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The Only Vegan Cookbook That Will Get Me Back Into The Kitchen

The Only Vegan Cookbook That Will Get Me Back Into The Kitchen

| On 31, Jul 2013

Here’s the deal, you guys: BEFORE the road trip I sort of dabbled in home baked goods (anything from Babycakes and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, to be exact). I also tried my hand at a few fun recipes from popular cookbooks like Veganomincon and Vegan with a Vengeance (OMG, Isa’s breakfast scrambles?! They make me wanna get all Uncle Jesse up in dis hizzouse!) But to be completely honest I’m not a huge fan of cooking, in general. I know, I know this breaks some kind of unspoken vegan rule or something, but it’s the honest truth.

Do you know what else is the truth? Being on the road and eating almost exclusively at restaurants pretty much exacerbated my lack of interest in cooking, as you can image. For nearly two years I’ve just sat down and BAM! The food appears. Yeah, okay I get it.. I’m totally spoiled.

Having said that, I’m happy to report that my interest in cooking has just begun to move in a different direction thanks to one (new) cookbook, in particular.

The Sexy Vegan @ Home

First of all, anyone who opens a cookbook by sharing their proposed (but passed on) book titles that include: Indiana Sexy and The Tempeh of Doom, Pie Hard, and Toastbusters is already a clear winner. Who even comes UP with names like that (any guesses)?

This cookbook author keeps things super easy to understand for old AND newbie cooks like moi. Every recipe (or “menu,” as the author calls each section) is designed to take only one hour to prepare and is portioned for no more than four people. There are lush err… libation pairing suggestions at the beginning of each recipe, grocery shopping lists at the end of each recipe, and it’s even sprinkled with time efficiency suggestions. This is brilliant! Why? Well, the author says it best:

“…Many people who are bad cooks are bad not because they don’t have the knowledge or palate but because they don’t know how to manage their time in the kitchen. I hope to shed some light on that subject with the efficiency tips.” – Brian L. Patton

Okay yeah, I totally just gave away the author’s name but… isn’t it writer-illegal to post a straight up quote and NOT provide the source?

Okay.. so, here are a few other things about Brian’s book that make me wanna run to the grocery store and fire up the oven:

  • Defining Happy Hour “season”
  • Fridays only
  • Chalkboards
  • Optional faux or by-scratch ingredients
  • BOOZE!

Some of the points above are pretty self explanatory but the others… well, you’ll just have to pick up a copy of The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home: Small Plates, Big Flavors & Potent Cocktails to be ‘in the know’ with the rest of us! ;)

If that’s not enough, at the very least you’ll likely enjoy the titles of each “menu,” with gems like Be Still My Hearts of Palm, and GodYammit, these sliders are heavenly!

The Sexy Vegan

I also like that Brian isn’t afraid to use profanity in his text. I know, it seems like a random thing to like about a cookbook (of all things), but it really does add to his “voice” and makes me feel like we’re friends… even if we aren’t Facebook friends (yet) *cough*cough*hint*cough*Brian*cough.

Here’s the bottom line folks, if you want a no muss, no fuss cookbook that saves time, is easy to follow, and goes above and beyond your standard cookbook (did I mention the tailered grocery lists?) then do yourself a favor and snag a copy of The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home: Small Plates, Big Flavors & Potent Cocktails, by Brian L. Patton.

Pick it up today:

Massaged kale salad, anyone?!



  1. Brian’s videos crack. me. UP. I can only imagine how hysterical the cookbook is, too!

    • Kristin

      Claire, he *is* one of the most entertaining vegan chefs I’ve ever known. Haha :)

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