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Wildflour Bakery – The Only All-Vegan Anything in Rhode Island

This is it! I have found my personal sanctuary. The funny thing is, only about a week prior to visiting Pawtucket I was telling a good friend of mine how I’d love there to be a coffee shop-like place where I could sit and do work. A place with free wifi and fresh JUICE instead of coffee. Wildflour not only has free wifi and freshly pressed juice, but they also have vegan sweets out the wazoo, plenty of seating, and vegan mochas (or other caffeinated drinks, if that’s what you prefer).  It’s perfect! The people working behind the counter were delightful as well. The ONLY thing I would change is the seating. Not the arrangement necessarily, but I’d add in a few big squishy chairs or couches for those of us working from our computers. I saw a few “me’s” in there throughout the day. Seriously, I’d move to Pawtucket and live in Wildflour during work days. It’s wonderful!

Oh, I love their logo and the nice photos on their website!! I also love that they call their juice bar a “farmacy.” Creative and thought provoking. Well done, Wildflour! :)

Wildflour Bakery – 100% vegan baked goods

I noticed that they offer whole milk for some of their drinks so just be clear about the kind of milk you’d like, if you get something that requires it. Otherwise, I believe that all of their baked goods are 100% vegan.
727 East Ave.
Pawtucket, RI 02860

vegan bakery pawtucket, RIvegan bakery pawtucket, RIvegan bakery pawtucket, RI

Gluten-free Lemon Vanilla Cupcake accompanied by a Mocha Latte with almond milk (my new favorite thing). Yummies.

vegan bakery pawtucket, RI

Gluten-free Lemon Vanilla Cupcake, unwrapped.

Wildflour vegan bakery Pawtucket RI

Short and sweet this time. Don’t miss the post about Wildflour’s big sister, Garden Grille Cafe. I believe it’s owned and run by the same people. And they’re only two doors down from each other. w00t!


  1. Lauren

    I heart Wildflour! Home away from home.

  2. Kati Davis

    I’m so excited! I’m going to JWU and I’ve been looking for any vegetarian/vegan friendly places near campus, and this is only 12 minutes away C:

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