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Pure Love: True Bistro – Somerville, MA

Aaaand we’re moving on from NYC to Boston. Ya ready? :)

Since Ethan has lived in the Boston area for nearly eleven years and I had lived there for the last four, as you can imagine, we’ve been to a number of Boston area vegan restaurants more than once. Therefore we have a few more photos than usual for some of the Boston restaurants, and might even have a bit more to say about these places. True Bistro is no exception.

True Bistro – 100% vegan

1153 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

I spy “Will Travel For Vegan Food was here” decals! :)
vegan restaurant somerville, ma

One of my favorite vegan restaurants of all time (yes, I said it), I’ve never had a meal that I didn’t love, is True Bistro. Not only is the food outstanding (seriously though, their food is crazy delicious), but of the dozen or more times that I’ve dined at True the service has always been great – warm, welcoming, and timely. I also really like the decor. Simple, elegant, clean, with local artwork for sale on the walls. For me this place is perfect for a casual lunch, a lazy Sunday brunch, or a romantic dinner date. How often does that happen? It’s pretty special.

A few months back I sat down with Linda, one of the co-owners of True Bistro, to talk about the restaurant’s beginnings and such. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to record the conversation but I will tell you that Linda and her husband Michael are an incredibly kind couple who are very passionate about bringing delicious, upscale, and affordable vegan food to Boston. And I do believe they’ve succeeded.

vegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, ma

During our conversation I remember telling Linda how much I like the decor. I then learned that she has a background in architecture and she was inspired by a few popular vegan restaurants in NYC when it came to the look and feel of True. She also noted how much she enjoyed selecting seasonal flowers to display on the tables – adding a pop of color against the crisp white linens. I’m no photographer but I’m pretty proud of the following picture. Whenever I see it I think of Linda and her careful selection of flowers for the restaurant. :)
vegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, ma
True Bistro’s brunch menu is out of this world. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every single brunch item at least once (it was my favorite Sunday brunch place) and oh my word… just looking at these photos makes me want to hop in Gerty and head to Boston. It’s painfully delicious. Not only is the food wonderful but they also serve amazing mixed drinks … like, real mixed drinks… I’m talking mimosas and sangrias. You know, like you get at “regular” restaurants (they also have delicious wine, served at dinner). It hurts to be without you, Brunch At True.

These first two photos below are of the Tofu Benedict – house made biscuit (OMG THESE BISCUITS!), seared tofu, garlic spinach, with saffron bearnaise.

vegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, ma
Waffle topped with whipped cream.
vegan restaurant somerville, ma
Tofu scramble – choose your flavor combo: house-made chevre and fresh herbs; or roasted button mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes, and herbs de provence; or seitan sausage, grilled onions, bell peppers, and Daiya mozzeralla. 20111210-131803.jpg

Of course I don’t have any decent pics of my favorite brunch meals at True, so I NEED to tell you. If When you go, you MUST try the House Made Biscuit & Crumbled House Sausage with mushroom gravy, AS WELL AS the Rolled Crepes filled with bananas and chocolate-hazelnut spread, dusted with sugar. UPDATE: Found a pic of the rolled crepes! :)
True Bistro vegan boston


Moving right along… the most amazing appetizer to end all appetizers: True’s Cornmeal-Crusted Oyster Mushrooms, with horseradish/dill aioli, aji/amarillo sauce. Lord. Have. Mercy.

vegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, mavegan restaurant somerville, ma

Despite the number of times I’ve had lunch and dinner at True Bistro, I don’t have many good photos of those meals. It’s the mood lighting I tell you! ;) Okay, well there’s one decent photo here, but the others are a little rough. So below we have (my favorite lunch/dinner dish of theirs), Seitan Piccata – lemon and caper white wine sauce, roasted garlic mashed potato, with seared rapini.

vegan restaurant somerville, ma
Phyllo Purse – setain, roasted zucchini, fired roasted peppers, arugula, pepitas, red mole.
Crusted Tempeh – lentils and tomatoes braised in red wine, shaved leeks, heirloom carrots.

Finally, we have some photos of True Bistro’s desserts. This cinnamon roll is actually available on the brunch menu. But it is a dessert nonetheless. ;)

vegan restaurant somerville, ma
Coconut Pie with blood orange sauce.
vegan restaurant somerville, ma
Mango and macadamia nut crumble, served with vanilla ice cream.20111210-131745.jpg

The next time you’re in Boston, please do your taste buds a favor and eat at True Bistro. You’re welcome. ;)
PS – they have a gluten-free menu as well!



  1. Wow. Honestly, I had a giggle I was TRULY salivating. I want to eat here. Hmm, I currently live in the UK…Where Is My Passport?! Amazing. Thank you for sharing. How is the quest shaping up? Have you managed to eat at ALL of the vegan restuarants on your travels so far? Looks like you are having a good time, meeting some good people and doing good too. I’d LOVE to do what you are doing (tinged, envy-green). One day I may……. :-) Have fun x

    • Haha, thanks so much!! :) The quest is shaping up quite well. We’re slowly getting better at conducting and editing our video interviews, and catching up on a bit of a backlog of blog posts. Once we really get swinging though I think we’re going to rock this thaang. Of the cities we’ve been to, yes we’ve managed to eat at 100% vegan restaurants, and a few that are mostly vegan as well. We have to go back to NYC though because we just couldn’t get to all of them in one week. That place is packed with all-vegan restaurants. And you are correct, we’ve been meeting AMAZING people. It’s been a blast and it’s only just the beginning. I love your blog, by the way. BEAUTIFUL food pics. What kind of camera do you use? We’re looking to upgrade soon. :)

  2. Lauren

    I’m so disappointed that they’ve discontinued their lunch service, but they’re still basically my favorite restaurant ever.

    • They did?! Awww, maaaannnn.

  3. Amie

    Hi Kristin,

    When I saw this post I KNEW I had to go here. My husband took me for my birthday last weekend and you were right…it was the best meal I have ever had in my life!! The oyster mushrooms were to die for! I even got two appetizers for my meal because I couldn’t decide what to get hehe I can’t stop talking about this restaurant and can’t wait to go back again soon! Also, I LOVE my WTFVF shirt too :) Thanks again for doing what you do!!

    • Hi Amie,

      My birthday was last weekend too! When is yours? :) It truly is a great restaurant. It’s nice to know there’s something in that area!! And thank you so much for your kind words and continued support!! :) xo

      • Amie

        Mine is October 29th! We celebrated a bit early as it fell on a Monday this year. Happy belated birthday…hope it was great!

        • No way! Mine is the 28th! We’re basically sisters. Go scorpios, go! Happy birthday, Amie! :)

          • Amie

            How funny!! I love being a Scorpio :) Thanks so much!

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