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New York City’s Vegetarian Friend Festival… Oops! I mean Food Festival.

So we don’t always post in order or on time but that is the nature of this wild ride that is We know this. Most of you know this. But if you don’t, now you do! [I like putting fun links throughout my posts. (Did anyone find Radio Disney Spoof in the Strong Hearts Post?)] OK. Enough with the silly stuff.

Vegetable People Friends.

Here’s just a few of the many vendors I ran into. This place was crawling so I tried to keep it candid but every so often I got a pose. Enjoy!

Cllctv Ethical Man Dan MIms Vegan Food Festival

This sharp dressed man is Dan Mims of The Ethical Man. Those who’ve been following WTFVeganFood from back when we were in NY may recognize him from a past interview we conducted, or maybe you’re so up on your vegan peeps that you recognize him from way back as Dan has been working on veg-related projects for years. He is seen here promoting his new project, CLLCTV. From their website:  Cllctv (“collective”) is a cultural intelligence hub, local deals provider, and ethical community. Members receive: snappy, erudite, fun, and interesting emails; exclusive, ethically mindful offers from local businesses; special access to the social gatherings Cllctv organizes. ‘As the name might suggest, we’re big-picture thinkers, working to replace the myriad negative effects of conventional consumerism with better outcomes for one and all.’ Simply put, Cllctv helps good people lead richer lives while helping the world become a better place.

Reaction to Video Depicting Animal Cruelty Mercy for Animals Pay Per View

This is a very important table in my eyes. This is a young woman reacting to a video of evidence of animal abuse. Her face says much. Mercy For Animals can often be found at Conventions and Festivals with a Pay-Per-View table. Here they pay you a dollar to watch a short film about the experience of animals in abusive situations and present you with facts about what the experience of commercialized animal life is like. Many people put the dollar in the donation bin on the table instead of keeping it.

Vegucated Documentary Vegan

Super Producer Extraordinaire, Demetrius Bagley and Co. Are hard at work promoting Vegucated, a new documentary by filmmaker Marissa Miller Wolfson. Demetrius was very encouraging and supportive during the launch of WTFVeganFood. Thanks again, Demetrius!

Vegan Cuts Shop Save Animals Money Stephanie Dan More Than Salad Jill Jon Backpacker

VEGAN CUTS! More friends of the blog!!! L to R: Dan (More Than Salad, Vegan Cuts Developer); Stephanie (Special Projects Manager at Vegan Cuts, Boston Vegan Drinks); John and Jill (Co-Founders Vegan Cuts, The Vegan Backpackers). Vegan Cuts offers deals on so many different vegan products you won’t believe. Head over to their site to experience the shopping madne… glory!!!

Mama MIcki's Cookies Vegan Amaze-balls

These were all really good but I have to say that the Chocolate Orange with Walnuts was my fave.

Mama Micki's Cookies Owners Scituate Massachusetts

Nice to see some Massachusetts reps at the NYC VFF 2012! Keep up the great work Mama Micki’s!


Raw Slaw Hot Sauce Vegan Bad Ass Organics Table

Vegan Raw Slaw Hot Sauce Smile Bad Ass Organics

Bad Ass Organics had really tasty products and awesome temporary tattoos. Branded Badasses were walking around all day!

Vegan Sailing Eat Sail Love

This also categorizes as Bad Ass. Hells Yeah Vegan Sailing. Turn your fishing rod into a life jacket and set sail!

Vaute Couture Sale Vegan Fashion

Fashionable Vegans love Vaute Couture. Wrap up that sale! Nice coat too.

PETA Table Vegan Festival Animal Rights

PETA is a highly controversial subject both within and outside of the animal rights movement. Though one might argue their education tactics, I think we can agree that in the face of injustice, one should never be silent (This of course excludes silent protest… wink). And unlike the chicken on that blue shirt, I AM a Nugget.

