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It’s Only Natural (Middletown) & Divine Treasures Chocolates (Manchester)

It’s Only Natural – 90% vegan

386 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457

This place is cute, and seems to be pretty popular among locals. Great location and comfy atmosphere. There were lots of people brunching it up on this Sunday afternoon.

It's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ctIt's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ctIt's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ct

Veggie Bomb juice – Yumm-o! – carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, ginger, apple, and lemon.

It's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ct

I ordered the 3 Dish Sampler – tempeh, perogies, and crab cakes. I really liked the red sauce that came on the side of the tempeh. I’m not exactly sure that it was meant for dipping of the tempeh, but it tasted good! It was also great when combined with the brown rice and caramelized onions, all in one bite. Having the fried tempeh mixed with the tender onions and soft rice, made for a nice mix of texture! Very good!

The perogies were nice. Creamy inside. They also tasted good with the carmalized onions and collards, and when mixed with the apple sauce or sour cream.

The crab cakes were the stand out of this dish, for sure. They had a great soft yet firm texture (almost like extra firm tofu). They were a little spicy and probably one of the best versions of “crab cakes” that I’ve had on the trip so far.

It's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ctIt's Only Natural veg restaurant middletown, ct

Divine Treasures Chocolates – 98% vegan

Parkade Plaza
404 Middle Turnpike West
Manchester, CT 06040

This place wasn’t on my radar but thanks to you, my amazing supporters, I was notified of this delightful, vegan chocolate store in Manchester. I would have been so sad to have missed it! It looks like they do much of their business through their website/online store. But their brick and mortar location is worth a visit!

Divine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CT

Super cute!

Divine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CTDivine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CT

Sorry about the lighting on the following pics. Florescent light in the evening = not so hot iPhone photography. Here is the seasonal packaging from Divine Treasures Chocolates.

Divine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CTDivine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CT

It was SO difficult to choose among the hundreds of options that were available. But I narrowed it down to the Java Almonds (thinly sliced almonds roasted in organic coffee and brandy), Mini Mo’s (caramel mixed with divi nibs and coated in European chocolate), Heath Crunch (caramelized hazelnut from France and cacao nibs), the Mello Bar (crunchy rice flakes mixed with chocolate), Peppermint Patsy (peppermint cream filling surrounded by chocolate), the Bonnie Shanse Minou (tastes like brownie cookie dough), and the Toffee Treasures (creamy toffee). The Java Almonds were my favorite!

Divine Treasures Chocolates in Manchester, CT

This chocolate shop does not use artificial sweeteners, however there is a section in their shop that includes a small percentage of milk. If I recall correctly, it was the sugar-free section. I’m not exactly sure why removing the sugar equates to adding milk, but regardless, if you were wondering why they aren’t 100% vegan, it’s because of the few select items that do contain a little dairy (though they are manufactured and stored separately from the vegan chocolates, per the owner, Diane).

I ended up having a lovely conversation with Erica, who was working on this day. And received a personal email from the owner later on, after she realized she had missed me, to thank me for stopping in. Very nice people!


  1. Just wanted to note that the “milk” part of Divine Treasures is a fraction of a percent of whey in the sugar free line of her heavenly chocolates. For those who can tolerate whey the sugar free chocolates are as scrumptious as the vegan ones!

    • Hi Sherry, thanks for the clarification! :) … I’m curious about the necessity of adding in whey, to the sugar-free chocolates. Do you know why sugar-free equates to the need for whey? I just think it would be amazing if even the sugar-free chocolates were available to vegans or those with a notable dairy intolerance. Thanks again! :)

  2. margaret shooer

    I am hoping to be able to place an order for your chocolates with you but don’t have your phone number.

    Please email me with the phone number so I may place that order.


    • Hi Margaret. It’s funny that this post came to my inbox but I guess it did because I commented. I’m not connected to Divine Treasures other than I am probably one of their most devoted addicts :-). Should they not be seeing this I’m happy to give you their number. I try to promote them whenever and wherever I can! That number is 860.643.2552. I know it by heart :-). Enjoy!

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