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If You’re an Entrepreneur, Read This (if not, ::waves hello in passing::)

If You’re an Entrepreneur, Read This (if not, ::waves hello in passing::)

| On 11, Nov 2014

Would you agree that entrepreneurs tend to be passionate, creative, and most of all completely overwhelmed?

Seriously though…

…how many times have we said something like, “I have NO idea where to start.” or, “How do I get out of this gross, depressive, FUNK?”

For example, when I first started my business I struggled BIG TIME with knowing what I should be doing at any given moment.

There was just SO much to do. What do I put my attention on now vs. later?

I was also constantly having issues with balancing the whole “research mode” side of things, with actually applying the things I was learning.

I’d be on my computer from the moment I woke in the morning, until well after midnight. Just non-stop, going, going, going and feeling like I was never actually getting anything done because I was always going in twenty different directions.

Not to mention trying to actually make money during the whole process, on top of it all.

Needles to say, I’d go through these doubtful and even depressed periods—sometimes for weeks or months at a time—where part of me wanted to give up all together and just go back to a comfy 9-5 job, so I wouldn’t have to keep worrying about bills and paying off debt and such.

On my REALLY bad days I’d have a half-assed to-do list sitting next to me while binge watching episodes of Dancing With The Stars. Yep. It happened. More than once.

Still, there was something inside that told me to keep going.

As many of those days, weeks, or months that came, so too do this knowing from within, that I just had to keep chugging along. That I’d make it if I kept trying; no matter how exhausted or overwhelmed I’d get.

NOW I’m happy to report that, not only am I crystal clear about my daily action-plans—to continue growing this business I’m so friggin’ passionate about—but I ALSO begin each day feeling totally jazzed. 

PLUS, I now have the freedom of making my own schedule for the week. AND, get this, when I worked through my budget plan for the coming months, I forecasted my very first six-figure year!

ALL this while feeling like I’m truly living out my life’s purpose.

For the first time in my life—on SO many amazing levels—I finally feel secure and confident, when it comes to my work and income.

While some people might write-off my personal experience as “lucky” or “knowing the right people,” the truth is I took very specific and calculated steps to slowly achieve clarity, network like a BOSS, and FINALLY earn an income that aligns with what I know I’m worth.

The techniques I used can be applied to anyone who wants to achieve complete clarity and control over their business model, their income, and their time.

In fact, the past couple of years I’ve coached dozens people, all with different types of businesses, who have seen tangible results:

1. “Having started a new company, we were unsure of how to navigate the world of social media and what it would take for us to establish a real online presence. Kristin’s networking expertise, enthusiasm and outside of the box thinking has helped get our business off the ground!” – Casey Taft

2. “Kristin has aligned specific, realistic, successful goals for my approach to my business plan that were otherwise erratic. She has lifted a great weight of unnecessary stress for starting my venture.” – Joe Rakowski

3. “Not only has Kristin helped us accomplish our goals for the event, but she has also armed us with an arsenal of information that we will be able to use again and again as the organization continues to expand our efforts and our reach.” – Erica Settino

In the next couple of days I’m going to show you the common mistakes people make when trying to get unstuck, figure out what to do next, and actually make money doing it.

Soon, you too can achieve total clarity AND financial freedom. I’ll show you how!

Until next time,


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