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PARTY UPDATE: Introducing Drew B. Photography

| On 09, Jul 2013

Hi There!

I hope you had a great holiday week/end!

I spent my weekend at NAVS annual Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. It was my first time attending (even though my parents have gone many times before) and I gotta say, it was pretty darn cool.

My friend Chris and I stayed for just two days but we met some really cool folks. Lunch and dinner became our favorite times of the day—not just for the obvious (ah’em foodie) reason—but we’d usually end up sitting with people we didn’t know who we’d then call friends by the end of the meal. I love that! It reminded me of being on the road and sharing meals with total strangers only to find great friendship by the time we were scraping our dessert plates clean. :)

Anywhoozies – the reason I’m emailing you today is for another update about the Will Travel For Vegan Food end-of-trip Party + Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser!

As a reminder, the party is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, August 22nd from 7-10PM in NYC. Click here to check out the events website for all the deets!

THIS week I’d like to introduce you to one of the photographers who will be snapping away as you meander around the party: Drew B. Photography.

I met up with Drew and his associate, Britney to talk veganism and photography. Check out the video below for some cutie squirrel action! :)

Click here to watch the video in YouTube.

Oh, and speaking of Summerfest—sorry to jump around, I’m a bit all over the place this Monday :) —I was actually there to give my very first business-related talk! w00p! w00p! Nothin’ like giving one of your first public speaking engagements at one of the biggest veg events in the country. Eep! I was a bit nervous but I think overall it was a success. I’ll be sharing the video of that presentation soon (which focuses on one of the best kept secrets to gaining a massive community of followers while simultaneously increasing your website rankings AND positioning you as an expert in your field). If you’d like to get a jump on that topic, click here to check out the recap doc and guide that I put together for Summerfest, specifically to accompany that presentation.

And now for some more unrelated news: I’m super excited to be working from Cape Cod this week! It should be a nice break from NYC – if even for a few days. :) w00t!

Oh and tickets to the event will be available SOON! *wink*wink* … WINK!

Okay, sorry – this was kind of a scrambly rambly email. :)

Have a beautiful week!!!
PS – Don’t forget about the squirrel!


  1. MollyG

    Oh man, the bird was hysterical! Just had to comment on it. Have a lovely time in Cape Cod and good luck with all of the party planning!

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