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Liz Lovely Bakery Tour – Waitsfield, VT

Liz Lovely Bakery Tour – Waitsfield, VT

Oooh, I’m so excited to share this interview with you!! I’ve long had a love affair with Liz Lovely treats. When my parents were nudging me in the vegan-direction they would gift me Liz Lovely cookies, and other Liz Lovely nommie noms for Birthdays and Holidays. It wasn’t until I fully embraced veganism that I realized just how special this company is. I fell in love and have never looked back. :)

vegan pretzels and oreosvegan cookies vermont

Ethan and I met up with Dan Holtz, Liz Lovely CEO and Co-Founder, back in November for a tour of their bakery and to chat about their goodies and their branding. Not only do I love their treats but I love their strong and consistent brand messaging so I had to ask a few questions about that! I am a marketing person after all. And it warms my heart to see a vegan-centric company bringin’ their A-game. ;)

Pay close attention to the credits at the end of part 2. A special offer to our readers inside!!!






  1. Nazanin

    I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes at Liz Lovely! I really like as a consumer being able to see the people and intentions behind the product. For example, when I go to the grocery store, it is easier and seeimingly logical to buy the less expensive brand of a similar item. However, if I knew I was supporting a vegan company vs a big corporations vs family owned…I mean I really would be happier to spend the extra money to support a company whole values mirror my own. But when you look at the packaging & price, you just can’t get the whole story. After I watched this I saw liz lovely cookies at my local natural foods store and tried the gf snickerdoodles…realllly yummy! Looking forward to seeing more of your journey, and espcially the behind the scenes stuff. Good day :D

    • Hi Nazanin! Thanks so much for the kind words both on this post and on the Peace O’ Pie post. We couldn’t be happier that you’re enjoying the content and supporting local, vegan companies. w00t! w00t! All around!! :) xo

  2. – total burn on ABC; hahaha
    – awesome that he said “a function of” (math/engineering background)

    I wanna see some chi-town action!

    • Hey Sam!! :) … We’re nearly caught up on our backlog of posts. Just a few in Montreal to cover and then we’ll be going crazy on Chicago. w00t! ;)

      • Awesome!! I just watched the rest, hahahaha. “This is a fucking awesome cookie!!”

        200 * 24 = 480 cookies per day

  3. Kristin, I have been meaning to comment on this for a while now. Since Katie and I just moved up to VT we have been wanting to visit Liz Lovely, so your post and video interview are awesome! I hope that we can get some documentation of our own when we visit. Keep up the great work, eating and traveling!

    • That’s awesome, Jonathan! :) .. I’m not sure that LL bakery tours are a regular thing so just be sure to call ahead to schedule your visit. And feel free to mention me/wtfveganfood to Dan or Liz, when you get there!! Have a great time and enjoy VT. I love (parts) of that state! :)

  4. JD

    200 times 24 is 4,800 cookies a day.

    Not that it matters now though, I think they’re basically at next to no production

    Apparently this guy cheated on Liz, they got divorced and the business is pretty much done.

    • Kristin

      Yeah, I heard that too after seeing their follow-up piece on Shark Tank afew years ago. :/

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