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Welcome + Create Your Own Adventure

Photo credit: Wendy Wood Photography on Flickr

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to post numero uno in what’s sure to be the most epic blog I’ve ever had. In other words, this is the most excited I’ve been about a single project…pretty much ever. Believe it or not I’ve actually got butterflies right now while writing this first post. Deep breath. Okay…back to it. Combined with the information on my About page I hope this post will give you a better understanding of my upcoming adventure and what you can expect from the content on this site. Are you ready?


Choose Create Your Own Adventure


I almost can’t believe it! I’m only at the beginning stages but I’m finally creating a lifestyle (or adventure!) that fits me instead of trying to fit into the given lifestyle choices that are typically presented to each of us while growing up, and learning about the “real world.”

Admittedly, the content on this site is not going to be of interest to some of you. That’s totally fine with me! What I do care about is providing rich information to those of you who do have an interest in choosing your own life adventure and making it work. The content I plan to provide will go far beyond vegan food and restaurant reviews. I’ll write about how this new lifestyle is working for me, methods to my madness, what’s working and what’s not, being an entrepreneur, starting small businesses, blogging, social media, inspiring stories, interviews, and a heck of a lot more. It’ll all be here for you to dig through and mull over.

Confused? “But your url and subtitle suggest that this site is about vegan food, restaurants, and travel” you say. Yes, yes…it’s true my blog will be chock-full of vegan food and restaurant reviews, pictures, and recipes; and will also include interviews with vegans I meet on the road, vegan business owners, vegan travel, general travel experiences, and the like. However, I have a hunch that some of you might also be interested in knowing how I’m managing without the whole “real job” thing. And if you don’t fall into that curious category, honestly for me, sharing the details of this lifestyle adjustment with you will simply help me follow through, stay motivated, and get sh*t done! Which is why I plan to include all of the other information.

Still with me?

Great! :) For now my plan is, from this point forward, to post 2-3 days per week. And while my true 1 year long, vegan food-focused cross-country road trip doesn’t officially start until the end of August I’ll be posting about preparing for the trip and will also start reviewing some restaurants that I can easily access while here in Boston and in some of the surrounding states. I might as well take advantage of having a “home base” for the next few months.

If  you read all of that mumbo jumbo up there and you think this is kind of cool, or fun, or exciting, please comment below. Even though I’m super excited about all of this it’s still nice to know that you support my journey and will be rooting for me along the way.



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  1. Annie

    Congrats, Kristin! So excited to read about your upcoming adventures!

  2. Rusty

    Looking forward to all of the shenanigans, good luck gorgeous.

    • I appreciate the support, Rusty! :)

  3. Zia

    I have a project too–hosting 100 vegans in the next year here in Florida. (NOT all at the same time) You’re officially invited!
    PS The Grit in Athens, GA is mostly vegan.

    • Hi Zia! That’s awesome. And thank you so much. Can you email me with your address so I can be sure to add your place to my route? Thanks so much!! :D

  4. Wow! I love to travel and vegan food as well, and each day I’m more curious about that kind of unconventional job. Keep on and enjoy your journey, it’s very inspirational! Regards from Spain!!

    • Yay, thanks so much for your support and for following along!! :) <3

  5. Sway

    i’m so sad that i just found your blog now!!!! you are amazing! also very sad that i missed you in RI in february! i literally am devouring your blog one word at a time as i share the passion for vegan food!!!! you rock, kristin. <3

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