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Montréal Day 2: Paradis Végétarien, Chuch, & A Raw Potluck

Our first day in Montréal was a huge success and we had a great time. After a good night’s sleep we were so ready to tackle day two! We ventured out on our own to check out Paradis Végégarien and Chuch!

Paradis Végétarien Chi-Ming – 100% vegan

4381 St. Denis
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Paradis Végégarien appears to specialize in bulk supplies of soy- and mushroom-based meats and operates a vegan catering business as well. According to their website, “We are the supplier of more than 200 varieties of vegetarian products and mock meats. Offering the very best, and natural vegan products, coming from the highest quality non-GMO soybeans and shitake mushrooms. We also cater more than 60 varieties of vegetarian meals…”

vegan montreal Paradis Végégarienvegan montreal Paradis Végégarien

We bought a package of this jerky-style “soy fiber.” It was pretty good. And perhaps a bit addictive. Seriously! What is this stuff? It is probably good that we can’t find it on every corner. Munch Munch Munch Munch! -Ethan

Vegan Montreal Paradis Végégarien

During our evening stroll down St. Denis Ethan spotted this sign in the window of a shoe store. They had a variety of shoe brands but we were pretty excited that the word “vegan” was mentioned front and center!


Chuch – 100% vegan

4088 & 4094 St. Denis
Montréal, Québec, Canada

By far our absolute favorite meal in all of Montréal was had at Chuch Bistro. The food was outstanding, the decor was lovely, and the service was just right. Actually, looking back on the trip to date I think the meal I had at Chuch ranks #1. Yes, of them all! I feel like I forget about it every now and then given that the focus of the trip are vegan restaurants in the US. But seriously. THIS. PLACE.

We had dinner at the Chuch Bistro but the same company has a fine dining location immediately next door called ChuChai. ChuChai was closed so we ended up at the Bistro. Ooooh I’m getting all antsy just thinking about it.

vegan restaurant montrealvegan restaurant montrealvegan restaurant montreal

Feast your eyes on this appetizer. Do you see this? No really, do you SEE this?! If I recall correctly it’s called Miam Kram. I had actually posted this photo to our Facebook page the night of this dinner, along with the following comment: “Our crazy delicious, unique, and vibrant appetizer from Chuch. There are no words.” It truly is difficult to explain exactly how the experience of this app changed my life, and taste buds. That first crumbly layer, on the leaf tasted like toasted coconut flakes. There was then a gooey layer that I think might have been mashed date (or something sweet), a small wedge of lime, a cashew, and then a sliver of sweet pepper (I think!). So you simply roll up the shino leaf and eat these individually like little burritos.

I just remember being taken aback by the powerful flavors massaging nearly every taste bud, and possibly more (I’m getting weak in the knees over here). We then split that little yellow tomato-like fruit in the middle. I have no idea what it is (I tried Google, no such luck) but it’s sweet and delicious. If we walked away with only have eaten this appetizer I would have been perfectly satisfied.


For the main course I ordered the duck with chili, basil, cashew and veggies. The sauce was just sweet enough with a little kick and perfectly complimented the unique texture of the soy-duck and veggies. The plating was just as impressive (if you couldn’t tell from the appetizer photo) and it was apparent that the food was carefully prepared. The sauce was phenomenal as well. There was just enough to soak into the accompanying brown rice. Magnifique!


Ethan had the yellow curry dish. ETHAN: Haha! Actually I ordered the mock duck dish, Kristin. Sometimes she prefers what I order and vice versa. The curry dish here is better than most places. I am happy that it was mostly vegetables instead of curry sauce on tofu with a few onions like so many places offer. Cauliflower and root veggies love curry sauce and we love that! Chuch delivered. I am looking forward to the next time I am in Montreal because this restaurant gets it.


If you thought vegan potlucks were unique or interesting you’ve got to make it to one of the raw vegan potlucks in Montréal. I can’t say that I’ve ever sought out a raw potluck before but for some reason I was surprised there was such a thing. Silly me! Check out Montréal Raw Vegan Potluck Group to learn more and for upcoming potlucks.

Montréal Raw Vegan Potluck GroupMontréal Raw Vegan Potluck GroupMontréal Raw Vegan Potluck Group

We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with fellow explorer, Angie. Originally from Australia, this inspirational vagabond has been traveling for quite some time now throughout Canada some parts of the US. You can read all about her adventures (and her experience at the raw potluck) on her blog: Angie Away From Home.

Angie vegan australia

We skipped dessert at Chuch just in case there was any leftover sweets at the potluck.  I’m glad we did because there was an AHhhh-mazing raw cheesecake. I mean so good for cheesecake period. Forget the raw part. In my opinion this pie would beat out any cheesecake! See, you can tell by Ethan’s face just how amazing it was.

Montréal Raw Vegan Potluck Group

It’s our gracious guide, Alex!! Founder and doer-of-nearly-everything for the Montreal Vegetarian Association. Did you know: Ethan and Alex have matching Herbivore hoodies. Awwww.

Montréal Raw Vegan Potluck Group


  1. Janet

    Hi Kristen,
    I believe that elusive fruit is a physalis (aka Cape Gooseberry). I remember having a similar experience the first time I tasted one! I’ve only ever found them in Europe, though.
    Happy travels,

    • Thank you so much, Janet!! :)

  2. Stéphanie

    I loooooovvvveeee your idea. I wish I had it before. haha I will absolutely follow your story until the end and I can’t wait to see what you’ll taste next.

    • Aww, thanks Stepanie!! :) Thanks so much for your support. :)

  3. I’ve never been at Paradis Végétarien… I would love to try their jerky.

    Thanks for pointing out the Macbeth brand… I just found a few locations that sell those shoes in Montreal.

    I wasn’t such a fan of the Miam Kram… well, it was very good, but not to die for, especially considering the price. The “cerises de terre” are called “ground cherries” in English. But I was a fan of pretty much everything at Chuch.

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