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Creating Freedom + Mastery

Creating Freedom + Mastery

| On 20, Nov 2014

Now that I showed you how use the “Brain Dump” technique, the next big question is: how do we solve the issue of actually turning all that stuff into things that will help us make money doing what we love?

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the ‘Creating Freedom + Mastery’ online video training series, that helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs move from scattered ideas and no direction to total clarity around their business model, modes of income, and the proper networking and marketing techniques that can turn your passion project into a profitable career.

Introducing: ‘Creating Freedom + Mastery’

‘Creating Freedom + Mastery’ shows you how to find clarity and confidence around the type of business you WANT to run. In it I demonstrate how to network like a boss, and identify and price the right kinds of offerings, in order to successfully make money doing what you love.

This is unlike other business training courses. Why? Because other courses rope you in only to drop you off at their “pay here” door and leave you flying solo the rest of the way.

Instead, I will be by your side as you journey through the course materials, because I know how daunting it can be to feel like you’re going it alone—especially when questions surface along the way.

You can see what it’s all about right here:

More specifically, you’ll get:

The full Creating Freedom + Mastery training course. This includes access to all of the 3-part, course unit content (with downloadable worksheets and takeaways).

A free copy of Kristin’s eBook: The Single Best Kept Secret to Gaining A Massive Community of Followers While Simultaneously Increasing Site Rankings and Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Field.

60 Days of Email Support. As a Creating Freedom + Mastery student, I want to make sure your questions get answered… when  you need them answered. That’s why I have 60 days of email support where you can ask questions over email.

Live Group Coaching Calls. Once per course unit, we’ll jump on a live Q&A so you can ask your questions in real time, and hear what others are working on/have questions about too.

The best part is:

The first 12 people who want-in could ALSO get their hands on a one-on-one mentorship with me, in the coming year. It includes 4 weekly, 30-minute private phone chats, plus personalized guidance through the course materials.

PLUS, *everyone* who enrolls will not only have access to bonus video content (featuring interviews with real, successful business owners and entrepreneurs) but they’ll also get a complimentary copy of my eBookThe Single Best Kept Secret to Gaining a Massive Community of Followers While Simultaneously Increasing Site Rankings AND Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Field.

Here’s the link:

Talk Soon,

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