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Threefer: Singapore Veg, Govinda’s Veg, & Sweet Freedom Bakery


Honestly, sometimes it’s really overwhelming to know that I’ve committed to writing about every single vegan restaurant that I dine at while on this whirlwind road trip. Between the writing, eating, driving, planning, posting, networking, emailing, and meeting…sometimes I drive and eat more often than write due to time restraints, and in some cases, exhaustion. But I intend to keep this promise to you, my beautiful supporters. I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

One way of working through it all is to merge some restaurants together into one post with others. Obviously this isn’t the first time I’ve done this but I felt a need to call it out this time. Or maybe I was just struggling for a proper intro into this post. ;) Ether way, here’s your Philly threefer!

Singapore Veg – 100% vegan

1006 Race St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Singapore is another one of those restaurants, I mentioned earlier, that has a menu that’s nearly identical to a few other, similar restaurants in Philly. The food at each place is comparable. Here, I had the Satay, a cup of Miso Soup, and the Sweet & Sour Spareribs. I liked the Satay quite a bit. The little chunks of bread-like “protein” were very tasty and complimented the rest of the dish, filled with green peppers, carrots, onions, and fried tofu.

Singapore Vegetarian, Philadelphia PASingapore Vegetarian, Philadelphia PASingapore Vegetarian, Philadelphia PASingapore Vegetarian, Philadelphia PA

Next up is another restaurant that came recommended multiple times by various people, Govinda’s Vegetarian. This place wasn’t on my original list because they do offers a few dishes with dairy. I think. It was actually a bit confusing. Both the people who recommended this places and the people working at this place seemed unsure. So, I stuck with the one thing that fellow vegans raved about, that fellow Yelp!’ers raved about, and that the employee working, on the day I was there, suggested – the chicken cheesesteak sandwich.

Govinda’s Vegetarian – 90% vegan

1408 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Govinda’s chicken cheesesteak was being ordered by almost everyone who came in both before and after me so I knew it was a good choice since I wasn’t going to have a chance to sample more of their menu. This sammy was quite good. The ‘chicken’ was some of the best I’ve had – tender, hearty, and not heavy. The grilled peppers, soy cheese, and vegan mayo on a wheat roll really brought it all together. Be warned: this sandwich requires several napkins, a fork, and soda. ;)

Govinda's Vegetarian, Philadelphia PAGovinda's Vegetarian, Philadelphia PA

Time for something sweet! Conveniently located only a few blocks from Govinda’s, Sweet Freedom Bakery is officially one of my favorite vegan bakeries! They plaster their no-nonsense ingredients (or lack thereof) all over the store and on their website. It’s an impressive list too. Everything they make is: gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, wheat-free, peanut-free, soy-free, refined-sugar-free, kosher, and allllll vegan, baby. If you have an allergy to…well…anything, you can still eat ridiculously delicious treats thanks to this mighty, lil’ bakery.

Sweet Freedom Bakery – 100% vegan

1424 South St.
Philadelphia, PA

Sweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PASweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PASweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PASweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PA

I really like the decor too, it’s cute, fun, and welcoming. And I didn’t know this until I got there but co-owner Allison Lubert was on an episode of The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Sweeeeet! ;)

Sweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PASweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PA

This is the stunningly delicious Nepolean Cupcake. Filled with strawberry jam, this chocolate cupcake also features vanilla frosting and chocolate ganache. I canNOT believe that it’s free of everything from the list above. Crazy. Well, I can believe it because I ate it and it’s so friggin’ good.

Sweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PASweet Freedom Vegan Bakery, Philadelphia PA

Did you notice that the plates match the walls? Oooh, the little things. I could go on and on about how this is actually meaningful to a business – brand messaging, consistency, marketing strategy, etc. But I won’t put you through that. Not right now anyway. ;)

In the meantime enjoy this short video about the lovely ladies behind Sweet Freedom Bakery. Love this!! (video by: Sweet Freedom Bakery)

Go check out Sweet Freedom Bakery! NOM!


  1. lynn rampacek

    you’re doing great!!
    even though i am completely jealous of your trip,
    i can see how it would be a little overwhelming.
    take your time! enjoy the journey…
    we can wait for posts!
    maybe change the time frame from ‘1 year’
    to ‘1 adventure’.
    it will be a great summer… stop and smell the roses!
    we’re cheering you on, tied to the stoves, living vicariously thru your blog…
    keep on keeping on!

    • Aww, thanks Lynn! I really appreciate your support and kinds words!!!! :) xoxo

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