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NYC Day 1 – Vegan Hot Spots in The East Village + Candle 79

NYC Day 1 – Vegan Hot Spots in The East Village + Candle 79

Oct. 20, 2011

After 4 Course Vegan we headed back to NJ to get some work done. After a few days there we headed back to NYC, but this time we stayed for a whole week! Wooo!

Since the inception of Will Travel For Vegan Food, we’ve gotten numerous emails from folks all over the country who are supporters of our trip and would like to meet up for a meal when we arrive in their town/city. NYC was no different. First up – Stage and Johana! We ended up spending nearly an entire day with this divine vegan couple as they took us to all of the vegan hot spots throughout the East Village and beyond. Our tour began at the lovely…

Angelica Kitchen – 100% vegan

300 East 12th Street
Manhattan, NY 10003

Ethan started with their Grain Coffee: caffeine-free and made from roasted barley, chicory, beets, and figs.

caffeine-free beverage made from roasted barley, chicory, beets & figs.

Freshly pressed carrot, apple juice for me! :D I became addicted after my six-day juice fast last month, thanks to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. My favorite combo to date is cucumber, apple, celery, and lemon. So refreshing!

Delicious walnut-lentil pate for an appetizer followed by our individual main meals. Everything was incredibly delicious. I’m going to let the pics do the talking now.

We were stuffed after this meal. But as it goes, a little bit of walking down a few NYC blocks and you’ll make/find the room for something sweet. Next up…

Stōgo – 100% vegan

159 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

The redhead behind the counter was super nice and enthusiastic. She was extremely informative and helped us choose our ice cream flavors.

We were ready to sit for a little while so we stopped by Caravan of Dreams to grab a coffee/tea and prep for some more walking. Little did we know this would not be our only stop at Caravan (more to come on that). But I wanted to share the pics from our sit down here, with Stage and Johana.

Caravan of Dreams – 100% vegan

405 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10009

After a couple of hours of down time we headed over to Moo Shoes. One of the only all-vegan shoe stores in the US. We didn’t necessarily need to go shopping (and we didn’t actually buy anything) but there are cats. And it’s all vegan. We just had to stop in!

Moo Shoes – 100% vegan shoes/accessories

78 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002

There’s probably no better way to close out a vegan-full day in NYC than by having almost everything on the menu at Candle 79. Okay, okay not everything. But we had a LOT of food. A lot of GOOD, oh so good food. In this instance I do believe the pictures are more than enough (please excuse the quality of the pics. The lighting was a bit of a challenge!). However I would like to give special shout outs to the chimichurris (pic 2), the nachos (pic 3), and the cannolis (pic 13). If you can only get one or two things, I highly recommend you choose among those three. ;)

Candle 79 – 100% vegan

154 E 79th St
New York, NY 10075

Naturally we started with a couple delicious beverages. Ethan got a jalapeno infused something or other (sorry, I don’t really know my way around alcohol) and I had a refreshingly sweet berry thing-ah–mah-jobber (should’ve written the names down!). They were sooooo good though. Just pull up to show this pic next time you’re ordering drinks at Candle. ;)

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  1. ariela

    do you remember what the food is in the last photo in the Angelica Kitchen set? it looks really good!

  2. Jan

    the various FOODS LOOK absolutely wonderful. hopefully all the people on the planet will make a change to healthy, cruelty free food !!
    keep warm and hugs on your travels to you both…..:-)

  3. Celina

    Just found your site! Love the idea but it would be much more enjoyable to read/follow along if you posted what each dish was, the flavours, your thoughts on the taste of the food etc. Pictures alone don’t make me want to visit the restaurant!

    • Thanks Celina! Glad you found us too!! There are actually a couple of reasons we have been less than descriptive on the dishes, as of late. The first is, we’ve got a boat load of blog posts in the q and we’re desperately trying to catch up so that everyone can stay in the loop. Second, we’re hoping this blog documents the journey as a whole and is not so much review-ey. However, we’re happy to rave about the restaurants/dishes we love/recommend, and we’ll definitely start writing down the names of our meals, at the very least. NYC in particular was a whirlwind and we had all we could do to keep up. Thank you so much for the feedback. We hope to continue improving the quality of posts as the journey continues. :)

  4. Pam M.

    OMG, I love the “What kind of asshole eats a lamb?” bag. Must have!

  5. Hello again traveling vegans!

    Your drinks were called the Flor de la Tierra and the Ocean Breeze.

    Flor de la Tierra includes Del Maguey organic mezcal, Thatcher’s organic elderflower liqueur, fresh lime, and jalepeno

    Ocean Breeze includes TRU organic vodka, fresh grapefruit, cranberry, lemon, vanilla-bean infused agave, and ice

    Your Eco-Bartender and Beverage Director at Candle 79,
    Kyle Bullen


    • Oh sweet. Thanks, Kyle!! :)

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