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Great Sage – Some of The Best Vegan Eats in Maryland!

Great Sage – Some of The Best Vegan Eats in Maryland!

Hey ya’ll! I’m currently in Florida (The Keys to be exact) but am still getting caught up on posts from a few weeks months ago. Oy! Slowly but surely, right?! I’m hoping to finish up Florida, zip through Alabama, and then hunker down in Tennessee for a bit to get for-realz caught up so that I can post more up to date for you. More like what I was doing when I was in Europe. That was fun, right?! :)

Okay… let’s start closing in on Maryland with one well-known vegan joint not too far from Baltimore, Great Sage. Known for their quality cuisine and excellent customer server, as well as the uplifting atmosphere, this restaurant definitely sits on the top of my Maryland stops.

Great Sage – 100% vegan

5809 Clarksville Square Drive
Clarksville, MD 21029

Great Sage is one of the few restaurants that I had/have received literally dozens of emails suggesting that I check it out. They are known in Maryland as being one of the top vegan restaurants of all time. Aside from the recommendations from Great’s regulars (or even those who had only been a few times.. or once, in a few cases) I had also been contacted by Katie Smallwood (back in September!), manager at Great Sage. She had heard about the WTFVF project and emailed to invite me to the restaurant.

THIS is absolutely up there with superior customer service practices – not to mention great outreach practices. Not only are Great Sage’s employees taking great care of their customer IN the restaurant, but they’re also actively seeking out other opportunities to showcase their glorious restaurant, on all fronts. Smart, smart, smart.

When I knew that I was heading to Great Sage while on the road trip, I reached out to all of those who had recommended Great Sage to me, at some point or another, and who were living in the area. We ended up having a lovely lunch for five, to which Katie graciously reserved and readied our table.

Great Sage vegan restaurantGreat Sage vegan restaurant Kristin and Katie

I started with a fresh, green juice. Naturally. We were also given some samples of various soups to try. YUM! (disclaimer: I was so happily chatting with everyone that I didn’t exactly write down notes on what I ate… soooo, anyone reading who was there – or who is a regular at Great Sage – feel free to school me, in the comments below. ;)

Great Sage vegan restaurantGreat Sage vegan restaurant

Delicious, delicious Artichoke Spinach Dip! I hadn’t had a proper (and by proper I mean, any .. at all) artichoke dip since going vegan over five years ago! This appetizer is served in a warm crock, filled with creamy artichoke spinach dip with ‘parmesan’ and toasted crostini. So. Good.

Great Sage vegan restaurantGreat Sage vegan restaurant

We also ordered the Black Bean and Roasted Corn Quesadilla to share with the table – black beans, sweet corn, green chillies, roasted poblanos, scallions and cilantro with melted ‘pepper jack’ in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with homemade salsa and Great’s ‘sour cream’ on the side. I had to take this pic quick because everyone wanted in. I’m pretty sure the plate was cleaned in under a minute.

Great Sage vegan restaurant

I passed my phone around the table so that I could get a few pics of what everyone else was having. Here we have a Veggie Pot Pie. Looks great! Next pic is the Super Club – ‘turkey’, ‘bacon’, romaine lettuce, tomato, vegenaise on toasted wheat bread, topped with guacamole, baby spinach and chipotle mustard, with a side of sweet potato chips. This one was alllll mine and it was soooo good!!

Great Sage vegan restaurantGreat Sage vegan restaurant

Brace yourself… pictured below is one of the best desserts in the history of desserts. Behold, Great Sage’s Chocolate Lava Cake – warm chocolate cake with a molten chocolate truffle center, topped with vanilla ice ‘cream’ and hot fudge. Holy fudge!!!!! That’s it. That’s all I can say. Holy fudge. Go there. Get this. Thank me later. Um.. and .. you’re welcome. Later. ;)

Great Sage vegan restaurant

Here we are!!!! I had such a blast chatting with these guys. Awesome story time, great energy, good people. Couldn’t ask for much more. <3

Great Sage vegan restaurantTJ, Hannah, Kristin, Chris, and Allison

Katie put a WTFVF decal up on the restaurant’s entrance. Woohoo!!!! Thanks to Allison for getting a little behind the scenes action here! ;)

Behind the scenes - photo by Allison Great Sage vegan restaurant

My crooked smiled comes out when I’m smiling beyond my ability to smile any bigger. ;) Thank you so, so much to Katie and the entire Great Sage crew for a wonderful meal. And thanks to Chris, Hannah, Allison, and TJ for the awesome company!!!! xo


  1. Kristen, Thanks so much for this lovely blog post and with such fantastic pictures! I really enjoyed meeting you and chatting via e-mail the months prior to your visit. I would still love to do an online interview with you and will send you some questions soon :) Looks like all of your travels have been a real adventure and you have tasted so much vegan goodness around the world! Hope to see you again in the future, maybe I will be in your town one day. Please do keep in touch!

    • Hi Katie,

      Yes, it was great to meet you! :) And of course, send the questions whenever they’re ready. And for sure, let’s keep in touch!! xo

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