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3 Simple Steps to a Minimalist Mindset

3 Simple Steps to a Minimalist Mindset

This is a guest post by Maggie Farquhar.

I recently spent two-and-a-half weeks in California, and I realized something. Even though I only brought a backpack and carry on, I still didn’t need it all. I realized what my basic necessities were. I was almost excited to go home to purge my stuff, more than I had before. I was excited to think of living with only a backpack full of clothes. It was strange, to think that maybe one could be happy with less.

I had been calling myself a minimalist for years before this, and have purged my room on an almost monthly basis. Sometimes around the holidays I’d get things I wouldn’t need, and get a bit side tracked. But I always went back to it. I love the simplicity of a minimalist lifestyle.

I don’t like to be weighed down. If the opportunity should arise that I would just go and travel spontaneously, I want to be accustomed to it. Even if I don’t to travel, I’d live in a tiny house or apartment. I love the sound of silence, and simplicity. Maybe I’ve been reading a little too much of Zen Habits, but I think there is power in less. With fewer things, comes more opportunities, spontaneity and freedom. It’s beautiful being simple.

Minimalism fits in with veganism well. I love the simplicity of the blog Minimalist Baker. Their content is amazing, and they don’t add little unnecessary things. They do what they love and just that. They make their food so that it is simple, minimalistic, but wonderful. I think that’s the key; do what you love, only own what you love, and live what you love. You don’t have to add a bunch of things that aren’t guaranteed to make you happy. You don’t have to go, and buy faux meat and products. You can eat simply by just eating fruits and veggies. You don’t have to follow complicated recipes. Make a stir fry or eat a salad.

Do you love it, or do you just like it? 
The reason I post similar foods on my instagram is because I love them. I love certain meals so much, that I eat them again.. similarly, my wardrobe is simple; It’s not that I hate shopping or can’t afford new things. I just really love my cardigans & leggings. I understand that not everyone loves those things and you obviously can’t wear that to work. That’s okay. That’s why versatility is also a key thing in minimalism. If you have only basics and things that you know you love, you can use them often..You won’t need a bunch of different dresses or shoes. I realize that our society isn’t supportive in this minimalist approach, but I think it can be somewhat rewarding. If you were to sell your possessions that you no longer use or want, you would probably get a little cash for it. If you decide to donate your things, it’s a kind thing to do for other people who really do need those things.

Whether you live out of a house or a van, like Kristin once did, minimalism has its benefits.

Some of the world’s greatest people, were simple people. They had extraordinary lives and did big things. Their lifestyle was very minimalistic–at least at some point in their lives. For instance, Steve Jobs once said: “All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” I completely agree with him on this. I myself am drawn toward those simple tumblr memes; so I made one.

walk the earth vegan

3 Simple Steps to a Minimalist Mindset

1. Decide & Acknowledge
Know what you do and do not need. Make a list of all of your personal possessions. Challenge yourself next time you see something you want in a store, “Do I need this? Does it go well with my other things/clothes? Will I use it often?”

2. Find motivation
Find a reason, or inspiration that will get you going & keep you moving forward. Do you want to pay off some debt faster? Sell some stuff. Do you want to travel? Sell some stuff. Do you want to downsize your home? Sell some more stuff.

3. Purge your home
Rid yourself of the things you really do not need, use, or that don’t mix or match well. You don’t have to wear all black, just find things that compliment one another.


maggie headshotMaggie Farquhar is a self-educated, vegan blogger & entrepreneur. Founder of Walk The Earth Vegan, a vegan lifestyle guide; sharing food & beauty reviews along with interviews, she features leading vegan activists & business owners. Maggie is also working with Vegan Publishers as a Social Media Coordinator, Will Travel For Vegan Food as a Special Projects Strategist, as well as a Vegan Pinup Girl for Vegan Pinup. She spends her free time traveling, reading books, drinking wild flavored teas & hanging out with rescue-animals.
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