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What I discovered

While on the road I sat down with literally hundreds of people, many who are business owners, entrepreneurs, or aspiring nomads, lifestyle designers, or food and travel fanatics—much like myself. What I discovered is that we each share a common interest: a desire to create a lifestyle and earn a comfortable income by doing what we love. It’s that simple. Deep down we all just want to enjoy our work days so that they feel less like work and more like love.

Something else that I learned through having all of these conversations with various people is that over the years—both through my traditional forms of employment and my work as a “multi-passionate entrepreneur”—is that there’s nothing that makes me feel as inspired, motivated, and moved as when I’m in a position to give advice, suggestions, and resources to people who are so passionate about what they do, you can practically feel their energy leaping across the room. It’s incredible.

I want to help

I’ve shared some amazing experiences with people, over the last few years and my aim now is to continue to work with those of you who are over-the-top passionate about what you do—or what you want to do. And I want to help! My intention is to make “whatever you need” coaching, my priority.

If you’ve found yourself aching for a change in scenery, wishing to take that “crazy” dream of yours and make it a reality, or wanting to prove to your boss why you deserve that raise, I want to help you figure it out. All of it. Every nitty gritty detail. I’ve been there—if not in your shoes then I’ve shared the experience with someone was has been in your shoes, and helped them find a pair that fit better. A pair that made them leap with joy at their new comfort, as though they could run for miles in these emotionally charged kicks. ;)

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