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Om Nom Nom Cookies

Om Nom Nom Cookies

| On 18, Apr 2013

Oh, don’t be fooled my friends – this isn’t yet another case of me providing an eloquent description of my chowin’ down habits – no, THIS is the actual name of a vegan cookie company. No joke. It’s Om Nom Nom Cookies. For real. How fun is that?!

Anywhoozies, I had a chance to try a handful of their flavors whilst staying with a friend in Berkeley, CA a few months back. Hence, the doggy nose in the pic below.

That’s Harley. He couldn’t keep his cutie little nose outta the cookie jar!
Do you recognize that schnoz from anywhere else? Hrrmmmmm?! ;)


Things you should know about Om Nom Nom Cookies that makes them super cool:

  • Their packaging is adorable (simple yet effective).
  • They’re abundantly creative (check out their snazzy website).
  • The founder’s name is Anthea (Um, rad!).
  • They’ve been spreading their cookie love via social media, and doing it well (smart!).
  • Their cookies are REALLY delicious (chocolate chip is my favorite).
  • Their cookies are handmade in small batches (total commitment right there).
  • Their name is OM NOM NOM COOKIE!

Seriously though, these cookies are great. They’ve got a nice little crunch, are packed with flavor, and are heftily sized made with whole grain flours, natural sweeteners, and no preservatives and no hydrogenated oils.  Also, the packaging is eco-friendly. Get ’em while they’re hot – and for an awesome sampler package deal – over on Vegan Cuts.

Now look at more pictures and then go buy ’em! :)

Check out Om Nom Nom Cookies online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter

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