Chocolate Fruit Nuts Bixby Bar Delicious Vegan

These ended up being my breakfast on Day 2 of the Fest. Nice work. Bixby Bar offers two vegan bars, The Whippersnapper (Dark Organic Chocolate, Dried Wild Maine Blueberries, Walnuts, Tellicherry Black Pepper) and the Heart’s Delight (Dark Organic Chocolate, Dried Strawberries, Almonds, Ceylon Cinnamon [And for those who don’t know: many make a big deal about using Ceylon Cinnamon vs Cassia Cinnamon]).

Snack Sized Cookie Bites Vegan

Home Free Treats bills themselves as Allergen Free and not vegan but we all get that code lingo. I am pretty sure all their stuff is good to go. Munch Munch Munch…


Compassion Co Clothing Company Vegan Cruelty Free

Compassion Co. has some great messaging tees. I dig. Also repping at the fest was Herbivore Clothing Co. but I didn’t get a decent photo. Apologies!

More Shirts:No Animals Harmed Making Boy Vaute Couture Tee Shirt

Above Vaute Couture. Below: Rescue Chocolate!

Rescue Chocolate Vegan Tee Shirt

Rescue Chocolate Fest Organizer Vegan

Rescue Chocolate founder and NYC Veg Food Fest organizer Sarah Gross is making sure everything is order. You and your crew did an amazing job. Congratulations Sarah! Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of the net profits from the sale of these Belgian style chocolate bars to animal rescue organizations all over  the country. Check them out!

Sweet & Sara Vegan Marshmallows Crowded

SWAMPED! Sweet & Sara Marshmallows! Love these things, especially the S’mores!

Sea Shepherd Animal Rights Group Whale Wars

SWAMPED! Sea Shepherd was one of the busiest tables at the Fest. The TV show’s popularity and the small table size dictated as much. Look below at the candid pics when a Sea Shepherd is caught messing with the cameraman.


Smile! Make a Funny Face! Act Natural.


Mercy for Animals Eddie Garza Campaign Coordinator Vegan

Despite the serious nature of the business conducted by Mercy For Animals, MFA Campaign Coordinator, Eddie Garza remembers to show off that winning smile. How could that face not brighten your day?

Superstars Rachel Kay Ben Strothmann Honey LaBronx Erin Red Vegan

These activists are clearly excited to see each other! L to R: Rachel Kay (ModPodDaily), Ben Strothmann (Honey LaBronx) and Erin Red (Red Radio).

Teese Dandies Marshmallows Chicago Soy Dairy

Chicago SoyDairy is always a favorite. When you are crowded and running out of food sometimes you gotta represent the mob scene. “There are this many people here!”


Smiles Vegan Kathie's Kitchen Super Seeds Pumpkin Sunflower

Here’s Kathie’s Kitchen promoting SuperSeedz. I dig it. I love pumpkin seeds and Kathie offers them in a variety of seasonings; gluten free and vegan.

OK Couldn’t resist sharing these. Every so often people would see me lining up a shot and they’d get goofy with me. Feel My Wraith ;-)

And just so you know, these are the flattering ones.

Goofy Face Sea Shepherd Vegan New York

Keeping it light at the Sea Shepherd table.

The scene just prior to Dr. Greger’s talk.

The Doctor is in. Doctor Who? No. Dr. Greger.

Doctor Who Vegan Pilot Marty Greger New York

Dr. Greger of speaks with MC Vegan Pilot Marty at the MFA stage just prior to Greger’s yearly round-up.

Poop Talk With Dr Greger Nutrition Facts

Not sure if you can read the PowerPoint but the doctor is talking poop with an overcrowded room. If a doctor fails to mention bowl movements, suspect them. Here the doctor is covering his bases.


I’ll leave you now with a sample of Dr. Greger’s work. Thanks for coming by!




  1. MollyG

    Haha!! That’s my peaceful pirate face in the goofy Sea Shepherd picture! No idea what I was doing/thinking, but awesome! Thanks for including Sea Shepherd NYC in your wrap up! Wish we had gotten a chance to speak. I’m a big fan of this blog and your trip!

  2. And the Comprehensiveness Award goes to… Ethan Dussault, everybody!

    • Ha! Thanks Dan. I try.

  3. Maya

    Would love to attend the next one – invites please?
    Maya Madelene

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