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Adventures in Book Writing – Video Journal #2

Adventures in Book Writing – Video Journal #2

| On 27, Mar 2014

Hey All!

Welcome to ADVENTURES IN BOOK WRITING, video journal #2!! In today’s video I talk about:

  • what I’ve been up to since the last journal entry
  • a book writing software aid + recommended interview to watch
  • a trick I used while in NYC last summer to get some serious writing done
  • my favorite workspace in Chicago
  • my current favorite dance-break song (with moves at the end.. ow! ow!)
  • and one of my favorite motivational quotes


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Be well. And remember, if you want it badly enough you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Yours in writing like never before,


  1. YouTube is blocking your video :-(

    • Kristin

      Hi Diana. Are you trying to view it on a smartphone or ipad using an app? I haven’t yet figured out why YouTube selects to block some videos via the app. But it seems to be working on all other platforms. :)

      • Ahh, yes. I was trying from my Google Nexus phone. I will try again from my PC and report back!

        • Just reporting back – yes, it does indeed play fine from my PC, so I’m all set and fully plugged into all the great wisdom you have to offer :-)

          In case it helps you troubleshoot for other followers, I thought it might help to know that interestingly, this video didn’t work on my phone using Chrome or the YouTube app, but most of your other videos do work fine. I think it may have to do with which songs you include in each video since one of the error messages I received for this video from my phone was about the content from EMI Music Publishing, UMG, and Sony ATV publishing regarding copyrights.

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