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Shout Outs & Updates

Welcome to my first video update! We’ve got some shout outs to early supporters, and a brief update as to where I am now and will be over the next few months.

In case you’d like to fast forward ;) — here are some key highlights, by minute:

:41 –,, Vegan Soapbox, Turn The Paige
1:10 – Anonymous camcorder sponsor
2:22 – Tees from Sick on Sin
3:45 – Donation from Laura of Pansy Maiden (handbag showcase)
5:30 – August & September whereabouts
5:38 – Meatless Mainers, vegan meetup group
6:27 – Vegan Mainstream shout out
6:31 – Social media, Tip of The Week shout out



  1. Hey Kristin,

    Great update! Sounds like you’ve been drumming up a lot of support, which is really cool to see. I love the “flesh is for zombies” t-shirt ;-)

    Looking forward to reading up on your progress! :-)

    All the best,


  2. I am thinking to start with vegan food, and searching for information about it I found your site and liked it so much! Hope you will continue to make such good posts and videos! Greetings from Belgium!

    • So glad you found us, Megan. :) Good luck with your vegan journey and keep us posted on how it’s going!!! :)

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