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Opposing Chicago Vegan Om nom nomzzz

Opposing Chicago Vegan Om nom nomzzz

| On 02, Oct 2013

Hey y’all – The Chicago nommy noms continue as we dive into not one, not two, but three soul food eateries (one of which is an awesome food truck), and close it out with a raw joint … ya know, to keep things balanced. ;)

Oh, but before I get started do you remember how—in the last post—I mentioned a possible opportunity that would bring me to Chicago for a bit?! Well, it worked out wonderfully and I’m here!!!!! For the next three-ish months, I’ll be calling Chi-Town my home, trading free housing for free marketing consulting, with Upton’s Naturals! w00t! w00t!

I first met Dan and Nicole nearly two years ago, when Ethan and I interviewed them during our travels through Chicago—click HERE to watch their video interview (they’re so cute!!)—so it’s really neat to circle back around and work with them for a bit! :D

Dan and Nicole from Upton's Naturals

GET IN ON THE ACTION I’m planning to conduct three more, three-month-long trade intervals like this one, in an effort to help awesome businesses and spend more time in cool parts of the US. Do you have a business, blog, product, and/or service that you’d like help launching, managing, or re-branding? If you’re interested in booking me for January-March spot, April-June, or July-September, send an email on over: kristinATwtfveganfoodDOTcom.

Alright, let’s get to it!


First up is one of Chicago’s original vegan soul food establishments: Soul Vegetarian, located in the Greater Grand Crossing area, at 205 E 75th St. The space is huge, lots of seating, they’ve got a juice bar, and the food is all-vegan, and all sooouuuul. We had something fried, a “sloppy joe” sammy, and a “rib” sandwich. Pretty good, pretty good.


I remember this day well because we were making our rounds at several vegan establishments and by the time we got here I’m pretty sure we were overstuffed and feeling weighed down. But, we pulled through – as new vegan foodie travelers do. :)


Next up is some very, very delicious takeout from Sistah’s Vegan, located in the Beverly area, at 2239 W 95th St (NOTE: I believe this restaurant has since closed).

When doing a bit of research for this post I was sad to learn that they’ve possibly closed. Be sure to give a jingle before stopping by, just in case.

I remember this meal really hitting the spot this night, with a nice variety of textured soy protein, wheat meat, and veggie and soup sides. You’d get huge portions for very affordable prices. Here’s hoping they’ll make a come back!

vegansoul2 veganchicago2soulfoodvegan2soulveganchi2

It was fun waiting for the Ste Martaen & Soul Vegan Food Truck on the corner of N Prospect Ave & E North Ave in Milwaukee, on a brisk January afternoon (I just realized that might sound sarcastic but I do actually mean fun.. not “yeah right, fun” but for-real fun). 


Once again, it’s unclear to me what these guys are up to these days. Their website appears to be down and the Yelp! reviews are few and far between. Their Facebook page is active but not with too much about where they are/were or about their food. So, I’m not sure if they’re on hiatus or what. Perhaps a little more digging would serve me well. In the meantime, here are some fun and yummy pics!

soulfoodtruckvegansoulvegfoodtruckchicago2veganmenutruck2 veganfastfood2

We missed them in Chicago so we made the short trip to Wisconsin to have a bite. Since it was so chilly out we purchased some drinks from the nearby Whole Foods and sat in their food court to enjoy our fresh souly noms. Everything was delightfully tasty!

veganmacncheese2veganburger2 veganbuffalo2

Now for the lone raw food eatery of this post: simply called, raw. This quaint, wonderfully branded (as in logo/design) to-go style cafe is located in the Chicago French Market (131 N Clinton St  Chicago, IL 60661) – which brings “together the best-of-the-best from Chicago neighborhoods and outlying areas… it’s largely comprised of entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and accomplished purveyors” –

According to raw’s website, they’ve recently opened a second location at 51 W Huron St. You go, guys!!!!!


If I remember correctly, this was our last stop in Chicago. I recall getting things to-go and nomming them up in the van. The food was wonderful and it turned out that I was quite smitten with both their tiramisu and chocolate mousse (pictured below)!


I’ve got one more Illinois post coming up which will include an incredibly moving experience at a very special cafe located in Lockport. I can’t wait to share that story with you, guys!! Gah.. getting choked up just thinking about it.

So tell me – have you been to any of the above eateries? Do you have a favorite meal from one or all of them? 

Eat well and travel often, sailors! <3


  1. Welcome to Chicago!!! So excited to have you here :-) I am looking forward to reading about the Lockport Cafe. I have heard a lot about it but have never been. I too love “Raw” but my favorite raw food in the city is at Earth’s Healing Cafe near the Montrose Brown Line in Lincoln Square. Akin the owner is such a great person and his recipes are to-live-for! :-)

    • Kristin

      Hi Diana! Thank you so much!! :) Ooooh, I haven’t been to Earth’s Healing Cafe. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for reading along! :D xo

  2. Hey Kristin, looks like I’ll have to come back when I have a little more time to spend exploring. So many good eats in Chicago! Had a good time chatting at Upton’s even though we were all moving pretty slowly! Adria

    • Kristin

      Yes, you will!! There’s so much awesomeness in Chicago, for sure. It was great to chat with you both and I look forward to bumping into you again in the near future. :) xo

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