitter!

    My favorite vegan destination is Asheville, NC!

  46. Connie Fletcher

    WOW>>>Boy do those pics ever look good enuf to eat!!!!

  47. Connie Fletcher

    Post Punk Kitchen!!!!! Isa rocks!

  48. amara

    Having lived in Berlin, Germany for the last 2 years, I can now say it’s a place that I look forward to returning to for amazing vegan eats. Between fast food burgers at Vego Foodworld, pizza at Sfizy Veg, German food at Viasko, the all-vegan supermarket Veganz, and more, Berlin’s got it covered for nearly every vegan thing imaginable. And did I mention it’s cheap (for Europe)? Ach Berlin, ich liebe dich.

    • amara

      p.s. but I’m back in Boston now and it’s getting better!

  49. Paul

    My favorite destination city is anywhere my lady and I can experience new vegan/raw exceptional food!

  50. Susan Helfeld

    Chicago and Austin!

  51. I absolutely LOVE Toronto!

  52. Lisa Marie Berry

    My favorite vegan destination is the V Spot in Brooklyn. They make the best BBQ seitan wrap and nachos.

  53. Jenny

    Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse, NY!

  54. Omer

    I liked the Healthy Voyager on FB.

    My favorite vegan destination in NYC and I just came back from spring break there… ate my way through.

  55. Aimee

    Liked on FB. My kitchen right after farmers market or CSA pickup.

  56. Kristen

    I would love to visit NYC as my vegan destination!

  57. Teslaca

    Following you on Twitter @teslaca. I’d love to visit Portland, OR to check out the vegan eats. It’s been many years since I’ve been there and things have changed a lot! Right now, I love picking up my CSA veggies as a start to lots of great vegan meals from my kitchen.

    • Hi Teslaca! Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately this contest is over but I’m are there will be more in the future! :) thanks for the follow!! xo

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