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Gorgeous Water Proof, Sustainable Cork Handbags by Eve

Gorgeous Water Proof, Sustainable Cork Handbags by Eve

| On 27, Apr 2020

In a time of an unprecedented global crisis, where we can’t socialize IRL or go out unless necessary, I wasn’t sure how it would feel to even entertain the idea committing to anything other than food right now. 😅However, I’m always on the lookout for something to carry my computer and books/notebooks when I (used to ::sigh::) split my days between working from home and from a nearby cafe or coffee shop. To be honest I had been using a canvas tote bag—yes, the kind intended for grocery shopping—to carry my computer, for nearly a year! 🤦‍♀️

It’s safe to say I’ve never really been ‘in the know’ as far as fashion trends or general hip-things go. I often turn to friends whose style I like when I feel the need to replace one of the few things that I own.

So last month a dear friend introduced me to eve, a company that makes beautiful wallets and handbags from sustainably- and ethically-sourced cork. Upon browsing their website I was immediately drawn to this blue Bora tote.

pc: Colin McAllister

The Bora is not only big enough to carry my computer and several books or notebooks but it has a top zipper. Oh yeah! Top zippers mean less risk of things fall out or someone reaching in. Although if anyone gets closer than 6 feet away from me these days I’m already moving in the opposite direction. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

The Bora has several inside pockets, and one along the back, making it easy to separate out pens, a wallet, cards, keys, and of course hand sanitizer! 😅

QUICK NOTE: This gorgeous blue color of the Bora will be discontinued once it sells out so if you like this one be sure to get your hands on one ASAP. Use “WTFVEGANFOOD” at checkout to get 15% off any order!

With sustainability and “the greater well-being of people and our planet” as the centerpiece of the company, Eve wallets and bags are ethically sourced and handcrafted in Portugal. The cork comes from family-owned farms and is carefully removed from the trees by hand.

Did you know that harvesting the bark from a cork oak tree every 9 – 10 years helps the tree to grow and live longer? “As the cork tree continues to mature and go through harvest, the tree is able to absorb more carbon dioxide to support its bark regeneration.  As a result, our harvested trees will filter more carbon dioxide than those left untouched, resulting in cleaner air for everyone.” Eve

The wallets and bags are assembled using organic cotton, vegan glues, and natural vegetable-based dyes, and no harsh chemicals.

The detail and durability of the stitching, buckles, and zippers, is made clear even only after using the Bora for just a couple of weeks! I also really like the sort of weathered appearance it has, caused by the natural grain and texture of the cork itself.

So yeah, even though I’m still doing my part by staying home and social distancing, it is really lovely to have something other than Coronavirus to talk about right now (even if just in this written format). Honestly, the simple act of unpacking this tote (after it was quarantined for a few days first of course) brought such a welcomed sense of joy and gratitude. It’s those little things that really count right now. And always. 😌💜

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Get 15% off any Eve order by using the code “WTFVEGANFOOD” at checkout.

pc: Colin McAllister
pc: Colin McAllister
pc: Colin McAllister

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